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  1. Complete lack of direction?

    Seriously though, how can anyone say there is lack of direction? There is abundant proof to claim the has been extensive work done. There are people employed at this company. It is a business. Employees at any job need to perform or they will loose the job. Likewise, again, the employee is expecting employment with some longevity and some measure of job security. Maybe the salary? other benefits? Personally, I don't imagine many people out there would want a job that couldn't provide some of these basic requirements. Secondly, if one of their employees ever wants to find a new opportunity maybe with a more recognized industry name (like Take Two, Bethesda ,Team 7, CD Projekt Red, Namco, etc, or work for Microsoft or Sony, for example. Nintendo?) on a first party title, I imagine that employee will be thinking about their positive impact during their time at Asylum Entertainment. All the employees, maybe at least most, want whats best for themselves and the company. The project they are part of will reflect that. The world is not perfect. When you get knocked down, you learn to get up, and keep going, keep moving forward, regardless or maybe even because of the naysayers. Sometimes it's plan "B" on deck. Sometimes plan "C". If Identity hits plan "Z", I'm keeping my eyes open for plan "AA". Say what you will about this topic. I'm done. Especially when the argument falls on deaf ears. Peace out here. Catch ya'll on the next one.
  2. Complete lack of direction?

    Then why quote my post then? HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
  3. Complete lack of direction?

    This is the real truth of the matter! Bravo LuckyDuck! I think some people like that shadow123 or whatever, dude is too young to understand, I think, this basic point. Maybe with his immaturity and young age impatience is natural, and like most kids today, just wants everything now, now, now. I hope once he grows up and has to live in the real world with the rest of us, him and people like him will realize that as the old saying goes, "Rome was not built in a day". Also, just want to send a thank you to all the community moderators coming in here to provide some clarity on these issues, because although redundant, and having been addressed countless times before in many posts, the topic keeps being brought up. I for one am fatigued at the redundancy of it all. So Thanks! FYI There are many games out there. I don't understand how people can obsess over one game. I think people just like to complain in blog posts for the frick of it. I'm sure their motives will not be truly expressed and instead will cling on to statements such as "we were promised this" and "the devs said that" or "this date and and that date", maybe even going as far as "no work has been done there is no progress blah, blah, blah." Nonsense all of it really. The proof is in the pudding, but acknowledging the facts and embracing the truth, which is that this dev team has done what other teams wont, and that is being transparent as much as possible, acknowledging this will leave them with no argument to make, so people like shadow90210 and others will just ignore them and post their ramblings. I for one am done engaging with such immature behavior. Good luck Community Moderators, and Godspeed. Patience little ones.
  4. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    Just because you don't understand my answer does not mean I did not answer. Ridiculous. Also, I am clearly not thanking you at all don't worry. Do yourself a favor and be quiet, people are starting to think you don't understand whats going on, so don't go proving them right by chiming in again, though I find it hard to believe you'll take my advice so, good luck with that.
  5. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    I am not working on the game. I can't comment on the state of the game right now. What I do have access to, which is the Town Square module, is awesome in my own personal opinion, bugs and all.
  6. Anthem , GOOD OR BAD ?

    its ALL trash: no story no loot no activities endless empty grind. uninstalled after a week so did a few of my buddies, aint seen em play in a long while
  7. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    nonsense. got any hard evidence to back up your claims? doubt it yet you do have a right to an opinion, even if you just blowing hot air, I guess
  8. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    It's not a scam. The game is being developed and worked on daily. Now if you don't have the patience to wait and can't appreciate the work and progress being made, then that's a "you" problem. Today's youth needs instant gratification, well too bad. This isn't 'fortnite', if this applies to you, then move along. People crying about their $10 or $30 or whatever can't understand there are people who pledged way higher than that and are being patient. Haters gonna hate. All these entitled, disgruntled naysayers will never be satisfied. Screaming and demanding answers is so childish, and the project heads do not need to focus on pointless rants of those people acting like brats. The forums are here, there is a discord, and there are updates from Paratus. Like it or love it, there is info out there, and there is progress. Slow and steady wins the race. Finally, don't get it twisted, ya'll; I'm typing this up just to give a voice to those who think that this complaining is nonsense, which it is. With that, I'ma peace out. Go ahead and ridicule, bash, and generally make buffoons of yourselves, breaking yall's back trying to insult, demean, and degrade the work being done here, just be aware of that. Devs are out there on top of shit. It's all good on this side of the fence! I'll be looking forward to the ridiculous responses from ya'll lovely haters. I'm sure you will not disappoint!
  9. Is this game playable ?

    any idea when this may be resolved? now before yall RUN in here to give a timeline, which we all know you love to uphold, I'm just asking for a friend! lol
  10. Is this game playable ?

    its happening to me as well. past few days ive been trying to play but that crap screen keeps buggin' yall. so its a problem in the game and not my set up. at least thats good news for my set up. suck i cant acces town square w this buggy mess
  11. I am still HYPED

    I know I bitch and moan about development and release and other things but Ive never asked for a refund, and although its been a long time since the production of Identity began, Im still hyped for this game. I play other games too so its cool. Sorry for my previous negativity if youre aware of it. What im trying to say is I have love for this project. also wow, so many bugs in Town Square. Still cool tho! Overall Thanks DEVS for following through! I wanna keep ranting but, yeah. Love. guess im just happy.
  12. So crazy off the rails lol. Sure Chase lol. this will be my only response to you and then just like i told the last gasbag, I will be ignoring your future posts, cause neither of you are relevant to the information I seek, much less your responses, so, chase: Get a life. All these leeches here nobody asked your opinion. If you don't have any relevant info and are only here to stroke each others ego then get a life. My post is only directed to people with pertinent info. Anyway I guess trolls will be trolls. enjoy the strokes among yourselves there leeches. Keep stroking each other yall seem to enjoy it. HA HA HA HA !!!!
  13. Well there have been some hot fix updates but I am still only allowed to customize the lame 410 room. Thats NOT what I paid for or what was promised.... this is frustrating. I WANT ACCESS TO MY ONE BED LUX APT!!!!! BS
  14. With the amount of misinformation in your post, me responding is a courtesy. fyi gonna ignore any future comments from u UhnotheGamer. but just to make a point, I never asked them go give me "Everything" when town square released. Anyway, good of ya to jump in and try to defend and deflect for the company there, man.