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  1. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    @xBrianHx Would you like me to add you to the poll and link your campaign page?
  2. The Hamilton Party

    Welcome to the political arena! Best of luck.
  3. This is a great idea! Thank you for putting in the work to research the candidates and provide summaries, links and where they stand on the political spectrum! Well done.
  4. All political groups and candidates.

    This is great! Love how you included the visuals. Great job!
  5. Very interesting approach to your campaign! I am intrigued to see how this will work out. Best of luck, Mr. Times!
  6. Party Merging

    This a great visual to see where are our parties land on in the political spectrum. Thanks for sharing!
  7. First Lady/ First Gentlemen

    Interesting topic you've brought up @FrancePourLaVie. This also made me think if anybody will be running in pairs, such as the President and Vice-President do. Perhaps Governor and Vice-Governor or something like that.
  8. First Responders Notice

    Thanks for sharing your stories from previous RP experiences. I can't imagine berating first responders in any circumstance. It is clear you will be a great addition to the first responder team on whichever Identity server you play on so thank you for your dedication! Best of luck and stay safe!
  9. Exciting times!

    I share your excitement! Going to be awesome. See ya there!
  10. Businesses and politics

    I think this may be more of a personal preference but also may be customizable on private servers. In my opinion, I agree with @LuciousTimes that they should hand them over or just plan on not being involved in any businesses until after they exit the political arena.
  11. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    This thread is being continuously updated as more candidates enter/exit the political arena. Thanks for the participation so far!
  12. The National Socialist Identity Party

    A very interesting party indeed, @JoelKeys. I assumed that someone would come out with a party like this at some point. Welcome to the political arena @ConnorAbbott659 and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. I have added you to the "Updated List of Candidates and Poll" post found here:
  13. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    I agree! I will add links to everyone's campaign page when I get some time!
  14. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    I thought I'd make a thread with an updated list of the current Governor candidates and add a poll so that we can get some early poll numbers in! Please let me know if you are running and I will add you to the poll. Campaign Pages Lucious Times: Thomas Hetch: Bobby Cruz: FrancePourLaVie: Roger the Shrubber: Connor Abbott: Maurice Clinton: Brian Hamilton: