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  1. Vehicle salesman

    Yes it is basically all illegal but it will be done as a facade so no one would know that it is illegal and would think that it is 100% legitimate
  2. Vehicle salesman

    When I enter the world of Identity, i am looking to open up a Luxury Vehicles dealership that sells vehicles that have been acquired "legally". The dealership itself would be a legitimate looking business with a showroom and an appeal for people to walk in and purchase vehicles, however out the back it will be run by a gang of smugglers and thieves who are using the business as a front for their more illegal dealings. Do you guys think this is a good idea and also do you have any suggestions or improvements?
  3. Luxury Vehicles

    I am aiming to set up a 'legitimate' business that will prioritize the sales of luxury vehicles to high end customers, If anyone has any suggestions of additions to the company or wants to help make my dream a reality let me know