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  1. Interested in Roleplay?

    Yeah I would be down for this but I would like to know what style you are looking for
  2. I'm shy, please come say hi

    Welcome to identity make yourself at home, hope your enjoy your time on the forums what plans do you have in identity?
  3. Soteria: protection for you

    Payment will depend on the contract, if they request a vehicle then that will increase the price from 500$ to 800$ an hour employees will be given weapons training and a pistol but they will have to own a gun permit. The prices may change after the price for gas and weapons release. Employees will be paid once a week depending on their hours (most likely 20 dollars an hour). I am aware that this job might not get as much business early on but I hope to expand and become the best security detail in identitythank you and sorry for not releaseing any information in my previous post
  4. Soteria: protection for you

    Hello and welcome to Soteria, a personal protection service. We are an organization thats sole purpose is our clients safety. We protect and transport you. we will have a non disclosure agreement where we will not give any information about our clients. If you are looking for work please let me know or if you wish to hire us in the future release please message me on discord for further questions Discord: baconblaster2 #3892
  5. personal bodyguards

    Most likely a pistol
  6. personal bodyguards

    Yes along with training but a permit will be required
  7. personal bodyguards

    uniforms would most likely be black attire, anyone who is up to do whatever it takes for our client prices will vary depending on time and what they request such as a provided vehicles, still working on prices and payment, weapon training will be provided but to work for us a gun permit is required, still working on a name Prices and payment depends on what contract you work on if you request a vehicle then that would cost extra I do not have exact numbers but they will be up within the next week
  8. personal bodyguards

    who wants to join me in a team of bodyguards in order to protect those who decide to hire us we would do transportation, patrols and other means of business if you are up to do this please let me know. or if you are looking to hire we will help no questions asked
  9. Hey I saw what you said on times forum and I have to say that was pretty cool I'm glad you didn't retaliate In a negative fashion.  I hope that things stay civil and clean between you two

    1. BobbyCruz


      Thank you for your kind post.

      I don't like to get too negative with things. It's just a game and it is all in good fun. I just have some concerns about Mr. Times, if you couldn't already tell, and I want to make sure that our citizens and our society are going to be in good hands when the elections come around. 

      Thank you again sir!

  10. What will you RP in identity?

    I'll be a cop my name is not figured out yet I want to be a funny asshole but still will do what's right even though my friends aren't the safest people Can you help me with what my name should be, it's either Miles or Broc or should it be something else