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  1. if i don't see guns in game by the end of July i'm gonna start questioning, people stop being negative an coming on the site everyday, give them sometime, its a video game and they do take time to create but its been time theyve been talking bout guns so lets see what they can do with 2 more months.
  2. ive followed it since they came out too an with all that time i woulda thought they'd hav more done but idk how hard or easy it is to psychically make a game
  3. Idenity looks Dope!

    or nobody lol, we can even ride bikes..
  4. Idenity looks Dope!

    if youre looking just to chat with who ever is on or customize your apartment then purchase but if youre looking for more to do, just wait, also if you want it cheaper now would probably be a good idea but im not sure if prices will change
  5. Idenity looks Dope!

    should be but will be some time
  6. Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Ontarian gang lmaooooooooooo
  7. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    you'll be waiting till full release

    Lookin great, whats the discord?
  9. i'd like to hear what the developers have to say! Also would be nice to tell us what they're working on once or twice a month.
  10. EVERYBODY********

    if everybody is on here non stop talking shit maybe they will stop. why dont you forget bout the game till the next module is released! this site should be dead till the game has updates
  11. T.V's

    An option to play same song or video on all t.v's in apartment
  12. What guns do you want to see?

  13. one thing i don't understand is why are the same things being fixed and things we don't need yet being released? even made yet honestly..? work on things that'll give us something to do as well as bug fixes, adding clothing and furniture makes me wonder because those are things to be added after your game is running smooth an your customers are happy with what they see an paid for. and aren't constantly being negative and thinking its a fraud. start giving us something to do for real if the gun shop is there, you,ve released a gameplay video of shooting and not in the town square also driving, then what is going on? cant even ride a bike.., the thing is if this never come to full release and they just stop devoloping it an keep the money it would be fraud and everybody/anybody can sue the company.
  14. How is module 2 going?

    i was playing while employees were on and they said they are expecting it to be a year between every module release is what i remember so just forget about it for now dont bother with the site/nor the game an wait till you see a big update on steam with in November..
  15. do you know what the muzzle is in a rifle? lmao the muzzle would be inside a barrel... im guessing the scopes or free aim like realism , (how they have it in 3rd person and 1st person in other games) it aint paint ball we aint aiming with the side of the barrel lmao)