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  2. Why haven't you touched this game people paid you for? The last update was OVER a YEAR ago! It kinda makes me sick how developers do this to gamers. Create a bunch of hype over a game, make people pay you a TON of money and release an unplayable game. You put out 12 updates & hot fixes as the updates didn't work and then stop working on it. You game could have been great, sadly everyone is super angry at you, you give developers a bad name.



    How much money did you steal from us gamers? Are you proud of yourself?

    1. Sasper


      These devs are complete criminals who should get locked up. SHAM ON YOU!

  3. NUDITY ?

    you'll watch my fat body wobble through the ingame streets of mopara!
  4. Who is still alive in the Forum?

    it's obviously that there are only a few people still alive here. there are mostly trolls that ask about the release. when their threads get answered they start to attack them because they "do obviously know about the release but don't tell them"
  5. What's the status

    They need a real community manager if this game is always in development
  6. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    Currently grinding Skyrim while waiting for Star wards squadrons
  7. What's the status

    Its a shame but i think we have been mislead by the developers either that or they are not that good at community guidance and leading their fan base forward with physical results
  8. What's the status

    I am not in the staff team, but indeed there is no progress in the development. And the staff team will never say it. They will just say that the game is in the development phase, even if they themselves do not know ...
  9. Buyer Beware!

    IDC if i get into trouble for doing this but and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Buyer Beware!

    It's probably fair to assume we have been convinced into buying funding for a development team that is now working on other projects off the back of this one. I don't expect to see anymore progress and certainly won't be buying any of the other shitty games they start peddling.
  11. What's the status

    So many years ago I pre-ordered this game I was extremely hyped about it and sadly within the years there has been no progress. Can anyone on the staff team please inform us.
  12. Buyer Beware!

    There was once an individual talking about instances in development that brought light to the fact that this game is progressing EXTREMELY slowly, in the discord...i was made aware that they are no longer able to join the discord...i think its entirely fair for me to warn others of this situation as it shows going against the grain is extremely risky. Do not purchase this until further progress is made! Small question for the readers: What do you think they should add to the game?

    Do NOT BUY Star Citizen. It has the same issues where it is massively delayed, has over promised, and there is a very real chance they will never complete the game. Just wait until games are out before buying them from now on!!

    Well i am exactly one of those ppl spending 3 to 5k on Star Citizen lul AND I DONT REGRET IT COZ I AT LEAST CAN PLAY IT NOT LIKE THIS

    DONT BUY STAR CITIZEN its a pay to win game people spending 3,000-5,000 real money on ships and servers will be small only 100 max players per server and you need like 2,500 dollar computer to even play game......IF you want a space game DUEL UNIVERSE is going be good

    BUY STAR CITIZEN or At least look at the website, it is a successful game that has amazing game and i basically the space version of what identity dreamed it would be, buy STAR CITIZEN
  17. A BIG thank you

    I was SO looking foward to playing this and becoming a Multi Trillionare CEO
  18. Hilarious! I do wish they would just be honest for once and apologise about what an overt failure this has ultimately turned out to be. But apparently there's something to be gained by playing make believe. The last bit of official info we got that wasn't posted on a Discord that a sizeable amount of the community never visits was basically a "fund this thing for Identity's sake", and that nobody was working on it full time any more. Game over.
  19. Petitioning for an answer, please sign.

    What did they write on the Discord? @ZanderiusMaximus
  20. Petitioning for an answer, please sign.

    On the discord there was a few sentences givin out by the devs....if you count that as development...up to you lol
  21. Petitioning for an answer, please sign.

    This petition is still very alive. An update on the games status, is it still i development or did you go bellyup?
  22. Who is still alive in the Forum?

    My signature shall speak for me
  23. Petitioning for an answer, please sign.

    great development
  24. Who is still alive in the Forum?

    Join Identity discord server. Parathus was posting some screenshot and did some Q&A in town-square. Game is still being worked on.
  25. Who is still alive in the Forum?

    So no news?
  26. I think this needs to be open source for skilled ppl to to bring this into a reality. 




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