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  2. Even in the full game you wont be able to rent out pledged apartments, that is using the rent system of course, but you can always make a verbal contract with someone and rent it like that
  3. in full game you can though?
  4. is it possible to rent out my studio apartment or even the spare rooms in my penthouse?
  5. You own it, it's all on you...

    and that doesn't take away my point that there is no logical reason to do this I can read. That is the BS answer I am talking about. They could still refund through the original payment provider and ban/block that user from accessing the game. Furthermore, even if it is impossible, that does not take away the fact that it looks like a sneaky trap. I'm not gonna argue with you, you believe what you want. For me this has scam and failure written all over it.
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  7. Steam Key Installed Game Not Showing

    Perhaps you need to get your eyes checked. It has been stated in several places.
  8. You own it, it's all on you...

    This still doesn't take away my second point... the servers used for the game are not the same as those used for the website... there is your answer
  9. You own it, it's all on you...

    Of course it is not, but that is what is claimed. " While you won't get Identity in your game library just yet, you will very soon. Handing out the keys like this allows us to reduce load on our servers. We currently have 20,000 keys in the system and we'll be adding more. " And your point about other games having a functional store page doesn't make sense either. The purchases were not made through steam, surely there is a way to issue a refund via original payment method and block the users key/game from working.
  10. You own it, it's all on you...

    This is asylums first real game, it is normal that they will run into some problems at the start, however they are learning out of those problems and their mistakes. uhm that's not really why they are handing out the steam keys in batches. Also the server that this website is hosted on is not the same as the servers that will run the game... Because the issue was resolved and there was nothing else useful to add to this thread. Yeah... but every other game on steam has a functional store page. There is a big difference between a game still being added to steam and a game that is already available on steam. Beside that, you have never been able to get a refund of a game that was activated using a key...
  11. SCUM the next step in gaming

    Mushrooms!, I live on a 95% mushroom diet on SCUM, there are plenty about in the forests as you are trekking about the place.
  12. Police Application

    Thought I saw something about private servers where you can set ranks etc... If nothing else is a bit of fun to think about possible Police Structures. Couple notes CHEIF: shouldn't your name spelling be Chief, or is that intentional? Also your application you have Highway and Traffic Police, is that not essentially the same thing? You have no Sheriffs Office or General Duties units? Think there may also be Detectives?
  13. You own it, it's all on you...

    I could have sworn it was on kickstarter, maybe I am wrong, but that doesn't matter. Of course I know game development takes time, but as I stated clearly already, it has gotten to the point that I no longer see the project being remotely successful. At this point we have one single town block that still has not been released because of one single user interface bug, and no real information on what it is or what is taking so long to fix it. Also, don't forget the fact that back then it was supposed to be a playable game by now. It is already known that they have ran into problems previously and started completely over again. This tells me they are not planning ahead correctly and the further they get into the project, and the more stuff they try to integrate and tie together the more likely they are to run into similar issues. We are also expected to believe they are handing out steam keys early and at different times to reduce the load on their servers. If that is going to cause an issue for the servers, then how are these servers ever going to power a game like this? Honestly, it just looks shadier and shadier every day. Another thread was started where OP brought up the fact that if you activate your steam key you will no longer be able to ask for a refund. The thread was locked, (why? That in itself looks bad.) and a good point was being made. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that they have hit yet another roadblock and are hoping that everyone will redeem their keys so they don't have to give every one refunds when they come clean about it, is it? Meanwhile, every other game on steam is capable of refunds. Also, the trollish meme comments aren't helping anything either. You make it look like this is a community full of children who wouldn't be capable of any real role play anyways. Even if it does become an playable game at some point, it is only going to be enjoyable on whitelisted servers.
  14. Someone care to help me

    We have this sub thread set up where posts have to be approved but moderators and above can still see the posts. The reason for this is incase someone was to post some sensitive information.
  15. Steam Key Installed Game Not Showing

    Thanks. Maybe you guys should post something stating that error when people redeem the code to their Steam Account.
  16. Steam Key Installed Game Not Showing

    This is intentional, it’s just how steam works. Until the game is on the steam store visibly I think it will remain invisible. Though it might not appear until release also. I really don’t know myself. But rest assured, you do have the game on your account. And everyone got an error that looks just like that. It’s because wants to link to auto install, but there is no store page yet
  17. Main website only shows blackness

    Hi... I recently found out I can only access this website using google crome so I didnt use it before so It showed blackness. But its sorted now cause Im using crome. Thanks for responding
  18. I had added the key to my Steam account but it gave me Error Steam failed to install (app configuration unavailable) error message. Not sure if it will show up on the game library or not when it gets released? Thanks
  19. Main website only shows blackness

    @jansenashton079Can you update your post to include what Paratus asked?
  20. I think i'm banned from the discord server.

    You were banned for the reason "harassment". This will not be lifted.
  21. Steam linking problem

    Steam linking is still having issues. We are aware of the FB account link error as well.
  22. Keys register but don't work?

    As the post below states, the game will not show up in your library, or be available for download until it launches. Rest assured if you activated your key(s) it will show up and be available to download at launch.
  23. Redeeming Steam Key

    As the post about keys states. The game will not show in your library until launch, rest assured you have activated it.
  24. Key on wrong account

    Unfortunately activating a steam key is a permanent action, this is a Steam action and can not be reversed. Below is the warning that was issued about this before keys were released.
  25. Key Redeemed on wrong account

    Unfortunately this is a permanent action. See the warning above, posted before keys were sent out.
  26. Steam link issue

    It’s a known issue. Likely a bad update caused it to mess up the way it is now. Monday the team will look at it and hopefully fix it
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