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Found 6 results

  1. Okay so to start of i've not bought the game yet but im really considering it, i have both a question and a suggestion (Will link the suggestion in the last line). So my question is if it will be possible to buy a store in the mall, or owning property in the mall and making your own store? I would really like this because it would be extremly immersive and i think people would put this to great use. And my suggestion is here ----------------------------------
  2. Leasing and renting property

    Hey again guys Just wondering how renting and leasing would work. Like, will a player be able to become a landlord and rent the apartments/ shops to other players? Or will the server take care of being the land lord? Also, would the land owners be able to become land developers and develop the shops/ house to increase value? -It seems that there's more activity on the forums recently, which is very nice! -
  3. Concord Real Estate

    Concord Real Estate _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About us Concord, founded in 2005 by Hunter Everette, is a real estate resource that makes finding a home easy and enjoyable by providing home buyers, renters, and sellers the insights they need to make informed decisions about where to live. Concord offers updates on new homes and rentals that hit the market, data on affordability and home price history, and insights on what it’s really like to live in a neighborhood – including crime scores, school ratings, and commute times. Additionally, Concord connects users with agents, property managers, and mortgage lenders to offer solutions and professional guidance throughout every step of the home search. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Houses Here at Concord, we value our customers tastes and thus satisfy them by having one of the biggest real estate stock in the current market.We offer real estate throughout all of the map whether you want to buy or rent, weve got it. As you can see, Concord Real Estate has multiple luxurious, cozy and overall wonderful homes all around the map. In the main city, the beach resort, the swap, the ski resort, the town, the village, and the farmlands and we also have many other residences splattered across the map hidden through the jungles for all your secret needs. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Structure CEO: Dramagold Co-Ceo: Open (1) Director of Finance: Open (1) Director of Marketing: Open (1) Director of Operations: Open (1) Agents: Open (Unlimited Amount) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recruitment Any person wishing to join this establishment will have a background check. There are a couple of requirements. 1-No Criminal Record 2-Active Player 3-Previous experience Once someone joins Concord Real Estate, they will be on a lease to stay with the business for at least 1 week (real time) then they can quit if they wish to. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (This thread is a work in progress and is viable to change, Thank you for your time) PM ME FOR JOB OFFERS
  4. Dark Cypress Real Estate A name that stands for high quality service. Since 2003, we have been helping online citizens with buying and selling homes and condos, investment properties, renting commercial or residential space and finding that perfect vacation spot. Whether you are looking for a place for yourself or something to share we can help. To us, real estate is as much a passion as it is a business. That’s why we have continually led the industry in offering high quality real estate services. When our founder Christif Janick started the company he was a pioneer whose innovation and belief in customer service transformed virtual real estate. From the humble beginnings of purchasing a simple single family home to buying and selling hundreds of thousands of pieces of virtual real estate, he has worked non-stop to ensure virtual citizens realize their dream of having a place to call their own. Real estate is about more than just the physical piece of property it is also about communities which is why Dark Cypress believes in building communities as well as clients. We are the only real estate company with its own branded charity; The Shelter dedicated to funding women’s shelters and violence prevention and education programs across the world. Helping you is what we do. It’s as true today as it was 13 years ago. And we’re proud to say this philosophy will continue to drive us forward in the years and decades to come. Dark Cypress Real Estate is now bringing that experience and dedication to Identity and we are looking for clients and agents. More information coming soon.
  5. The Cobra Team - Real Estate Firm Est. 2002 and founded by Mr Cobra J. --- Profession --- Owner/CEO - Cobra J. (MrCobraJ) Co-CEO - Tanner Coe (CoDogX) Employee Manager - OPEN Assistants - OPEN (depends on demand) Insurance Worker - OPEN Sales Agents - OPEN (depends on the demand) Sales Manager - OPEN Supervisor - OPEN Finance Manager - OPEN Advertising Manager - OPEN --- Requirements --- - Have to have some understanding of real estate, if you don't understand what any of the professions even mean look them up and do a little research. - This is a serious career, if you think you can do what you please than you can be fired or demoted to a lower paying profession until you can prove that you are serious. - If you have questions please ask them, nobody wants to choose the wrong decision. --- Extra --- Please message me if you are interested in any professions above and if you think I missed an important one let me know, and also follow me for updates on the company, like the logo and advertising. --- CEO's Notes --- Hello, are you unemployed and are interested in housing and property? Are you unhappy with your current job? Or are finishing schooling for a job like this? Here at The Cobra Team, we believe in giving our young and old residents an opportunity in real estate, we would love to have you aboard , we need people like you to make our company work and to please our clients. Please take your time to think about us. See above for possible careers, and PM me your resume and a somewhat decent application proving to me why you are a good employee for us. We are branching off from our original HQ in Ont, CAN and we are expecting to establish our main HQ here, near the ocean front of course. Our professional team of designers will be coming down on a further date. But for now we are focusing on getting you your dream home/ or apartment for the lowest price possible! We also believe in giving back to the community and every once in a while we will participate in food drives, fundraisers, or just random acts of kindness among the community. ---Edits--- Edit made, April 10th 10:58PM, Thanks for all the positive feedback, a new logo has been designed and has been re-uploaded, I hope all of you like the new logo. I will also try to add new content to the account every few days. Bye for now.l Edit made, April 17th 9:16PM, I've fixed the problem with the new/old CEO or whatever you'd like to call it, CoDogX was meant to be a Co-CEO not the head CEO. Thanks for letting us know. Also read above for new information, we are expanding our company! Edit made, June 26th 11:11AM, I'm working on a trailer/ teaser for the company, explaining into further detail what the company is and what we are thinking on doing, also I meant to add this a lot longer ago, but, I'm also working on an application that I will submit to the thread when I'm finished, you can find help/useful information to your questions on the other thread started by @CoDogX we will be answering questions there.