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  1. POKER

    this game should have a little or big taste of gambling to make money, such as poker, like a casino as such.
  2. Driving Realism?

    i really wish they made there turbo system the same as the sultanRS on IV. still today i think thats the best out of all games, sounds better than forza haha, so on point. love GTAIV
  3. Driving Realism?

    yeah i have done it on gta5 before but i felt the car was still going a little fast and was frustrating as it was really herd to do, well i diddnt spend to much time on it because it never really worked, but im sure you could get pro at it, but even then it high wasnt in a enough gear to enjoy fully, i felt like it was a lil bit of a wast of time, so i just let the gear hold do its thing
  4. Dont make the map bigger

    i think it should have like civilization areas such as if you have made quite a bit of money and have a bit to spend, you would find these kind of people in areas where that are more expensive, ( citys ) , and where cheaper houses are, ( Ghetto as such ) you will have the bottom end people such as your self if you are low end, or high end so areas that are expensive where you can be cool in because your rich , and find more soulful players that ant quite up there yet in the cheaper places, lower class, ill be middle class with a fat ass ride evading police just for the fun ,
  5. Fist Fighting/Knockout Mechanics

    i like this, just how i likeed gta 4 knock outs, if you punched somone untill they droped, they were down and not dead, same as shooting, ( non head shot ), in gta 5 when you drop someone from punching they are dead, real disipoinment, so much down falls i can go about when it come to gta 4 /. 5 comparrision, but this is not gta, i just love the idea, i know this game features a bleeding out, fitst fighting knock out could be cool, be knocked out for a few seconds... get up ...acept your defeat
  6. Driving Realism?

    i am aware of that
  7. Good car style

    i believe it is a suggestion. sorry for the inconvenience
  8. these are needed. Nissan C33 Laurel


    1. YoungOne


      no game has these models, these are very much wanted cars at a fairly high demand. they can get to 10,000 new Zealand dollars, and basically the same amount in japan, where they come from. they deserve to be in a game. name it Lorry xD

    2. YoungOne


      no game as a 4 door skyline. highly recommend, will attract a lot of critters :)


    3. YoungOne
  9. i cant wait till they start going crazy on there cars, i have so many requests haha. not one game has developed a r32 skyline 4 door SEDAN, always the gtr version:/ let this game be the first, and the first to have a C33 laurel!!, ( Middle car on my cover pic ) , for yous that dont know, its a rwd car that has the same heart as the skyline ( Engine ) that waggon would also be wickard to customize in the game. im not really all for exotic plastic looking cars, have some classics in there and be different, these are very famous cars. and will attract a lot of attention to gamers!!

  10. POKER

    And you could make money, buy some chips and hope to leave with more!
  11. POKER

    Red dead redemption featured an amazing structure of poker. it really is amazing when you think about it, seams this game is online it would prob be easier to make consider they wont have to programme any bluff attitudes and so on to computed people. This would be very very good to have in this game, everyone loves poker
  12. Driving Realism?

    I think identity should go all and and do what no one as has, in real life you run the risk in speeding, this game should be the same, you want to speed? get good at it because if you crash, you car is toast, this is how I think it should be like, and as I've heard it is going to be like this, we just have to hope that it looks good
  13. Driving Realism?

    I think GTA 4 has the best throttle response etc , I doubt many you know but on gta 4 you can change gears almost when you want by releasing the trigger, and pressing it in at the right times,, I know how to change up a gear an down in gta 4, I love it, and the best thing is, when the car changes gear it changes like a Manuel, but you uses the trigger like your driving a automatic car, its amazing I am currently playing gta4 atm. the best way to try this technique is in the sultan RS but can be done in any car. This was changed in GTA5 because they wanted it to feel like a racing game.witch I think is really stupid, you cant cruise in gta5, you try cruise around but it holds 3rd gear n shit, gta5 you can cruise in like 5th going normal speed. I think gta 4 driving is best , the cars just have to much body rolls that's all, but that's part of it being real you have to slow down otherwise you will fuck your self up. its simple learn how to drive in the game. and again I believe the body roll was a too over rated. the damage in gta4 is better than gta5 as well, who likes all there windows smashing from tapping a wall, or driving through a wooden fence? and having to crash you car 10 times in the front to make it look fucked in gta 5, also fighting and hitting into people is better in gta4, I think this was because gta had to be simmer down the realism in the violence
  14. Traffic Police / Road Rules

    iv'e always wanted a online game where you can spend time in your house for it interactions within the house. I hope meals become a big ish thing. making a meal, hit the shower then off to bed? haha