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Found 6 results

  1. C.S.I

    Will there be a possible police branch for CSI? I think it could make an interesting feature. The CSI's can go into the perpetrator or criminal's apartment or wherever the crime scene happened and look for clues, take fingerprints and stuff, guns and other evidence, and bring them into a lab or something. Not sure if it would do much, but I do think it would be a cool job as part of the police system.
  2. Hello everyone, I am here to ask the simple question: is infobroking a legitimate line of work in Identity? I say yes. Infobroking is the art of being that sneaky snake no-one likes, but no-one messes with. They have “dirt” on everybody, from political figures to petty criminals. “Dirt” meaning information that could tarnish their reputation, street cred, or mental well-being. A politician is crooked? Sell that sh*t to his competitor! A crime boss killed your partner? Tell the police everything and hide in a hole for the rest of your life! To me, it all seems like a plausible line of work in identity, especially because the police can’t do anything to you! Unless you get caught stalking, but that isn’t my fault. However, I want to know what the Identity Community has to say about this! Do you agree with me, or do you hate my guts for considering the possibility of infobroking? Please do leave a comment with your honest opinion. Sincerely, Tristan “Murderface” Locke
  3. Rigor Security and Investigation ™

    For the time being, the name "Rigor Security and Investigation" has only been created as a page to avoid being taken by other community members. I apologize in advance to any who may have wanted to work with / and or hire the given company. Thank you.
  4. Detectives?

    How will detectives work? Is my question, will they be assigned to a case if there's been a player murder and if so how will the investigation work, will there be evidence that could be used in court that only a detective can find or will they just question people and extract information?
  5. Murder

    So from what I understand, we'll be able to investigate the death of a player. Though when I try to rap my head around this, I've also heard that you don't lose the way you look or much when you die. You might lose what your carrying and things like that. AND the player who got murder can just respawn. Wouldn't this allow the victim to just come back and tell the police who murdered him? I'm concerned on how the Developers plan to let this play out and what mechanics they use. In my own Opinion, When a player is completely murdered, they should respawn somewhere else and have them restricted from calling police for lets an hour or something? Either that, and make sure that the Victim can't just snitch on the Attacker.
  6. Like, let's say a murderer shoots a player, and the body de-spawns before the cops can get to it, how will they gather evidence if the criminal didn't drop the murder weapon, but took it with him?