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  1. Hello

    Welcome Gilbey! I look forward to seeing your progression through this game and can't wait to see if you incorporate your true passions into the game as well. From Australia, TravisGB
  2. Private/VIP Security

    I think i will need to start another one. No harm in having options
  3. Private/VIP Security

    Hey guys, Just wondering, would there be an opportunity to start a private/VIP Security Agency? For example, High value criminals, businessmen, Politicians, high value people may want private security, bodyguards and transportation (motorcades). Would this be something someone could start in the game?
  4. Police cars and uniforms

    I feel if your going to have a criminal eliminate to this game, there needs to be unmarked police cars, and detectives will need to be in unmarked cars, more so if the developers or wanting to make this as life like as possible.
  5. Murder

    And this is where lawyers and CSI would come into play, they could collect evidence, defend the alledged attacker and so forth such as a real crime scene.
  6. Schools

    Schools, more so universities, in identity would be an amazing idea, and hopefully, qualifications would come into play in order to get better pay and jobs?
  7. Hello from Australia! I need some help.

    @AndrewDonaldson I am a very level headed person and in my line of work (social worker) i get a lot of abuse from people. I know some of the basic american laws, but all will be a learning opportunity.
  8. Hello from Australia! I need some help.

    Thank you, @AndrewDonaldson. I would say that having a passion for the police force since i was 4 years old, am now 20, would hopefully make me knowledgeable enough, but in saying that, it is an american based game. I would like to think i am a Mature person and would suit the role of being on the Police force in this game. I will eventually make it through all the thousands of posts and replies in the Precinct Forums, there are a lot! I hope we do meet in game! and hopefully, not with me putting you in the back of my squad car.
  9. Hello Identity Community! Education: I was wondering, will there be an education system where a player would need to graduate school, college or university in order to get the career of their choice? Would the player need to have certain qualifications in order to apply for certain career paths? Career: Would a player need to be appointed by the governor or elected by the people to be the Police Commissioner, Emergency Services Director, Fire Chief, DEA Director and so on? How would one be promoted in the game? How long would a player be able to be the Police Commissioner, Emergency Services Director, Fire Chief, DEA Director and so on for? How long would a player be able to be the Governor? and how many terms can they run for? I have a million and one questions for this game as i am so excited about it and want to know as much as possible in order to have the best possible experience.
  10. Police Organization Chart

    Will this be able to include, for example, call centers, where the call operators can contact the relevant department or unit and dispatch members of the force to a crime? Like in the real world? I think that would be a critical part of the police communications.
  11. Hello Identity Community! My name is Michael, however, I go by TravisGB in the online gaming world. I have a quick question, a noob question, How do I become a member of the Police Department and move away from being an immigrant? ( not that i have anything against that) I have a passion for the Police force, and would love to join! if anyone can help me, that would be great! Enjoy your day guys!
  12. Jurisdictions

    I would like to think, and hope, that there is a Federal level of policing added to the game. The Federal level would have jurisdiction over all three major cities, and really, the entire map for cases pertaining to a federal crime. ofc, these 'Federal Crimes' would need to be made by the political career. This poses the question, Would there be a Directorship for a Federal Policing unit, such as the FBI? and if so, who elected/appoints them? I believe that when it comes to Jurisdiction, City Police Departments would control the Cities, and Rural Departments, the Rural areas and, if added, Rangers would control the forests and the like. All departments would need to share information between each other, either at a state or federal level. I guess the next question you could ask is, If we are having a Government, would there then need to be a Secret Service like Agency added to the game?