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  1. keen for identity

    i bought this game back in like early 2016 and now this month the first module is coming out and im so keen for it whos with me
  2. The Jewish Mafia **Recruiting**

    I'm going to pretend i didn't just see this
  3. It would be nice to know, we might start a server ourselves.
  4. Serious Roleplay

    Well ill be in the Marianos with @Johnny and @PaulieMariano. We have had a large experience with serious RP especially with mafia and crime.
  5. Emotes and animations

    Dabbing in a serious roleplay game. i cant even imagine a scenario where you would even need that emote
  6. Where are YOU gonna live?

    Unlike the handsome gentlemen above me, i will probably be living in a mediocre apartment.
  7. My Mistake

    Listen i've had a large experience with 12 year old's in roleplay, this isn't the first time i've seriously roleplayed. And from what i have gathered every single 12vie that i have met has been annoying/cringeworthy/not roleplaying. And here is someone that is 12, has a Minecraft profile picture, starting a thread about him being 12 and has a generic name. If i'm gonna be honest starting this thread didn't help your 12 year old problem here at all, only made it worse.
  8. My Mistake

    Honestly you meet requirements of someone who would be annoying in-game - Minecraft picture - "Gamer" in username - Complaining about people calling him out on being 12 i honestly thought this was a joke at first then i realized it wasnt when i scrolled down
  9. Any other real crime families?

    This is true, I don't see many other proper crime families around except maybe Roseport. If any real crime families start coming in, we'd be glad to do business.
  10. So what pledges did people get?

    i wasn't talking about the prices of the pledges, i was talking about the actual worth of USD
  11. So what pledges did people get?

    I would get a better one but unfortunately all of these cost more in AUS dollars e.g $30 USD = $42.10 AUD $50 USD = $70.17 AUD $60 USD = 84.20 AUD $90 USD = 126.30 AUD $100 USD = 140.34 AUD $150 USD = 210.50 AUD $250 USD = 280.67 AUD $500 USD = 701.68 AUD Pretty annoying when its like that, hoping the worth will go down later on.
  12. Car Customisation Queries

    Hopefully nothing too unrealistic. Some people wish to have matte purple and green cars with turbo, really breaks immersion.
  13. A Mafia Commission

    @AndrewDonaldson Yeah i saw him in a couple of threads, really hope he doesn't find himself in any server we will playing on
  14. Basically if you pledge 15 dollars you will have to wait until the end of the year to play but if you get founder you will get access to the beta and modules, which come out in a couple of months!
  15. I'll be looking for how smooth the animations will be, there's nothing more annoying than clunky instant animations