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  1. The First Governor Debate

    Hey, sorry I wasn't able to host the event this weekend. This was due to me being in the hospital for the past week, and I couldn't focus on this at the time. I'll be doing it soon, sorry for any types of inconveniences.
  2. The First Governor Debate

    Send as much as you like, I may not use them all right away, but they all will be asked one time or another.
  3. The First Governor Debate

    PM whatever questions you have to me, and I'll add them. This is to avoid the candidates getting the questions ahead of time.
  4. The First Governor Debate

    Because the candidates all have their own schedules and different time zones, it's hard to gather them all at once. So, for now, I'll be collecting a group of questions, made by myself and the community, to ask on a forum post, where they will openly debate. This will happen next week.
  5. Gene Smith for Governor

    I wish you the best luck in this, and who knows, Idenitity is a big world and always changing. You can be whatever you want, and can always change what you want to be. Regardless, I hope you have a ton of fun in whatever you decide to do!
  6. Community Debate Questions

    Go ahead and PM them to me, I'll make sure to ask them!
  7. Gene Smith for Governor

    I'm sorry to hear this Mr. Smith. I hope we'll see you in the political arena in the future, as I'm sure you'd make an excellent leader!
  8. The First Governor Debate

    I'm sure the candidates would be more than happy to have somebody working with them! Check out their posts, find out who you most align yourself with, and contact them about working with them.
  9. Community Debate Questions

    While that would be ideal, it's hard to organize the event so that they can all participate at the same time . A simple solution to remedy this, however, is that the citizens wishing to ask questions PM me their questions. That would keep their anonymity, still allow their involvment, and make sure the candidates can't prepare for questions. Thanks for pointing this out, I'm sure this solution will be for the best!
  10. Community Debate Questions

    Hello there, concerned Identity Citizens! As we know, we'll be holding the first Governor debate on the forums, and in order to achieve greater community involvement in the politics of Identity, I'll be collecting questions from all of you to ask the candidates. All you need to do is to PM me the question, and I'll be making another post posing the questions to the candidates, where they will give their stances and debate the issues that you, the citizens, bring up. Thank you!
  11. The First Governor Debate

    We'll have to push back the date to next weekend, so that a candidate can join. But we have plenty of time to do this, so it's perfectly fine!
  12. [POLICE] Organization & Structure

    I'm aware of this lol, was explaining it to Mr. Hetch. It's best for the PD to work as a heirarchy. Chief of Police is generally just the most trusted and most responsible person on the force.
  13. [POLICE] Organization & Structure

    While normally that's a good idea, for the police it's different. A chief of police is just a normal thing anywhere.
  14. The First Governor Debate

    I think the best approach for this will be: A townhall style debate where the citizens ask questions of the candidates one at a time, and they debate the topic for a period of time. That way, each citizen can have a voice, and we can answer what's on everyone's mind. We currently have a Discord server run by myself for the candidates and citizens. We can use that to host the debate, considering the candidates that want to participate are already in it. Thanks for the response and suggestions, and I'd love your feedback!
  15. Thomas Hetch for governer

    I am indeed the guy the dude was threatening. Glad you two cleared that up! Peace and love man!