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  3. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    Have you checked the clothing shop for the hat because it was there. Also It is cheaper on the website for Full Game release at $15 USD while if you want Steam Early Access which includes 3 modules and a Beta then it is $30.
  4. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    Should of did what rust did, wouldnt have such a shit name in the community. The game was advertised in a way where you could buy it cheaper on the website correct?? 30$ on steam and the website not to mention I havnt gotten my founder gear. idk what you'd call this but it's a scam in my bookss
  5. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    I am sorry you feel that way but we delivered exactly what was advertised. We have been open about what the social module was going to be and that this wasn't going to be the full game, that's not a scam.
  6. Hello from Sweden

    Hej! En del har förbättrats, alla buggar etc som gjorde så man inte kunde spela spelet. Dock finns det väldigt få små buggar kvar! Men det går att spela utan några problem! Jag personligen skall låta spelet ligga installerat i mitt Steam bibliotek och vänta tills S.W.A.T modulen kommer ut, så det finns lite mer att göra i spelet! Och hissen kommer man ut ifrån nu!
  7. Bonjour, Depuis la sortie de TomSquard, il n’y a rien, d'ou ma question le développement continue ou pas,car d’après ce que j'ais pue comprendre il y a de plus en plus qui ce retire
  8. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    let be honest they scammed us, games not worth buying until they get the full game released in another 4 years
  9. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    I bought it thinking it wouldn't be on Steam until over a year later (With the Full Game release) and they are selling it there (It's nearly 70% cheaper here)
  10. I think its a phenomenal idea - goes really well with the Game! nice image by the way
  11. police

    merci de minviter
  12. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    shoulda just bought it on steam lmao cheaper if you in canada
  13. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    A little screenshot Tutorial for you guys
  14. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    Once you've linked Steam to your game account, you'll be able to claim a Steam key. If you enter that key into your Steam client as it describes, you can install the Town Square and play!
  15. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    Yea same im not sure where to find the download I linked my steam account to my identity profile.
  16. I just figured out Town Square is finally released. How exactly do i download/and or play? I paid in advance for membership.
  17. What Was Your First Online Multiplayer RPG?

    Definitely, it was Diablo2. Also, Black Desert and Albion Online are my most memorable games. Well, those days I had a lot of time for playing but now most of my time is spent working and providing custom paper writing for students
  18. Posts getting locked

    Yeah i seen your post suddenly disappear, one of the reasons i bumped this thread again lol
  19. Malden Life server please join it is really fun IP: PORT:2302
  20. Hello from Sweden

    Hejsan!! Har inte loggat in det senaste, så vet inte om det förbättrats än i spelet. Men med så mycke problem som det va i starten så kommer jag nog vänta ett tag innan jag hoppar in igen. Senast så kom jag knappt ut ur hissen
  21. Posts getting locked

    I think they enjoy locking the odd post here and there because it must be refreshing to use some working functionality once in a while
  22. MDC (Mobile Data Computer) -Ability to remove it from the mount and use it outside the car. -Ability to run a person's information with their full name and date of birth (gives driving history, driver's license status, owned vehicles, owned firearms, criminal history, gang affiliations, probation/parole status, and warrant status) -Ability to check a vehicle's information with the license plate (gives if stolen, information of vehicle, and registered owner) -Ability to run a residence history with the address of the building (gives owner & tenants, previous contacts/arrests at place, and registered firearms at the place). -Ability to set yourself on lunch break, out-of-service, in-service, and busy (ten codes could be implemented for these). -Ability to see the map of the city with all streets and the current location of all officers. -Ability to activate emergency mode which will beep the radio and give your radio priority and give your location to all officers and dispatchers (same on radio). -Ability to take notes on the computer (or you can use your notepad on your person). Dispatch could do suggestions 1-5 for you, if you request it. They also have access to suggestion 6. Computer Aided Dispatch -Viewable by all officers on their MDC. -Maintained by dispatch, can create/edit/archive calls (calls are given call numbers). -Dispatcher must add the first person to the call on the CAD and can add more. A officer can add themself if there is at-least on person on the call. -A officer can remove themself from the call or dispatch can do it as well. -The main screen will show all calls with the call type (officer report, 911, etc), crime/reason, location, and officer(s) assigned. It will also show all on-duty units with their badge number. When you click on a officer you can see all their information. When you click on a call, you can see all the detailed information provided by dispatch. Dispatcher can also set emergency mode for emergency reports. 911 System You will call 911, a dispatcher will answer and get the information, and then create a call on the CAD with all information, and dispatch officers via the radio with some information on the call and they will see the CAD for more information and respond.
  23. Suggestion for houses and apartments

    That will come at a later point in town square. Including with the permissions system etc.
  24. civil contract trailer: advice and feeback

  25. civil contract trailer: advice and feeback

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