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  1. Integritas. Collaboratio maximi momenti. Impendat. DISCLAIMER: This post is still a working template and does not reflect the final business activities within this post. Clearwater Security is a private security firm designated in the heart of Asheville Town Square, with it's headquarters located in the sunny province of British Columbia, Canada. We offer best in class private security services for events, corporations, condominiums, etc. Our security firm provides a wide variety of options when selecting security personnel and other assets they have which need to be kept protected. Our security professionals have the expertise and training to quickly develop solutions and products that meet the service levels for every client's needs! Our Office - Fully equipped with lockers and weapon vaults for access to equipment - Break rooms for staff to rest in - Private War Rooms for clients and security personnel to discuss and plan the use of our services - Dedicated and Private rest rooms for our clients - Client Vaults for storing and tagging all our client's goods. - Situated just 0.5 seconds away from the heart of Town Square - 24/7 Security Team Our Services - Security Services -Executive Protection - Private Investigations - Event Security - On demand car and driver -24/7 Client Tracking - Concierge and CCTV monitoring WIP Salaries - Private Investigators - 60% of the total amount earned from the job is given to you - Executive Security Agent - 1-2% commission per agent for every successful job completed - Chauffeur - $15/hour + performance-based bonus. - Concierge Agent - $10/hour + bonus based on performance - Dispatcher - $17.5/hour + potential to climb the ladder and reach a senior position within 6-9 months - Security Agent (Non Executive) - $10/hour + bonus based on performance and potential to climb ladder to Executive Security Agent. Current Positions CEO - Clearwater_Security (BigBackClock) Private Investigators - 0/5 Executive Security Agent - 0/10 Security Agent (Non Executive) - 0/10 Chauffeur - 0/5 Concierge and Auxiliary Police Unit - 0/5 Dispatcher - 0/5 How to Apply To apply for any one of the positions above, please fill out this simple form. We hire people from everywhere in the world without discrimination and require that you be 18 or higher to apply. Requirements to Apply - Be 18 or older. - Have a mic and be mature - Be able to handle situations without instigating conflict - Treat all clients with a high level of professionalism and respect, any form of harassment will result in permanent termination of your contractc - Be able to do your duties by abiding the law, at times we may get contracts from third parties and cannot verify if they are criminal or not by nature - Must be able to respond to situations quickly using critical thinking - You agree that if a client is in danger that you as an agent will be the first line of defense and will require you to keep him/her safe at all times. - Whistleblowing is against our firms policies and anyone in the firm caught blowing the whistle will be kept on a kill list. Position you're applying for: What makes you the right candidate for the job?: Specify if you have any experience in relation to the position you're applying for: Age: Do you have any history of being in a criminal organization*: I acknowledge that all information in the application above is filled out honestly and agree to the requirements listed above. You also acknowledge that breaking any breach in contract will result in permanent removal from our firm, this also includes keeping all client information and data confidential at all times. Logo made with DesignEvo