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  1. Which email is everything sent through?

    Thank you. I only asked this question cause this website acts weird.
  2. Which email is everything sent through?

    So I bought my friend the founder pack through his account with MY paypal. Since the email I use for my paypal and the email my friend uses for his Identity account are different, which email will get all the Identity notifications?
  3. Email Change

    This has been resolved.
  4. Email Change

    Hi, when I pledged on kickstarter I used an older email address than my current one. My current one is connected to this Identity account (identityrpg.com), but I still get Identity emails sent to my older email address. I would like Identity emails sent to my current one from now on. I can message my current and old email address to a higher up if needed.
  5. What is your Account ID?

    Mine is #260 Late but not as late as some people!
  6. Hello Everybody!

    My role-playing life started in the middle of 2013. I was an ordinary civilian in Takistan. My RP name was Cody Adkins. I didn't have a working microphone, so I role-played as a mute. Many people got annoyed that I did this, but it sure was a lot of fun. I had a bad laptop back then. I could barely get 30 frames in Arma 2 on low settings. Everything stayed the same until February 2014. That month I bought a new laptop (better) and a microphone. I also had gotten Arma 3 as a gift from one my friends. That's when I heard of Altis life. My laptop could run Arma 3 fine on medium settings. The first RP servers I joined were the Asylum severs. I used my microphone to talk to people on ts, but not a lot when I role-played. Things went as usual until January 2015. I got news of Arma 3 Life. I learned that you had to get whitelisted, I didn't bother to whitelist. I continued to play Altis Life. I got a brand new desktop in March. In may 2015 my friends told me about non-whitelisted Arma 3 Life severs. I joined one and had lots of fun. The customization was insane! I have been playing this for a while now, still partially mute. Still Cody Adkins, but now there's a new RP game. In this game, I will continue my Identity.