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  1. Identity EU Discord

    link is still the same https://discord.gg/VC45Bws
  2. Identity EU Discord

    EU discord new link guys : https://discord.gg/VC45Bws
  3. Identity EU Discord

    You can be in both like me but i think soon or later, when servers hit communities will split like other games
  4. Identity EU Discord

    Join HERE guys only EU... Let's group up...
  5. Identity Public Teamspeak

    @RedArr0w He is right and TS3 is old. Discord is so much better. I think to make Discord only for EU...
  6. Hello guys, let's think about name and flag for this island/state?
  7. Hey guys did you remember cameras from San Andreas, they will work very well in identity... What do you think for videos cameras photos and all of this?
  8. Hello world!?

    Hello wink wink...
  9. Top 6 Political Parties

    Political Parties / Color 1. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement - Yellow 2. The Conservative Coalition Party - Blue 3. The Peoples Party - Green 4. The Royal Family Party - Orange 5. The Communist Party of Roseport - Dark Red 6. The Liberal Progress Union - Red Top 6 active Political Parties in forum. Edit 10.04.2017.
  10. Can we be grateful ???

    Guys i'm sure dev love RP more then us. That's why they make this game after A3L server. I'm sure they will make Good RP experience for all of us to enjoy. I'm asking you to be grateful and don't be rude... The game will come we need only to wait and thanks for making this game.
  11. Two suggestions

    Kill all the witnesses SeemsGood
  12. What will you RP in identity?

    I'm going to be Politician
  13. Two suggestions

    Masks are annoying for Roleplay, but you should have them only for robberies or something like that... Because you should have chance to escape from cops.