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  1. Time to be Real

    I'm not gonna make this into some long rant about the developers or the video game itself. I'm simply gonna state what I see in front of me, you can support it or not. Doesn't matter, we all get an opinion, and here's mine. The game developers have made their business off of promises, promises that were never kept. It is time for everyone to be real now, after years of promises and "supposed" updates about their development, depicting that they are just about done with the SWAT Module, and we'd be getting gameplay soon. All of which never happened. For a project that has over 1 million dollars (before anyone says the usual "a million dollars isn't much for video game", you should really look at all the projects that got kickstarted with less money but still became amazing games nonetheless. No excuse.) in funding and to have such little to show for it makes all of ours biggest worries seem true. This game is never coming out and was a cash grab. It's time for the devs to admit they failed their promise of a game and give us our money back for wasting it and our time.
  2. Steam release?

    Dude just stop already. My gosh. How are you not getting tired of this? lol. I'm not going to discuss what you said because anyone can read what you just said and see the flaws in it. It's a gosh dang game dude. I said it's my opinion. That's it. Facts are facts. You don't need experience as a "tester" or a game developer to read the rules on steam. lol. You constantly trying to argue is not solving anything. Your argument just isn't valid. A tester doesn't develop a game. A tester knows only what they need to so they can give the game developers good feedback. I've said numerous times to drop it. So once more just drop the matter. Have a good day! Enjoy Identity it's gonna be great!
  3. @Norway174 Great responses. A lot of them I answered in my previous response to yours. You may have skipped over it or something, but I definitely answered some of the points you brought up here. Yo, I seriously said the words "Town Square module gets delayed AGAIN with no good reasons why." I never said their reasons aren't valid. If they can't finish the module in time then they have to delay it. duh. What I said is that there's no good reasons why the module was delayed. Before, you ask "Didn't you just say the reasons are valid?" Yes I did. But, the reasoning of "Well, we just couldn't get it done in time" is not a good excuse when we all been hearing it for several times now. We want details. What exactly took so long? What delayed them so long. No where in the dev blog does it cite that and that's what we want. They had seriously 2-3 years to work on this. lol. Sure a good amount of that time it was just several of them working on it. But, that does not take away from the fact that the game devs had cited on the the Town Square Module that it was 86% done. Which they stopped updating a year ago (another bad thing they should have never done). That means they had 14% less to get done with a bigger team and bigger budget. There's absolutely no reason for two delays. Sure, but game devs on a usual pay don't make that much money. In the U.S. they make roughly around 40-55 thousand dollars (which is always changing). Therefore, the devs can indeed hire more people without putting themselves in a bunch of debt. That's why I cited that they just made 100k in the past month/two and could of easily put it towards getting more developers. I did so myself not too long ago and we both know that this isn't that expensive. This math makes no sense at all. lol. If their monthly cost was $8,000 a month they would have a TON of money leftover. I've done days upon days of research. lol. I know very well what I'm talking about though I'm only a human could of made a mistake in writing all of this. How so? I cited clearly that if they devs planned ahead and knew their limits a delay wouldn't be as likely to happen. They would of given themselves months to keep developing to assure that it's the best for us. It's a fantastic idea that should of existed months ago. Right when they first delayed the module (after they already delayed the gameplay video). If they had this they could of very well saw themselves not be ready within a month due to their limits. Two things. It's the internet. You can't control the internet and you can't control those who misinterpret something. Second, I'm not spreading anything that can't be backed up with facts. Could the game devs realize that they couldn't get the module ready for the second delay? Yes, by easily knowing their limits and keep track of their progress. They could added an extra week or two in case they run into any problems instead of creating a whole new delay that causes people to get sad and mad. Could the developers handle the way the delays are given better? Yes, they could give us more details in their developer blogs about the delays or simply keep us updated on the forum. Great discussion! Let's keep it positive!
  4. Steam release?

    @Xzothi Alright I literally can't explain it to you any better. I seriously showed the very paragraph on what they look for WHEN THEY TEST THE GAME! And yet somehow you keep stating these other passages that have nothing to deal with the review of the game. lol. My gosh. In the passage you quoted they are saying that when the game developer's game is published it cannot advertise things that they do not currently have in the game. Since it would be false advertisement. That has nothing to deal with their review of the game. That's just steam trying to cover the game devs and their own butts. This sentence just proves how invalid your argument is. You seriously stated that a random person doesn't know what's actually occurring behind the scenes. Key words "random person". lol. You can't argue that you know more about something than a random person. That's simply doesn't make any sense because for all you know you could be speaking to someone with 10 years of game development experience. Besides that you're a tester that isn't a developer and if you're saying that a "random person" isn't a developer than neither of you are better when debating what goes on in the background of game. Gosh dang. Having said that I've done a lot more research than you have in this specific area who just started looking at this stuff today. I'm done with this. Have a good day.
  5. @Xzothi Cool man. I know what game devs make already and yes I researched that too. lol. But, it will definitely help others who want to know more about this.
  6. Steam release?

    @Xzothi Alright so I'll underlined everything that you might be missing that was said by steam: " Here's a list of things we check for when reviewing your product Your product will need to start up properly. All supported features listed on the store page will need to be implemented in the current build. Your product must use Steam Wallet for any in-game transactions." Being a tester is not being a developer. Just want to let you know that. lol. So that's two totally different things when getting a game on steam. Do you think I'm saying a gameplay test? I can see how that's confusing. I'm saying "play test" as in they start the program, see if it runs, and if it does they close it and mark down that it works. So as cited above they DO say these test to make sure it works. NO WHERE DOES IT SAY "SHOULD". You haven't done that since you have never been a game developer who put a game on steam.
  7. One of the big reasons they need to bring more developers is because of their lack of experience. Good job @Xzothi for reminding me of that and adding to the discussion.
  8. @Norway174 Man I gotta give you props to type this big thing. lol. First things first: So how exactly am I spreading "misinformation and bullshit"? Just wondering. I mean at the end of the day it's just my opinion. It's not a newsletter or something it's simply my opinion. Like it or not you can at least respect it, that's not much to ask for and everyone in this community respect each other. I'm sorry if somehow you had a hard time reading my message, but NO WHERE DID I SAY THAT. lol. I literally said they had a lot of time and money. That's seriously a plain fact that you can't argue. So wow. Where to start? Let start with: Any developer can predict how long a task can take. He or she should know from prior experience how long it takes to get a task done. For example, an animator knows how long it takes himself/herself to get one animation done. Due to unexpected errors which has happened a lot lately, it would make sense to add a few days or a week to that time frame to prepare for it. For the rest of the stuff, short term job? What are you even talking about? lol. Little pay? Still what are you talking about? Also the last part still . . . what are you talking about? Yeah they got even more money. lol. I honestly don't know where you're going with that. Dude seriously. Websites do cost a good amount of money, but they don't hundreds of thousands of dollars. Software can cost up to $10,000, and even more, but some of which doesn't need to be bought or has cheaper alternatives. Yep office space does cost money. I would hope they get paid. I'm sure there is. In conclusion, the only thing I have no idea about is some of the things you said. So some more explaining can help. A survey I did expresses that a good majority of the community (at least from those who voted which was a lot) believe the game devs are not telling the truth with what they're doing and the majority expects them to at least give a lot more detailed explanations for the delays. So I'm not the only one that thinks this and you saying so makes your whole argument invalid. Which literally and clearly shows just how many tasks that had to be done that the game devs would of never been able to complete on original release date and the first delay. Alright. That was interesting. Great discussion! I liked it. Let's just keep it more healthy and friendly. lol. I explained in many threads and comments on the forums that I really want this game to succeed, but I believe the way they are handling these delays are just terrible (a large amount of the community thinks so too). Have a great day! I hope this helps explain everything.
  9. Steam release?

    @Xzothi Alright I'm going to take the high road and just end this conversation here. I rather not sit here all day and discuss this matter when you can't read what's right in front of you. If you did any actual research you would know that a game doesn't need to have any servers to play on for it to be passed by steam. All they are looking for is that they can open up a program that the game dev said they should be able to open it without any problems. IT CAN BE JUST A MAIN MENU. As long as it opens that's all they care about. So yes they CAN get on steam by simply following the rules they set forth. Who's talking about a play test? I don't remember ever mentioning this and if I did I misspoke and actually it's still a play test, testing whether a person can open up the program and run properly. Obviously, you do not have much experience in game development or just plain reading the rules listed by steam. I don't know why it seem like you got really frustrated or something. I apologize if somehow you thought I was giving attitude or something. This was simply a discussion. So have a great day! It'll be fun when Identity releases and everyone can play.
  10. To Be Honest.....

    That's funny. I made a very similar post about this.
  11. Steam release?

    @Olio I understand your position. I've been talking about the Town Square module of course. Since steam is being the distribution center for the modules the game devs must follow their rules. Therefore, from my research (which some of it is based off of what the game devs have told some of the other mods) we still got a good month until this module actually releases. As of now there's no set time frame correct?
  12. Steam release?

    Ok I totally understand that. But having that said, based off of what the other mods said we still have at least 3 weeks until the module is released. Can you say otherwise?
  13. Steam release?

    @Olio So you're telling me they got the review of their game already and have gotten their steam page reviewed as well by steam? That's what you're telling me by saying the game is there.
  14. Steam release?

    @Xzothi Not sure where you're reading this but the review is as listed in the url: " Our review of your game or software build prior to release typically takes 3-5 business days to complete, but we ask that you plan for at least five business days to ensure that we are able to review and approve in time for release and to allow for time in case an issue should arise. We'll send you any feedback if necessary, or if none is necessary, we'll mark your product as "Ready for release". Here's a list of things we check for when reviewing your product: Your product will need to start up properly. This means that your product must successfully launch in all supported operating systems listed on the store page. All supported features listed on the store page will need to be implemented in the current build. If you intend to add a feature in the future, you'll need to remove the selected feature in the Basic Info tab until it is implemented and released. Your product must use Steam Wallet for any in-game transactions. This means that your product cannot link to other store pages that does not offer Steam Wallet." So no where in this does it say " This type of review is checking files to see if there is anything that seems to brake the rules or seems to be in illegal in some way like stealing your information. (So kinda like a anti virus scan of said files.)" As listed just above it is a play test to assure that everything works. Now I believe this should end the confusion lol. This review has to be done for all game devs submitting their games to steam. :
  15. Steam release?

    @Xzothi You totally lost me here. lol. Who's talking about testing? That section you copied is not what's found in the url I sent you. The only one's that do the reviewing is steam, they do this to assure that when people download the game it actually runs. This review process takes 3-5 days. What exactly is your question? lol.