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Found 3 results

  1. we need recruits, our colors are red and green and we operate on the east coast. comment below if interested, and i’ll find someway to contact you personally. thanks.
  2. Gangs

    My idea for this game is to implement some realistic gang programming. Where you can throw up gang signs (Maybe make your own gang sign?), Gang Tags (Make your own gang graffiti?) ,Shake hands with gang members, get gang tattoos, customize low riders, actual gang clothes of South central LA area (Crips, bloods, Surenos (Mexican gang) ) This will not only make the game more realistic but good for gang fights. Implement a system for gang members to sell drugs. Implement a drivebuy system. This isn't hard to put in the game as there small but great features that would make the gang side more realistic. Make is so when you walk in the hood its like real life and you know your in the wrong territory and your bound to get hit up and you know your in a dangerous place.
  3. You a Trinitario ,Blood , Crips , Latin King or Dominican Dont play Ganster.? Welcome to I.C.E (Identity's Criminal Empire , We controling the streets and the politics, We controlling Identity, if you like to rob banks,Comercial local businesses, selling drugs (drug driver,seller,collector),kidnapping, hitman, underground ilegal MMA fighter, YOU have to keep this community topic on your favorite topic cause this exactly is what's gonna go DOWN! no worries if you go to jail we have people in the identity Jail that would take care of you if we desire, Need money ? We can lend you to start up, we can give you the best illegal jobs, we sponsor upcoming Rappers, we having and hosting the best NIGHTLIFE parties at are own HideOuts, We will have the Best Clubs where u gonna see identity strippers , GoGo identity Dolls , Identity Dj's , Live artist and bunch of cool things like crazy meetings, best Car and Motorcycle Races and a bunch more.... Remember This topic and Remember The name, You might have a Free pass in the I,C,E ...