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Found 48 results

  1. Can we make a in game website

    i was wondering if we have a business like if we own a electronics store are we able to make a in game website to sell our products online and ship em out to people?
  2. Curriculum

    You could add a resume to the jobs, so people should do something that is in the company's requirements to get to work.
  3. Identity Air™

    *Before we start this is in development and if anything is spelled wrong please note that to us Welcome to Identity Air, About us Identity air works as best as we can for your maximum comfort, fast delivery or regional travel. We ensure overnight shipment and first class seats as cheap as business! Comfort At the lounge we can confirm maximum comfort, theres always fresh food and snacks!With large space of quiet modern interior we can ensure you that you wil have a pleasurestaying with us. For business men/woman you will always bedone with yourwork in time. We will always try to push comfort to a new level!Every Furniture will be modern and comfortable!if there would be any need of help theres always nice and positiv personal around to help you. Inside the airplane we can ensure you that you will not noitce that you are flying! The seats are all made for maximum comfort and with a fine dining menu you as a passenger will love it! As a business man/woman you will be ensured to be done with every work! With a large picnic table you will have space for computer and paperwork, not only that but free WiFi and a large menu of bistro coffe! All to maximise effectivity! We hope that you will enjoy your stay under the flight and the trip! Handmaid All the details matter to us, everything we can do for your experience is our pleasure! Everything is tailored for your outmost experience! To the textile in the seat to the service of the personal we want you to enjoy your stay with us at Identity Air! Logo Application Ceo: MrD Marketing Director: Open Financial Director: Open Vehicle Director: Open Secretary: Open Advertising Director: Open Designer: Open Pilot: Open Cabin Crew: Open Click Here For Application! Will add more afterhand, like vehicles, uniforms and terminals/lounge! Thank You For Reading!
  4. job / professions (voting)

    As a basis for research in the forum, which of these activities / professions could be added? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  5. Alright so since we already know that we will be able to use our own custom logos made within the game's logo creation tool, I was wondering if there was anyone in this community with some sort of photoshop/graphic design experience who would be interested in partnering in game and creating graphic design for logos as well as merchandise within the world of Identity. If there is anyone out there who is interested in such, send me a private message along with your contact info so that I may get in touch with you once the game launches!
  6. Fire Department

    My question is this I am a volunteer FireFighter and If I want to be a FireFighter in this game as a job. Will there be areas that ask a person if they do have experience with this form of job that can make there player have a better chance to get that job then another player?
  7. Trash Removal

    Will there be any possibility where you can start your own trash removal company in the game. It will... Remove Lag if people can eat and drink stuff from plastics where are they going to put there stuff in a trash bag and with no trash removal company the trash bags will pile up causing lag. Add more realism Cleaner cities more jobs Please consider this suggestion and thank you for reading.
  8. WINK CLOTHING - idea

    WHAT IS WINK CLOTHING? Wink is a clothing line that is inspired by many clothing brands and will be for both men and women. Our store is going to sell a more casual, everyday style suited for a young consumers. We will also produce graphic T-Shirts that are unisex. EXAMPLES Some examples of the clothing we will be putting out is: SHIRTS PANTS (photo credit (many more types of clothing will be provided ex. hoodies, shoes, active wear and more) HOW CAN YOU APPLY FOR A JOB? I am currently not accepting job applications at the moment since this is just an idea for now, BUT if you are interested in helping please reply or PM me. If I do decide to launch this idea as a brand, then the advantages for working with us would be: - Discount on all items - Possibly free clothing - Love <3 That's all, please let me know what you think! I don't want to launch a clothing brand/store without feedback first.
  9. Things i like to see in the game! (I just heard about this game and im sure some things here prolly are in the game already or been shot down). Jobs/Careers. 1). Forensic crime investigator, fingerprints, tireprints, foot prints, blood samples etc. 2). Putting adds online for doing miscellaneous things/odd jobs. 3). Owning/or operating a pawnshop. 4). Reporter for a news channel. 5). Ranks within a criminal organization. 6). Graffiti removal van. 7). Parking Enforcement Officer. 8). News anchor. 9). Hostages negotiator. 10). Radio host. Stuff i like to be able to do. 1). Reverse pickpocketing plant stuff on ppl. Lets say you want a certain political member out of the way, simple plant some coke on him, and call the cops. 2). Drop a picture in character creation, so the game takes the most like features from the picture and copy them into the character, so i just have to make some minor adjustments. 3). Smash and grab heist. 4). Throw out spikes from the carwindow in a police chase. 5). Burn my clothes after a busy criminal night, so the detective/forensic team have a harder time catching me. 6). Burgler somthing. 7). Live in a portable tent. 8). Graffiti. 9). Put the tv to a server news channel that shows live car chases in the city, and commercials for diffrent in game products. 10). If someone were to create a song in the game, their should be some kind of toplist, if you reach that list in someway, the song made, should be featured on automatic radio.
  10. Taxi Driver.

    Well this is just a suggestion. A job... Taxi Driving. This is actually a MUST HAVE .. Why? People that have money but not a car can use the taxi that is being driven by a real ONLINE player. He earns money and the custommer pays.
  11. Radio Station

    I feel as if this has probably been talked about before and might have been answered in the reddit Q&A however I am wondering if civilians are able to host their own radio station and if so would we need a studio and how different stations and studio time would work (cant have everyone using a studio so how many studios/stations will there be?). Finally would there be an implimented way to broadcast music on the radio? (Not sure how exisiting music would work but I assume you would be able to broadcast music made by in-game characters). Sorry if this is written badly, it's 5am
  12. **Hitmen**

    Just woundering if there is any info if you can be a hitman like in gmod rp. I think that would be a good mechanic. Kyle
  13. Jobs preferite

    Do you have another favorite job? Write it down below
  14. Horizon Fleet™

    Horizon Fleet™ is a fishing fleet that will make its way into the waters of Identity on release. The concept of HF is too bring forth a fishing boat fleet similar to the real life show "Deadliest Catch" (but with fish and not crabs, unless crabs can are catchable). The fleet will comprise of 5 Boats each with a Skipper (captain). The current slots are (by applications, PM me): Note: 3-4 crew per boat. - Captains pilot and direct the crew of the boat. They answer to the Company Director. - Baiter's handle the bait on the boat. - Operators handle the equipment such as nets and pots, as well as set and catch them. - Mechanics handle all the repairs on the boat. DIRECTOR & CEO: Vega, Dale (me) S.S. LEGACY - Skipper: VACANT - Baiter: VACANT - Operator: VACANT - Mechanic: VACANT S.S. TREASURE - Skipper: VACANT - Baiter: VACANT - Operator: VACANT - Mechanic: VACANT S.S. WESTERNA - Skipper: VACANT - Baiter: VACANT - Operator: VACANT - Mechanic: VACANT S.S. LIBERTY - Skipper: VACANT - Baiter: VACANT - Operator: VACANT - Mechanic: VACANT S.S. AURORA - Skipper: VACANT - Baiter: VACANT - Operator: VACANT - Mechanic: VACANT
  15. Shiver me timbers!

    Hi folks! I was just wondering if we would be seeing common jobs like miners, lumberjacks, carpenters, masons or anything in between that? Because a dream scenario for me would be to either have to supply people with goods or just be able to harvest ressources, load them on the truck and sell them in the local township for a nice little profit.
  16. Architecture

    Dear, I saw some ideas about architecture but it wouldn't be a thing because some houses would be really ugly. So my idea was that you first of all have to apply to the city counsil or server managers. On top of that, once you created your design, you have to send it to a certain organisation (maybe the city counsil) and they decide if it can be build. The building of it would also create more jobs and variety in the jobs. It may be a little bit harder to create and to program, but the houses and interiors would vary much more. The very rich people can then also say how they want their house and this could be a job for an architectural firm. Also the city counsil may give some jobs like designing new appartements. This would make the game even more realistic and in depth, tell me what you think about this... Greets Daniel Almeida
  17. The Bank

    So let's talk about banks. I know there will be a bank in the game, but bankers in real life make great deals of money. Would there be a banker job in the game? Someone who decides whether you can get a loan, as well as other things. Also bank security?
  18. Marihuana Smoke Shop Job

    Hello community! since weed is going to be able in the game, why not making a job, a legal one to get some cash in by selling not weed but grinders, pipes, bongs, blunts.. Even t-shirts or clothing accesories. selling some articles that can add more immersion to the game on those aspects. I tought that a shop alternative could be also a tobacco cigar shop, but if you can add new ideas, post them in the fórum! hope the admins like the idea.

    MODREN AN IDENTITY CLOTHING LINE _________________________________ *THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED CONSTANTLY. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION.* MODREN is a clothing line that will open as soon as Identity releases. We plan to be an aggressive yet smart clothing store. Our style is packed with inspiration from all over the world. Our designs span from abstract art to simple and soothing vibes. Our business has one location near the water where you can shop the finest clothing and walk less than 100 feet and be at the edge of the ocean. To accomplish the things we are planning we are going to need your help! Applications will be announced soon. Make sure to mark this post because you'll want to be apart of this team and the next generation of clothing. (The exact location is to be announced.)
  20. Poll about police roles

    Hello all fellow officers! I know K-9s have a high chance of not happening till after game if funding occurs so please shut your fucking mouth (Not trying to be harsh but I know a decent amount of you are going to say things..)
  21. Exactly what the title says. What is your goal in Identity? My goal is to start off as a mugger/drug dealer and slowly build my money up until I can find a place to live, and then get a job in the transportation industry. After I make some good money I'll eventually quit the job, get some nice clothes, a decent house, a decent vehicle, etc. After that, I'll either join a Mafia, MC, or a Street Gang. From that point on I'll just try to work my way up to being a somewhat significantly high rank in the organization I'm in. I'll grind my money up and buy the things I've wanted and try to have as much fun as possible no matter how boring the circumstance is.
  22. Marine

    Hey guys I finally had money to help you gus on the way i have heard something about that the map will have a few island, and then i thought if their is a chance to be able to make a carier as a captain on a passenger ferry and ship these people around to the islands and in your trailer there is a short shot of a yacht, can you show us more of the boat and whater side of the game looking forward to be able to get into the beta best regards' Ólavur
  23. Oil Rigs?

    we saw a boat in the gameplay trailer for identity what i want to know is if you can construct or purchase oil rigs out to sea or inland oil deposits to mine to gain money. another thought would be, if we could, what would the oil be used for?
  24. Money Question

    Question. I see that you have to pay for beta access and for homes or a car. When the game DOES release, do you have to actually pay for the game. Last question is, can you just get a job in the game and earn money to buy a house and car instead of having to pay with real life money?
  25. Money Question

    Question. I see that you have to pay for beta access and for homes or a car. When the game DOES release, do you have to actually pay for the game. Last question is, can you just get a job in the game and earn money to buy a house and car instead of having to pay with real life money?