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  1. My 24 Hour Thoughts.

    He said in the internal build though, so the build they're currently working on.
  2. My 24 Hour Thoughts.

    I believe they should have a developer focused on bug fixing, I believe I may have said it in my post, but it would really help out the overall quality of the game in the long run, take a little work off the devs working on current modules, and let players have a sense of progression within the modules. And yeah, the elevator bug has harassed me since the beginning
  3. Question: BETA

    Yessir, be warned though, that the game in its current state is purely just a singular module, I don't know if I would consider it even an alpha, more of a stress test if that. It is just a social module so what you see is not all you get with your money. They're are also finishing up on the S.W.A.T module which will add firearms to the game, then after a little while longer, they'll finish up the racing module, then release the full beta.
  4. Question: BETA

    Hmm, I see the issue here. I got my copy off of steam so I didn't have to go through this issue, but assuming since it's $30 on Steam and both of those are $15, I would say you have to buy both, passport for full game, and beta for the modules, however, you may want to wait until a moderator or someone more experienced gives you an answer. Sorry.
  5. Question: BETA

    From what I understand the passport is the beta.
  6. Gonna start off with saying, I'm not sure this is already a planned or a pre-suggested feature but.. I believe that the player should have the option to craft furniture and sell it at furniture stores. Furniture could possibly be designed in a minigame, and after designing it, it will tell you the required resources. For example, I want to make a coffee table with two sheets of glass with a piece of wood splitting it in the middle. It would cost 11 wood planks, and 2 glass panes (just an example) the player can design the table however they wish, this could possibly be done in steam workshop, or an add on program. Not sure how coding and stuff works but those are just ideas. The player can craft these items at workbenches, or if they have the money, buy a factory and mass produce them allowing multiple players to assist in creating a single table, or have it all automated if they invest even more money into it. This also gives players a reason to be carpenters, or lumberjacks, miners, etc. There could be glass blowers, ceramic makers, so many possibilities with this. If the devs liked the idea enough and had the time to implement it, they could possibly allow players to design vehicles as well and mass produce them, that way the devs don't need to work as much on content themselves and can focus on bug fixing and improving the game, and the players can help create more content using their own imagination!
  7. My 24 Hour Thoughts.

    So, obviously I didn't play this game 24 hour straight, or 24 hours at all. But after owning and playing it a good bit in the past 24 hours, I have a few extra things to say. First off, I still love this module. It's creative and enjoyable, even alone, I had fun furnishing my house and growing weed, singing karaoke to an empty room.. But here's the thing. This is a social module. Therefore, things that involve socializing, should at the end of it, be mostly bug free. For example, the karaoke machine will only play the first 10 songs and the rest won't even turn on. If this is intentional why even add the other songs in the first place? Another example is, the television doesn't completely work. Only some YouTube videos work and even then they don't have audio. There are a lot of other issues that I will be posting in a bug related post but those a just a few problems and there's one major issue with the social module. The lack of socialization. How am I supposed to socialize if I've met 4 people and none of them understood how to talk or they couldn't hear me talk, or I couldn't hear them talk? And even then, these players just spawned in and I never saw them again after that. For a social module, there's a real lack of sociality and I have to say that's because the lack of content in the town square. I spent an hour looking for a bookstore then realizing it wasn't even added in yet and the coffee shop was locked. I explored the art gallery and wanted to add my paintings to it, only to have my canvas glitch out when I was painting. I think that at least a portion of the devs should be focused on the current module, performing bug fixes and adding minor things to it, nothing major, just to keep content flowing and show progress. Anyway, I love the game, keep up the hard work!
  8. Raven Security Company [Now Hiring]

  9. Raven Security Company [Now Hiring]

  10. Raven Security Company [Now Hiring]

  11. Raven Security Company [Now Hiring]

  12. Raven Security Company [Now Hiring]

  13. First and Last Names Required

    I'm a noob to the actual game, but I've been following you guys since I first found you several years ago. I just bought the game, and I had a lot of fun, even though I was alone and it did crash in the end, but I understood that. The one thing that I'd ask you guys to fix though, and it's nothing huge, would be making it so that people can have the same name, both a first and last name are required, and each player is assigned an "ID" or a number to associate them with (for moderating purposes and such) that way, I won't be limited to making my name something absurd and can actually role play my character as John Smith instead of Donthave Anameffs. Thanks, love the work!
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