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  1. Damage Control and Identity's Lack of PR

    People giving them more money are so stupid
  2. Idenity looks Dope!

    Yeah chat with the 2-10 people online
  3. To the Devs

    Good point, but I guess not all the companies out there are bad, and they are losing all their fanbase and future costumers right now because of the steam reviews, but that's just my opinion.
  4. To the Devs

    With all respect, in their case I guess it is a good thing, if they find a good company, but that's just my opinion.
  5. To the Devs

    You guys said long time ago that big studios offered to fund you to finish your game, isn't now a great time to do that considering the current state of the game ?
  6. dayum fanboys defending devs again
  7. Alright, thanks for the quick answer Duck ! edit : answer*
  8. Hello guys, sorry If it was asked before, Will car and gun module take more or less time than Town Squar ? thank you !
  9. Town square estimated release date!

    you got a point, but im afraid it gonna get cancled or somthing
  10. Town square estimated release date!

    Cya in 2021 for full release
  11. 1 day left

    inb4 delayed
  12. Hype

    Don't hype too much
  13. What do you think is going to happen earlier?

    Oh boy :grab popcorn:
  14. DevBlog #010

    I don't mind waiting, but most people here don't even complain about the delayed module, they are just asking for a video that was promised like 5 months ago
  15. DevBlog #010

    Yeah didn't pay attention sorry, any estimated date for the video ?