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Found 3 results

  1. T.C Operacional Tático *BR*

    Bem, a empresa vai atender aos proprietários (a) de lojas, Donos (a) casas, Organizar eventos e pessoas com segurança por guardas treinados para organizar e tratar a segurança de seus próprios clientes como proprietários, para contratar nossos serviços basta escolher as embalagens e desfrutar da sensação de segurança. Para obter mais informações sobre a empresa é fácil e fácil, por favor, digite seu nome na empresa, crescendo na hierarquia quem sabe nos tornaremos sócios !?
  2. bodyguard

    i know that it is not an oficial career but is that not a part of the fun? being a bodyguard means protecting others with your life a litle running away from cops when you did in your eyes, your job and being payed for it is all the more reason to do it and even if u get arrested before they lock you up you can simply judge yourself as selfdefence becaus at the end if you are atacked that is what it is so if anyone already thinks he is going to need a bodyguard i am all ears
  3. Body Guards?

    I know that you will be able to elect a governor on the servers, so i have been wondering how the bodyguards will work. Do you guys think the bodyguards should, or will have special abilities like being able to manipulate the VIP in dangerous situations and maybe grab them and push them into the back of a safe car? What other abilities should bodyguards have to keep their VIP safe?