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Found 1 result

  1. This is a minor hotfix patch to address issues found with the previous update. * Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause people who did not use heroin to see the effects when another player on the server did use it. * Fixed a bug which could cause some microphones to queue speech by default on connection. * Soccer ball reset timer reduced to 5 minutes of inactivity. * A piece of the road clipping into the police station stairwell is fixed up. * It should now be easier to place wall-mounted TVs. * Drug effects on eyeballs will now be more visible. Bloodshot eyes are back. Heroin will also restrict pupils. * Street lamps are now brighter. * VoIP range has been slightly reduced to be more physically accurate. * House edit mode will now be properly forced off when walking out of an apartment area. * Adjusted lighting in streets and police department. * Cinema lobby chairs can now be sat upon. * Added support for might stronger security in the back-end.