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  1. Dear identity enthusiasts

    Seems like a good & bad point.. Look one of the main reasons they hide most of the 'Town Module' is because they want you the USER or PLAYER to have that first slap in the face of 'wow' & 'beauty' not just like.. Oh I've seen it already & not take time to look around. Devs like to stream there work on Twitch & I've been following Jade77 who does apartment modelling for awhile & it looks lovely to see what they will look like
  2. Zynx Industries - A Private Blacksite Company I'd be grateful to make a partnership providing off-the-book shipments when required. Also providing other extra benefits if asked. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk terms.
  3. Zynx Industries

    Trust me if this websites Php function was more sorted to embed images it would've worked.. But until the new site gets published its pretty much rip & guess we gotta wait with time.
  4. Zynx Industries

    Zynx Industries - A Private Blacksite Company Looking For Employees With Interest In Earning Money & Benefits We are looking for shipment drivers & security personnel for shipments & contracts Partnerships With a contract signed of guaranteed access to some hardware & more you will be updated automatically with stock. Including but NOT limited to, Weaponry, Contracts, VIP Protection & many other options once available. Partnerships are built on confidential documents, so some may have exclusive weapon shipments or early pick of shipments. Hierarchy CEO - @GamingSpectres Executives - N/A Management - N/A Executives, will handle important choices with who to deal & partnership with. Management, will be mainly the people looking after shipments & more. Shipment Process & Management When the 'user' or 'owner' provides payment for a specific shipment we will sell, distribute or provide any services that we have been asked for. We mainly provide business to the 'Criminals' with full anonymity when provided in deals. All blacklisted shipments will be marked with an [A] so all shipping of blacklisted shipments will be off the book. ***WILL BUILD ON THIS SECTION MORE***
  5. CEO of Zynx Industries, Supplying The Good & Bad, 
    Zynx Industries. We Provide The Luxury To The (Criminal) Enterprise.

  6. Public Community Identity Teamspeak Server

    But thats fair enough I can understand friend of friend but High maintenance meaning people who have like 3+ player owned servers with like 20-30 people on it.. Also could we take this into PMs as we shouldn't spam this
  7. Public Community Identity Teamspeak Server

    James I do know this & realise this, But most of those are either whitelist, high maintenance or some other stupid thing which I don't want to end up like.
  8. Public Community Identity Teamspeak Server

    If you wanna meet people come & join + Disclaimer from me to you! Disclaimer: I will be on there a few hours a day~ TEAMSPEAK STAFF ARE NOT NEEDED but what we do need is more of you joining the fun & meeting each other to play other games! I will make separate channels for other games later! Kind Regards, GamingSpectres Identity Public Teamspeak ServerMaster
  9. First I want to thank @AndrewDonaldson for the thread but its a bit outdated.. So I am moving an updated one here! Enjoy Public Identity Server Status: Online Details: Server Updated TS Server Version: 1.0.2 Patch 1.0.3 Delayed! Read below =~~~= =~~~==~~~= Identity Public Teamspeak Server =~~~= =~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~=~~~= Enlisted Staff For This TS Project ServerMaster: @GamingSpectres TS Staff: @AndrewDonaldson + @Willbk4 We do NOT base staff off any ranks. You'll be known as staff, not mod or anything else. Website staff will have a little Identity Logo beside them so don't be fooled! We are NOT official nor apart or affiliated with Identity staff & Asylum! Hello, I've developed a mini-project if you would refer to it like that for the common area of the Identity community! Now this isn't the only thread being published because I am spreading the word about this! Q: So, what does this teamspeak offer? A: We offer channels for groups, crews & etc. Groups & Crews will be on there permanently unless removed for breaking a rule! Q: Does It Cost? A: Fuck you obviously!? Nahhh it don't its a free service from me too the community. I got the O-Kay from Mr @Paratus so dont kill me please I will give you free cookies Q: Does it cost to use a channel for my crew / etc? A: Crew Channels & Etc will be free of charge, all it requires is the group leader/don/owner/ceo watever da hell?! But yeah it only requires that because I am a nice guy & why not? Derp Q: What gets my channel removed? A: Removed channels (groups n etc) will be removed due to one of these reasons: Inactive - UnUsed - Explicit Convos Or Images - Rude To Staff etc.. Q: Is It An Official Identity Server? A: Sadly fuckers it isn't, its just a public one for everyone on the forums... Current stuff on the server right now: We might run/base this off The Official, Main & Dedicated Servers Of Identity!!! TS Server Master - TeamSpeak Server Master: @GamingSpectres Normal Wont Ever Be Apart Of TS - Its There For Show Passport | UnVerified - This Is The MAIN Group If You First Join, To Verify Send A Pic Of Pledge To TS Staff Passport | Verified - One Word... Congrats! Your Not A Full On Immigrant! Police - This Is If You're Apart Of The Law Enforcement! Swat - This Is If You're Elite Enough For The Law Federal Agent- FBI? CIA? ETC??!! If You Are Apart Of It Then Congrats Agent Mafia - Well Criminal Organisations Do Pay & For Crime As Well, But They Don't Pay Justice Boss Of Bosses - Number One Crime Family On A Official Server?! Prove It! Identity GameMaster - Identity Game Developer, Coders & Etc TS Server Staff - Teamspeak Server Staff, Only Those Badges Are OFFICIAL TS STAFF DONT BE FOOLED! TS Server Admin - Teamspeak Server Admin, Only Those Badges Are OFFICIAL TS STAFF DONT BE FOOLED! Website Staff - Moderators, Admins & Etc.. Only Official Website Staff Get This Notorious Criminal - Wanted By Police? Wanted By Swat? Wanted By Fed? YOU ARE WANTED BY ALL!?! Collect The Badge! Criminal - Wanted By Police? Get Better & Get Wanted By All Legendary - This Is A Private Award For Bug Fixers Or People Who Are Legendary In The Staffs Eye Motorcycle Crew // Club - This Is For Crews Who Operate As A Motorcycle Club, Gang Or Crew.. More Badges Will Be Added Once More People & Crews Join @Willbk4 - Made me look like a complete idiot on Teamspeak with the help of @AndrewDonaldson Thanks guys<3 @Willbk4 & @AndrewDonaldson has helped me test some feature before I fixed some perm problems.. So thanks to them! Kind Regards, GamingSpectres
  10. Identity Public Teamspeak

    I am back I will be on the server for time to time, I am starting some mini projects
  11. General Identity TeamSpeak Server

    Well I am back from my trip Capt Motown, so you'll see me there time to time. Just poke me - Also this post is a bit outdated haha
  12. Identity Public Teamspeak

    Updated! Also Main Topic
  13. General Identity TeamSpeak Server

    This needs updating.. Check the latest post & check the thread itself ;3 CLICK MEH
  14. Identity Public Teamspeak

    Absent Leave ~ I will be leaving for an entire month due to business over-seas.. If you need to contact me please connect to the TS Channel & follow the instructions there Kind Regards, Spectres TS ServerMaster of Identity Public TeamSpeak