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  2. What will you RP in identity?

    are you having a stroke or something? or are those last two v's like some emoji
  3. I have NEVER heard the word "product" be said so many times. I mean why argue about whether or not it's a product...
  4. Yesterday
  5. What will you RP in identity?

    I'm going for the business life, hope t start a clothing business or similar. PS. Need partner.
  6. What will you RP in identity?

    I do not know yet. I want to be a bad Person on the one Hand like a Thief or a Bank Robber, but also want to be like Zulnex a Paramedic or Nurse. It is hard to decide
  7. Counting, till the Staff comes ;D

    This is not allowed, Rule 17 under Please Don't: 17. Use forum features in unintended ways. Asking for likes, or making a game that incorporates the like/follow buttons artificially inflates user forum stats, making it difficult for other users to determine which content or user is contributing popular content to the site. This extends to a game which allows you to increase your post count.
  8. FOIP (Face over IP)

    Would be amazing if identity could put something like this in, it should be a requirement for RP games honestly but I doubt it'll happen sadly.
  9. Coalition Union against Strange People (CUSP)

    When you decide to target someone, it usually is a good idea not to target almost everyone.
  10. Counting, till the Staff comes ;D

    Little but sure fun Game We all have to count to 100. When someone from the Staff post, we have to start with 1 again! Staff means Developer or Moderator Have Fun Im starting 1
  11. Coalition Union against Strange People (CUSP)

    Your party shall fail to succeed solely based on the notion that it has heavily targeted two of the most supported parties within Identity Island, alongside with any "Queer" or French individual within the island.
  12. [ŧ] ŧemper - Recruitment - [OPEN]

    Just please accept the fact that everyone here thinks your "gang" is a joke.
  13. [ŧ] ŧemper - Recruitment - [OPEN]

    I mean tbh if anyone was crying it was you. You were sitting there saying how "All of you retards are perm denied ". Lmao!
  14. [ŧ] ŧemper - Recruitment - [OPEN]

    No one is crying. Its just funny how you think that everyone wants to join your little bullshit "gang". Lol
  15. I think I heard that there would be trunk storage early on in some of the discussions because one person asked the DEVS if you could kidnap someone and stuff them in the trunk. They said No, not for now but they seemed to like the idea. A guy called TheDynasty interviewed the DEVS a few times on Youtube and I just looked for that video but could't find it. It's a Q&A session.
  16. Will there be a trunk in Identity? So that you can get items, furniture and stuff like that put in your car trunk... To be able to transport this?
  17. Cartel de Medellín

    Maybe because i want to be the real Pablo Escobar in identity.
  18. Last week
  19. I did some more digging and I realize I was wrong. However steam is the one revoking keys, if an outside company would want to have a key revoked they would need to contact steam with a legitimate reason. this is to answer your initial question of course
  20. Post your issues with the game and getting help here

    Even if you cant see the Key every steam game has a activation key
  21. Post your issues with the game and getting help here

    Hey, you may not think you have been assisted but for 1, I passed on your issue. That is as much assistance as I am able to give. 2, i am voluntarily a moderator and so I am Helping people as much as I can in my time and with out pay hence it is voluntary. I have passed on the request, and also there is not just you with your issue but many more than just you as there is a whole community on this forum and so request pile up. You may not realise that the people able also do other things entirely which they get piled with. Not even Beach_Ball could, only 1 person has access to the companies Paypal and that is the CEO (Paratus). We can only relay such requests again. Sorry for the inconvenience but there is no dedicated customer service team. Yes, CM was and is the only position and 1 person cannot get around to everyone. Now Motown has taken over that position and he is the Art Director also and so he has 2 highly busy jobs that he has to accommodate.
  22. doing what wrong exactly? if you buy your game from the steam store you don't need an activation key because the game is automatically added to your library
  23. Post your issues with the game and getting help here

    every steam game has a activation key or have i been doing it wrong for 8 years ?
  24. okay, first of all the moderators cant really assist you with your issue as they don't have access to the database so that's a pretty invalid reason. I wouldn't call 4 people in a week overwhelming, I am not buying into this 7 month story because there is a lack of actual evidence, its the internet, people can overreact... There are plenty of people who have gotten a refund, there is a waiting period, they are not obligated to hand out refunds so at least be happy they give it to people anyways, it will just take time as there is no one to do this full time, as we all know beachball left and Motown took over his place, but Motown has a lot more on his plate than just handing out refunds... of course it wont come out by the end of October... the steam page goes up by the end of October then we get a release date for Town Square(which is clearly stated in the dev blog). in the end you having your email discontinued isn't their fault. What exactly is your problem though, cant you log in on the website to claim your key?
  25. Post your issues with the game and getting help here

    I have all the proof I need with my experience at getting absolutely no assistance for over 6 weeks. It's not about the delay of the game, it's about not getting any customer service over simple things as i've mentioned several times here. And 2 moderators, one of who I sent several messages for assistance both posted here arguing some bs, but yet still no assistance. This company is fucking hopeless. Love how you're trying to stand up for them when there's overwhelming feedback that this same thing is happening to quite a few people. The person who refunded did so a while ago, not recently when the keys were there. And even when it does come out, most likely not at the end of october, i'll have no key, no product, or anything because of this.
  26. ur new cheif

    I must say I really subscribed to this thread 'cuz it made me laugh so hard!

    step back or ill have to use my beak
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