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  1. The newsletter

    I agree
  2. IdentityRPG is a disaster

    The devs are not being transparent, and also the progress is indeed slow. We know the game wont be like in GTA, but how in the heck does it take 5 years just to make a town square module?
  3. hypothetically you could lawsuit them
  4. New Information from paratus

    We're still at it, but development is much slower than we'd like it to be for financial reasons. The income we're receiving currently simply isn't enough to employ many working hours. The developers all have families, so they can't work for free (understandable for any developer with experience). While we're moving along slowly, there will be an update very soon with systems that were needed for combat/SWAT, mainly player movement mechanics and animation. What we have in Town Square now was just too clunky for good combat. Because the pace is so slow right now, we're looking into other development sources, too. I plan on putting out a lot of information with the coming update, but if you guys have questions.. fire away. I've been ridiculously busy, but I'm going to make it a point to poke my head in here more often. Source: Discord
  5. Identity was a Cashgrab

    Thats one of the most bullshit excuses i ever heard
  6. Identity was a Cashgrab

    How are people still defending the devs? literally not responding to their playbase makes them a SHIT devs, oh and not to mention the game hasn't changed in over 2 years! this is a lost cause.
  7. Identity was a Cashgrab

    I disagree
  8. Identity was a Cashgrab

    Ok I am not against mods or anything, but why do I get keep banned every god dam time I raise a concern about the devs? Developers not responding for over 4+months is not normal
  9. Identity was a Cashgrab

    It make sense, they promise lots of thing at the start (november 2016), they were actively responding to the forums and discord. Year passes, they literally dont respond at all (given they raised over $1m dollars), the moderators are supposely backing the developers (which I have no idea if the moderators can even get into contact with the devs) Any concerns raised in the discord gets you banned, as well as the developers are constantly online in the discord but they never talk. Very similar thing happend to RAW, except that kickstarter flagged them as fraud
  10. What's happening?

    That would be fraud though, Im not calling the company a fraud, but it seems like it is. Additionally, they raised over $1m Dollars which can get them in trouble if they actually did mis lead the public
  11. Wasted 3 years

    The concept was great, but the devs were too incompetent. i don’t recommend buying the two square module because there’s 0 thing to do
  12. Just refund everyone

    God I just realized this thread is more than a month old, and no update by then. Time passes by so fast, but I dont think the progress does.
  13. No update for 2 month??

    Why do you guys keep making excuses for the devs? it's blatant that they had more than enough time and more than enough funding
  14. No update for 2 month??

    I feel like we just got scammed
  15. No update for 2 month??

    Buddy its 2019 and nothing changed from the 2016 town square aside from little tweaks.