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  1. Founder's Pack Giveaway

    Giveaway still underway for those interested!
  2. Hey From London

    welcome jaspal!
  3. Jake Smith introduction

    welcome jake
  4. Hello All!

    Hello kate and welcome to the community! Hope to see you ingame soon!
  5. Greetings

    welcome to the community!
  6. Iced Jewelers

    Hope your business succeeds bro!
  7. Hello from the UK - Steamer and YT

    Welcome to the community bob!
  8. Hello from UK ;)

    Welcome to the community Ameline! We are all anxiously waiting for the game!
  9. They won't be showing off TS again tomorrow. Don't you want to explore it yourself though and see what TS has to offer you? I don't think I would be happy if they showed every little thing on TS and once it launches there won't be a single thing to discover myself.
  10. Need logos? I can help

    Thats very nice of you white! Good to see people like you in our community!
  11. Founder's Pack Giveaway

    Winner will be announced 5 days after the release of the new identity website!
  12. Hello from the UK!

    Hello and welcome LTgamer!
  13. Hello from Chile

    Welcome to the community friend!
  14. Hello :)

    Welcome to the community Drew! Hope to see you ingame soon!
  15. Founder's Pack Giveaway

    There is a giveaway that started yesterday for anyone who would like to take their chances for a free founder's pack and jump into the game when beta launches! You can find the giveaway here: https://www.instagram.com/identity.hq/