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  1. Where do you all stand. Pt. 2

    75% cause at this point there is no way of knowing if the game will ever be released. also the twitch was interesting at first but its just an hour of wasted time once you realize all that happens is some bland graphics manipulation like a bucket or some weird popcorn tub or some lame tattoo job, and the guy talking cherry picking comments from the chat so he can be like 'oh yeah just click this link to another twitch clip' . just give relevant info, why is that hard? they never answer real questions, not even easy ones like 'when is the next dev blog?' cause they dont know, but sometimes he will say 'oh dev blog will be out later today' a week later 'dev blog out today for sure' two days later 'dev blog today' and then finnaly not that day but the next day we get the blog.... why all the deception towards the community? just tell the truth. that tracker has been sitting at that last bit for a month now maybe, and it hasnt moved and when people ask, the Identity Defense Force starts screaming, patience with the devs. why? they just mislead and misinform. why patience? when devs just can use the tracker as the excuse for no release. now go buy some $50 cosmetic pets cause the game is almost ready! GO BUY PETS! PETS! Just, PETS! cause you know CATS and DOGS oh my...
  2. This is getting silly

    So stupid. People that have given money to this game are not complaining to get "everything" for free. It is because they contributed their money that people speak up. Stupid.
  3. Nothing. Money sinks. Cosmetics.
  4. Disappointment and A Vague Tracker

    Why is there a tracker? how long did they discuss the tracker, and then design and implement into the website, really they should be programming the game and have it ready for release a month ago or on April 23 at the latest like they stated. but now they have this new tool they've obviously been working on, why? why develop a tracker? well that's easy, to get more people to pledge and string them along with made up goals. them tracker "tasks" can just be eternally inflated; they finished one but oh look there is another task, guess we gotta tackle it before the release, so no release and just more artificial tasks to keep people in tow and saying oh geeze they are making "progress" . eventually you "pledge" = get swindled . then you hope that the game will soon arrive, only to find out the "developers" are "switching to NEW technology so guess what, delay! oh but now theyve been working on it so long that the original work is too old! Sad! so now we gonna make "fresh new content" with better technology, but now we need more money, but look at our tracker cause we have so many tasks to complete so you understand right its ok to be disapointed beacuse look a tracker, and you should be nice to the devs they work so hard to make a tracker! dont worry the town square will be out soon like never. and be careful cause after 180 days after you give them your money you loose your right to a refund and good luck getting it back. great work "devs" great way to display your integrity, honesty, truth, and transparency.
  5. Delay announced by Motown

    Maybe its about time for a refund...
  6. Without yet a title but having started down this path of creation, I find myself at a loss. Many individuals have taken to this forum and began planting the seeds of communities focused on many particular goals with the purpose of overcoming and achievement. Misunderstood or not, as I continue and you follow, I thank you here. To follow me is not to follow. I walk an unknown path and in my journey I will discover infinity and everything within her. For this I must be omnipresent. As such, I will be a monolith, immovable. Conversely, I must commute to an fro purposefully simply due to the physical plane, and the laws governing within. Can such action be executed, one may wonder. To wit, we have been afforded no other avenue and thus, we make it so, dear reader. Here now is where we come to the crux of the whole. For if we are to continue, nay, if we are to sow the soil for our own seeds, then it is time to take action. I am here, a Monolith. As such, I endure, I observe, I listen. From my position I shall learn and teach, gather knowledge and share the wisdom with those who dare be in the presence of a monolith, be it even an aging crumbling one at that. Nevertheless I now extend the invitation to anyone willing to heed the call. The wind and its whispers are all I need to reciprocate. Prophets on a journey for the tallest peak to conquer, and once victorious, and from their self appointed thrones, bellow towards the heavens in contempt as champions! I have something special for such orators; a deaf ear. It is all in the approach. For if one is to be successful in the arts of misdirection, then one must play the part as well as the counter. Invisibility in the presence of millions is envy and regret all at once. A tool to be used in the arsenal of ambiguity. This is your initiation. Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to follow and lead the way? I its all up to you now to pursue a path. Know that every fork is an opportunity, but more a choice to experience something unique. A choice made understanding the sacrifice and the many sacrifices, this life lays bare, every waking minute of the life experience, exposed. If so you choose to join then soon the skies will part and upon our pledge of loyalty completed and the heavens may part to deliver the Gods who will bestow upon us a "square for a Town seed", you see, and we shall see who will we be, in anonymity we'll come to be, a force with which, IF THEY FUCK WITH YOU, THEY FUCK WITH ME. Well I must leave you now. Apologies due to haste and understanding that it is understood and therefore I must say farewell and good luck, what ever that may mean, I wish it for you. This is only the beginning, only not if that is not what you want.
  7. Identity TS launch party?

    This is a great idea! i dont have the discord link so mybe hook that up! good times!
  8. Who wants to be my sugar daddy in game

    Obviously the OP posted requesting a sugar daddy. My reply, which I'm guessing you do not understand, James_Miller, is simply: Further, a simple google inquiry as to the meaning of "quid pro quo" would produce this: Alright dude I'ma peace outz yall
  9. Who wants to be my sugar daddy in game

    hell nah quid pro quo lmao
  10. Delay thoughts?

    Many people are upset about the delay and many more are telling the Devs to stop giving deadlines. Both fair. A LOT has been said about timetables and game development in this community regarding the TS module in particular. We know good games take time. Please take a step back and just realize where we are as a community that is shaping a game that most of us want it to be the best it can and a team of Developers with the same belief working to that end. I've not been around as long or as often as other members here, but in my short time and limited knowledge, I can appreciate the progress the Devs have made. The video was not 4k quality ok, but in it we witnessed details and our imagination lit up again. The TS module will be worth the wait. Whatever the wait. The game is making progress, and sometimes progress has delays, and thats ok. if you want examples just think of your own life; Does everything ALWAYS go according to schedule in your life without a delay ever? better late than never some would say, anyway im rambling. Hyped as always! Peace.

    OP Thanks for sharing the link to the Video. IMO I enjoyed the video. The quality of the video is obviously low and much of the gameplay is clunky, I agree. The video was a long time coming and I'm disappointed at the length and quality. There are may exiting features to appreciate found within, regardless of the quality and length of time. The address lookup is interesting footage, also the environmental effects such as shadows and bird sounds to name a few. I'm excited to start working and playing and gaming with the first module. The second and third are still a ways off. I've been patient with the process, the progress, and the devs. Many others have as well. Soon we will enjoy our town square. The video is a nice insight, and that is all for now, at least for me. I'm as hyped for the game as I've ever been, since the day I learned of this MMORPG, since I pledged, and every time we take another step towards the release, I'm still hyped. Agree or disagree is all good. GG
  12. The Forums seem dead.

    It is noticeable!
  13. How much did you pledge?

    welll Depends when they update the website but if it takes a while longer ill give me time so I can double mine too which was the quarter looking to add the other one too make it a half stack drop n see what it do
  14. Everyone gets an Alias Card

    Good work meatbag! HIDE YOUR IDENTITY! use Alias Cards! Now you can rob more and get away with it more! I LOVE IT! Ahh hahahaha! by the way, if you're reading this, and I don't see why not, I, Blazin'Bender, DO not CONDONE nor PROMOTE in any way shape or form, THE COOL CRIME OF STEALING! Now, have you heard my song? which goes LETS GOOOOOOOO ALREADEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
  15. Devs Just Did a Very Informative Stream!

    Im ALWAYS Happy to get news and dev updates whenever avaliable ! Thanks to all who make this info avaliable! Saves me the headache of hunting for it! THANKS all!