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  1. That would be correct, we meant to say mixed economy. Excuse my misuse of the term.
  2. We stated that we would have limited government interference in the market, not "without any" government interference. We do not plan on restricting corporations with many regulations, we plan on having the government as a buffer to protect against economic ruin. There cannot be a complete free market, when we said that we wanted to tax large corporations, we specifically meant near monopolies. It is important that a government penalize monopolies that restrict competition.
  3. UNITED LIBERTY PARTY PLATFORM Principles and Goals TAXES: Higher taxes on large corporations. Upper, middle, and lower class workers will have generally low taxes. ECONOMY: Mixed economy with limited government involvement to ensure economic stability. RELIGION: The right to freely exercise one’s faith is guaranteed by law. Religious practices may be restricted if they pose a threat to public safety. GAY MARRIAGE: Support gay marriage IMMIGRATION: Support allowing immigrants legally into the country after being screened. Persons who are found to be illegal residents will face charges of illegal immigration and will attend hearings where a proper punishment will be settled upon. Deportation is an option for certain cases. EDUCATION: No tuition for primary public educational facilities. Low tuition for state-subsidized universities. Will have government sponsored loan programs with minimal interest. HEALTHCARE: Universal health care. All members of the society will receive health care, no matter their social and economic status. ENERGY: Support clean energy sources, and hope to have at least 75% of the grid powered by clean energy sources, including nuclear and solar energy. Will regulate fossil energy sources. Funding will also be put into experimental energy sources, such as wind, tidal, geothermal, and fusion plants. ENVIRONMENT: Find it important to protect the environment and to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible. Excessive air pollution caused by companies will result in fines. GUNS: Support the right to own a firearm. Want sufficient background checks to ensure that criminals do not purchase firearms. DEFENSE: Believe in reducing military spending in order to fund other government programs. The money saved from reducing military spending could be used to issue grants to educational facilities, modernize police utilities, and reduce the taxes caused by universal health care. DEATH PENALTY: Against the death penalty in all circumstances. The United Liberty Party finds that the death penalty is immoral and sometimes results in the wrongful execution of an innocent citizen. PROTESTS: Support a citizen’s right to assemble, as long as it does not cause an issue of public safety or disrupt the rights of other citizens. Laws All citizens will be brought to a court of law and tried upon breaking a law, less heinous crimes will result in a fine that must be paid within a week of issuance. Citizens may have an attorney present during questioning and/or their trial. An attorney will be provided if the defendant cannot afford one. (Note: Prison time for offences are listed alongside the crime) Driving Offences (3 speeding tickets will result in revocation of driver’s license) Speeding - $50 Driving without a license - $100 General Offences Hate crime - $200 Resisting arrest - 30 Minutes Police evasion - 30 Minutes Possession of an illegal firearm - confiscation of weapon + 30 Minutes Violent Offences Assault - 1 Hour Assaulting an officer - 1.5 Hours Vehicular manslaughter - 2 Hours Manslaughter - 2.5 Hours Murder- 3 Hours Robbery (Discharging a firearm during robbery will add 1 hour) Theft under $1,000 - 15 Minutes Theft of $1,000-$5,000 - 30 Minutes Theft of $5,000-$10,000 - 1 Hours Theft over 10,000 - 1.5 Hours (+45 minutes every $10,000) Drugs (Note that you can be charged with multiple drug crimes i.e. intent to distribute + possession, or possession of marijuana + possession of cocaine) Possession of illegal drugs - confiscation + 15 Minutes Intent to distribute illegal drugs- confiscation + 30 Minutes Intent to purchase illegal drugs- confiscation + 15 Minutes THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to read our political party platform. I am George America and I am the current Chairman of the United Liberty Party. Please feel free to identify with my party if you see that it suites your views, I hope to host party conventions in the future for all of our members. Vote George America Governor for a better future. Feel free to contact me through messages at anytime for any reason you see fit. Current Leadership Chairman: America Vice Chair: Maserati Vice Chair: Ferrari Secretary: Abyssal Treasurer: Porsche
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    I'm super excited for the game too, glad that you're joining us in the community.
  5. [Guide] Supply and Demand

    Definitely an interesting guide! I'm sure that a lot of people could use these tips in their businesses. Thank you for the insight, i'll definitely refer to this in my businesses!