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    will this game be modder friendly? it would be awesome if modders can add extra to this game on top of what the devs have because people on the forums have very cool ideas and I know for a fact all of them will not be implemented in the game. also, will this game be getting regular updates? this game could last a long time if updates where monthly

    it would be cool if the S.W.A.T team could have access to tactical hand gestures so that they could communicate with each other without having to speak and disclose their location. also, will there be other gestures like hello, the finger, thumbs up etc? these are some of the main signals that the U.S S.W.A.T Team uses. not all of them are necessary.

    dear sir/ma'ma running for the position of either mayor or governor the people would like to advise you that you are the most important part of the society in more ways than one and the people would like to remind you that we will NOT uphold any type of CORRUPTION what so ever. Any leader that is showing signs of potential corruption will be ELIMINATED from office forcefully without a second glance! so sir/ma'ma proceed with extreme caution for the people are watching and we are very vigilant, we do NOT make mistakes and neither should you. sincerely -the people

    the devs confirmed no explosives are in the game such as hand-grenades but will there be smoke grenades, flashbangs or even tear gas?
  5. rag doll physics

    GTA 4's physics were some of the best.when you would eject from a moving vehicle you would slide half way over the map, well not really but you get what I mean. I would love to see ragdoll physics in identity similar to that in GTA 4
  6. Nascar

    there will be a race track in-game so players could organize a team and race.
  7. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    tbh I just created a fake PayPal acc w/ a us address
  8. tactical movement

    i would like if identity would be similar to arma 3 in case of movement becuse i think it's very realistic and would make shootouts very intresting.
  9. Robbing houses.

    im very mad that i cant break into houses but my plan is to camp outside w/ guns and wait for a home owner to show up and threaten them to let me in there house rob em then escape
  10. drivers license

    it wouldbe great if drivers/motorcycle licenses were obtained by doing a real driving test in stead of being bought. this way would be better and will encourage players to acctually drive the right way.
  11. Masks?

    masks hide your name so no one would know who u are until unmasked
  12. Requirements

    the laptop cost more than my gaming pc
  13. F.B.I

    this is my field and where i want to spend most of my time when RPing on IDENTITY so my ideas are that everyone that gets arrested should be fingerprinted and that data comes in handy when a crime has been commited eg. 1.load a gun or handle one without gloves ,prints are on the gun or shell casing and once scanned the perpetrator(s) name comes up 2. if there could be a DNA so if the criminal is trying to get a quick change of clothees and leaves the unwanted clothes behind hair fibres could be retrived and scanned and we get our perp. 3.vehicles used for a quick getaway can leave tire tracks behind that could determin what kind of car/bike was used wheather it be offroad,street vehicle etc. i got lots more iedeas towards this topic and i would love to share them with this community....dont be harsh! f.b.i