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  2. Still can't make a character or login

    CPU is AMD A6-7310 with AMD Radeon r4 graphics card RAM is 4gb
  3. Still can't make a character or login

    Can you post your hardware specs? (CPU, GPU, RAM) I'm unsure if it could be related to hardware, and how the module isn't optimized, but I am aware of memory leak issues. Unsure if it could be the cause of the UI not showing up. You may want to try a couple of times. I didn't get any major issues when I ran the game yesterday.
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  5. Hi. I'm Winter

    I know youuuu
  6. Hi. I'm Winter

  7. Hi. I'm Winter

  8. Hi. I'm Winter

  9. Hi. I'm Winter

    Bonjour~ My name is Winter but I go by "Love" in Identity, the game, and the discord. I'm from NY and I love gaming. Gaming and anime. I look forward to talking and playing with you guys. Ok, bye now ♥
  10. Still can't make a character or login

    I try Good luck! I hope it helps.
  11. Still can't make a character or login

    If the method you've just described has even a slight chance of working I'll go through the reinstalling process again. If it doesn't work then I don't have any ideas and if the mods or devs don't tell me of any other methods or solutions then well bugger me. If it does work then thank you for your help
  12. Still can't make a character or login

    Instead, go to Steamapps -- Common - Town Square - And delete the whole folder. Then Open Steam, make sure its not in your library, if so, right click, uninstall, and reinstall ONLY IF you want to go through reinstalling it again. It's hard to pin point isolated issues like this one. I know of maybe one other person with this issue, and not even sure if they've resolved it yet either.
  13. Still can't make a character or login

    Through steam.
  14. Still can't make a character or login

    When you uninstalled the Town Square, did you delete the folder in steamapps, or just Uninstall through steam?
  15. Still can't make a character or login

    Okay the town square has been out for two weeks and i still can't even get past the first screen. I get to the character screen where my dude stands and nothing happens at all. No menu comes up, no option to make a character or to be able to play and login. All I want to know is why the hell I can't get past a simple character creation screen and into the game like everyone else can, I've waited my fair share of time like everyone else and despite all of these problems supposedly being fixed it isn't. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled and I'm not doing that again. Can someone please for the love of God just give me an answer and an estimation of when this will finally be fixed? I apologise for being hot headed but it's two weeks and several things have been fixed so why hasn't this?
  16. Curious

    No you aren't or you wouldn't have made this stupid topic that shows a clear misunderstanding of how development works.
  17. Should Marijuana Be Legal? Reply what you think about it.

    I think it's a great alternative to western medicine and helps people with anxiety, depression, PTSD, seizures etc..
  18. Should Marijuana be legal? Please Reply with what you think about it and also give your opinions on why it should be or why it shouldn't be.
  19. Town Square isn't what people are portraying it as.

    With these recent patches I;ve never had an issue getting to my apartment and I've been in the elevator with multiple people. TV's can be mounted to walls as well as other objects: I guess wait for more patches to drop if you're this upset. Not much else to do besides wait for the devs to fix the issues, and you can also report issues and glitches as well so they can be attended to.
  20. No furniture aren't fixed, u can't use any of them, which is absurd because u can use same ones in the lobby, tv doesn't work either, and as far as I'm aware u can't hang them on the walls (clocks, keys etc) Basically from trailer we have seen nothing works yet, and big chunk of features shown on housing trailer isn't even implemented. Glitching through walls maybe is fixed but u can still glitch in any table / chair / sofa. Elevator is broken as hell, every time there is one or more players with u in it it won't take u to your apartment but someone else, players appearing and disappearing all the time, camera turning around once u get to lobby etc. UI just lagging once u open new "tab" whatever it is inventory or pause menu, flickering on game start etc. Not ro mention it looks like some default theme from Windows 98 coloured on green, game itself jamming too, once per few minutes there is like 3sec lag spike / sudden performance drop. Idk which game u play but painting isn't working for me at all, once i want to paint canvas my brush not showing up, retry few times, manage to paint something than want to switch colours and brush disappearing again once i trying to change size or colour everything vanishing from canvas, wasn't able to paint literally anything. Can agree they fixed few small things but its still far from playable and very very far from any entertaining experience or even any gameplay, basically u can just login, switch some clothes, run around and log off.
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  22. Do lamps work? If so, how do I connect them?

    Lucky, I haven't yet been able to get the green or bronze table lamp to place on anything. The cords will automatically place in the outlets when you place the lamp, so if its not connecting, its buggin' out. TV's aren't functional just yet as they are refactoring the code for some of the items, like the fridge, oven, etc.
  23. Founder , Motorist pack

    $15 = Passport (Full Game Access) $30 = Passport, Beta Access and module Access. (Steam Early Access) There are 3 modules and Beta for the Steam Early Access users which is $30 or more.
  24. German community (DE)

    Huhu, hier ist auch ein Spieler auf deutscher Ebene! Ne, Spaß mal beiseite, Kumpel und ich holen es uns nächste Woche schon. Könnte ja mal Bescheid geben und ich gebe mal paar TS³-Daten von unserem privaten Gaming-TS durch, da kann man bestimmt bisschen zusammen zocken oder dergleichen.
  25. Do lamps work? If so, how do I connect them?

    I've placed table lamps but I see no cord to connect anywhere. Same with television.
  26. Do lamps work? If so, how do I connect them?

    Lamps are buggy. Table lamps can’t be placed, or at least I can’t place them on anything. And big lamps sometime sconnect to outlets, and sometimes don’t.
  27. seasons, from winter to summer.

    Hey there @Inspired The reasons for this is because they don't want to turn the game into a survival game as it is not that type of game. Yes it adds more to realism in the game world but it is not something that is needed.
  28. Town Square isn't what people are portraying it as.

    Well since u were gone u kind of missed al the problems haha, they have been pushing out updates very well and alot of bugs are already fixed and the game is pretty proper playable right now. it's still got some bugs and glitches but they are still fixing stuff. Be happy u missed the buggy launch and enjoy the game now ; D
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