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  1. Hello Identity!

    Hello All! My name is Marko, 22 years old, I am very happy to be here as a new citizen, I do not play games as I use to but when I saw Identity, finally I have a game worthy of waiting, and now I am here, I hope I will see you all soon in the game. That would be all for now Hello Identity once again!
  2. Identity City - Game

    Pretty much inspired by The Identity Skyscraper Your task is to build a city, like you build the tower in the Skyscraper thread. Basically, each reply constructs a structure of your choice (Park, building, arena, statue, etc) There is no limit to what you can build - be as creative as you wish, however some rules apply; 1. No destroying anyone else's structures 2. The city cannot be destroyed 3. One structure per post 4. No consecutive posts, unless the thread is dead or dying (ie you mustn't post twice in a row) 5. No god damn nukes 6. Stay within the rules of the forum   Structure 1: A town hall for the city
  3. Create Your Identity

    So I remember this sort of post on the old forums but I haven't seen it on the new version (but correct me if i'm wrong). Also I wasn't sure if this should be in the Pub or in the town square (feel free to move it if necessary) but it's in town square for now. Feel free to insert images and photos depicting details Here are the details you can fill out for your RP character Name: Age: From (City, Country): Appearance (Body, Face): Attire: Job: Detail of House: Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Personality: Background:  
  4. Hello everyone My real name is Brian I'm from Germany and I'm 18years old. I've seen Identity on YouTube and immediately fell in love with the game.  This game is so awesome. I have great plans which I will do in Identity. You too? Thats it. Have a nice day!
  5. Hello! I am Supreme Leader, and I am running for Governor through the National Identity Front. Who am I? Allow me to introduce myself in a bit more detail. My name is Supreme Leader, and I'm a Korean American male from Seattle, Washington. I have the innate ability to organize, and lead a group of people, as well as the ability to take criticism well. I am very open-minded, and I enjoy debating with others in order to sharpen my argumentative skills, and to ultimately be a well-rounded and rational person.  My idea of the ideal government is one that for the most part, keeps out of the lives of it's people. The role of the government is not to be an invisible gun against the head to the civilians, but rather to help the collective population express their needs through their elected officials. This means that generally for social issues, I find that it's best for the people to decide their own fate, rather than some highly ranked official who has somehow convinced himself of his moral superiority to have the ability to make decisions for the collective majority. Here, I will state my general beliefs for a variety of different heated topics of political discussion. Feel free to question, and challenge me to debate on whatever topic of your choice. As does my party, the NIF, I promote intellectual conversation, and I find that it is one of the most healthy things that you can do for your brain. I'm completely against the idea of exclusion of thought and the idea of thought-policing, as I feel that if you truly are correct in your thinking, then you should have absolutely no problem in making the other person look like a complete idiot in an intellectual discussion. If not, you probably should sit down and consider thinking deeper into your political views. And even in the event that you cannot get to a common ground, being able to disagree while remaining united is the foundation of any great civilization built on intellectual expansion and development. Anyways, let's begin. Topics: Freedom of Speech - This is a topic not being discussed by the other candidates, but I feel that is necessary to address. The right to freedom of speech, historically, has always been created to help support unpopular speech. Popular speech has no need for such laws of protection, because popular speech protects itself. It is important that we hear out every possible political ideology out there, and then weed out those that are weak through proper, intellectual discussion. The concept goes something like this: If you truly believe that you are correct in comparison to another person, then what is the worry in taking to them in a debate? Challenging your views and beliefs with others does nothing more than help sharpen your ability to logical reason, but on top of that it helps weed out inferior or outdated beliefs within our society. Marijuana - I find it to be absolutely useless to waste our time and money on trying to fight against the use of recreational marijuana. However, I still strongly believe that there should be strict regulations on ALL different kinds of drugs. For example, I find that there should be a vote among the people in which we decide the legal age to purchase, and posses certain amounts of marijuana. I believe that in social topics such as these, that it should be in the hands of the people to decide their fate. Gun Control - I am a strong believer in the right to bear arms, for multiple different reasons. Firstly, I find that there is a always a threat of potential government tyranny. The people should be able to fight back against an authoritarian government, if it gets to that extreme. Secondly, the threat of being a victim of crime is always a constant threat as well. The people should be able to defend themselves against those wicked-minded, and also when criminals begin to acknowledge that more and more people are deciding to carry weapons, the crime rate will naturally decrease.  However, with more loose policy on gun control, there must be more strict punishments if someone were to be caught misusing their firearms. Longer jail time, and other penalties need to be enforced to discourage this behavior. Minimum Wage - As a person who advocates for free-market, I do not feel there needs to be a need for government regulation on minimum wage. It's more than a myth that government or businesses controls prices, or wages. The market does. The government should not be saturating the market with enforcing fictitious prices and wages out of nowhere, because the market will naturally balance these wages and prices out through supply, demand, and the economic prosperity of the consumer base. The Law - With giving more freedoms to the people, there needs to be harsh punishments to deter these people from turning to a life of crime. This means longer prison sentences, and harsher penalties for committing crimes. Obviously, the punishments will vary dependent on the type of crime. However, with giving the people the privilege of certain liberties, we must give incentive them to maintain a positive lifestyle through having them acknowledge the dire consequences for going against the law of the land. The Government - I find that the role of the government is to accurately represent the people, and to give the people a voice in which they can express their views. Through this, I will help support intellectual discussion within our population, and enforce the law of freedom of speech. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Taxes - This one will be an odd-ball because we don't necessarily know how the economy will function as of now, and we can only make speculate at this point. However, these are my proposed tax plans (due to change, but the general principles will still be the same).   Income Tax: Up to $9,000 ------- 3% tax $9000-$30,000 ------- 5% tax $30,000-$80,000 ------- 15% tax $80,000-$100,000 ------- 20% tax $100,000-$200,000 ------- 25% tax $200,000+ ------- 28% tax   This proposed tax plan is to ensure power in the middle class, and to support consumerism in the market for not only people of business interests to thrive, but also our consumer population.    I will also allow people to write-off donations and charity in their taxes, however to stop tax avoidance, only 70% of the total donations and charity will be able to be written off. This way a person of $200,000 income can't just "donate" $200,000 to a friend's organization, just for his friend to give it back to him, with the initial guy having zero tax liability. However, having the ability to write off donations and charity will still help give incentive people to give back to their communities, while still not taking a huge hit in their net incomes.   Business Tax: I propose a low 2% corporate income tax, for a few reasons.   1) Increase in the job market With more businesses having to worry less about how much the government is going to take out of their profits, we should be helping them, as businesses will be an integral part of our economy. With the decrease in focus of taxes, businesses will be able to hire more, pay more, offer better benefits, etc. Now, you may ask: "What if the businesses just pocket the extra cash?" Something to understand is that with everything having to do with a business and a customer, there is always competition. With businesses looking for the best, most motivated, and most efficient workers, they have to offer something with employment that other businesses cannot. This is why we see such an increase of the better workers in the lower class moving to businesses like Amazon IRL, because they offer something to their employees that other businesses just can't compete with.  To summarize a bit more, businesses will HAVE to employ more with BETTER benefits in order to even compete in the job market. This is why I don't propose a base minimum wage, because the market will determine this on its own accord, and pushing government regulation on this will do nothing more than harm to our free and open markets.   2) Better benefits for employees Same reasons as above ^^ Competition, competition, and more competition in the job market among employers to attract the best workers they possibly can. 3) If we drastically lower the corporate income tax, we could eliminate the special treatment for dividends and capital gains. The reason we currently have the special rates is to offset the "double taxation" of corporate profits.  You can quibble with the term, but the fact remains that a 35% corporate income tax combined with, say, a 43% marginal income tax rate (once we add in the special Medicare surcharges), would be a hell of a disincentive for the very wealthy to invest; you're talking about lowering the projected return on an investment by almost 3/4. There's little question that this would be bad--there's a reason that not even Sweden attempts to levy those sorts of taxes on capital.  ---------------------------------------------------------------- I am aware that there are a multitude of topics that I may have missed, but feel free to ask me through a reply! I'd be more than happy to answer or challenge any of you to a debate. Supreme Leader for Governor! President of the National Identity Front (NIF)
  6. NATIONAL IDENTITY FRONT (NIF) There is nothing more important than the political independence for a civilized group of people.  As the people, we must embrace and share a communal identity with our nation to ensure that the political measures taken are for the furthering of full sovereignty, self-governance, and for the interest of the people. Through contextualizing history, we can understand that groups of people work best together when they share a common goal and idea. This is the ultimate goal of the National Identity Front. For those who are unaware, allow me to explain the meaning of Nationalism. Nationalism is the patriotic principle which sticks people together of different ethnic, tribal, linguistic, religious and cultural groupings into a single defined population, linked to a specific geographic territory. Our proposed system works through near-total democracy, with the voices of the people being heard over the non-elected bureaucrats who run our land. However, in order to reach such a democracy which is fair and equal for all, we must enforce an ethnostate to first achieve the aforementioned common goal, idea, and national identity. We are all for political discourse, and in fact, we promote it. We believe that no matter how much you may disagree with any form of speech, that if you are truly the "correct" one, then you should be able to out-argue them in an intellectual discussion.  With the National Identity Front, our member base generally leans to fiscal conservatism, minimalism in government, market freedom, and, for the most part, social conservatism. However, our biggest focus is bringing the voice back to the people who built the lands in which we stand. It is the people's choice in which direction we take our land, with obviously the help of advice of council. How the Party is structured: President - Supreme Leader Vice Presidents - Djdobish, OnePumpWonder (There will be 2 of these) General Secretaries - iAreJayar (There will be 3 of these) Council Member - TBD (There will be 8 of these) NIF Members - Anyone who wants to help out and support the movement.   We are looking for people who are like-minded, and want to help promote this party.  If you want to join our party, PM me! Visit our website here: This is a movement, and we need YOUR help to make IdentityRPG a truly great experience. UPDATE:  The NIF President, Supreme Leader, is running for office. Show your support!    
  7. Hello Citizens of Identity! I'm new at the Identity Community and i've registered myself today. I have send some Money to Support the Devs and get Access to the game soon as possible  First I would like to apologize for my bad english because it's not my native language. But i'm sure you know what i mean. I'm from Stuttgart, Germany and 33 years old. The last years i've played a Little bit Planetside 2, ARMA 3, Ashed of the Singularity, Ark, and some others. My Favorit genre is Real Time Strategy but i love open and realistic worlds where i can do what i want. Identity seems to become the perfect game for that. What i've seen at the YouTube Videos is soo great and i can imagine so much more with that Game. I'm very excited to see more from the game and want to Support you as good as possible Cheers, Steven.
  8. TryHardCREW- Identity Gang

    Identity gang, we own the streets, the police work for us, we don't own cars or motorcycles, just our pesky bmx bikes roaming the streets, - the governor is going to have to do more to take us out.
  9. Does anyone know when the module is going to get released? I just bought it and I have barely kept up so I am trying to figure it out. Is it gonna be around this month? 
  10. Where?!?!? Okay, i know the game isn't released yet but i hawve one question. How will we download the beta version? will it be able to download through the browser or will it be available to download through steam?  I know the Asylum team are on Steam greenlight and trying to get the game onto steam.  It would just be interesting to know where we would be able to download it from. Thanks for all the answers (if i get any)
  11. Movement

    So I am not saying that there needs to be a crazy movement system like dying light or mirrors edge, but it would be nice to have a nice running and climbing system.  
  12. Welcome to Identity's Forum Page Congratulations for already making it this far. Finding a forum page can be difficult for the new player. You may be wondering what exactly you do on a forum page, or you know what a forum page is, but unsure how to navigate the complex layers of topics. In order to be able to comment or create your own topic on Identity's Forum pages, follow these simple steps. 1) Create a Identity Forum account. Top right corner of your screen. It should only take several minutes. 2) Once created you can customize your profile. Create a signature, background, and profile picture. -As long as it's appropriate.  3) Once customized you may now comment, and post your own topics, as well as messaging players. -Please be polite with this new power. 4) You can also read other people's topic. If you want to read about gangs and vigilante groups, click browse, then forums, and scroll down to the careers section of the page and click, "The Hideout" Then you may read whichever topic interests you! All topics are created by real people, with questions and answers. Go crazy!
  13. BAR OWNER!!

    I wanna own a pub and drink some beers with both the Cops and the Crime Lords!!  Maybe have your crime meetings in the back room and invite people for a beer and assassinate them... it would be pretty bad ass to have everyone stop by. 
  14. Combat Video??

    Since the module was delayed we were told we would see a combat video soon. But the combat video was never released. Will it come out soon? Also do we have any expected date for the module.
  15. Identity receipt

    First of all sorry that my english isn't to great. Hi. I recently bought "Identity" but i was wondering if i would get some kind of receipt? I have gotten one from paypal, that my order was succesfull, and i payed. But am i gonna get some kind of mail from you guys? -Jacob A
  16. Demo

    Was on saturday an demo of the game where some could already play identity?
  17. NVM

    Nvm put it in the wrong place.
  18. Hey everyone!! So i was introduced to this game by a friend and watched a bunch of videos and it looks so awesome!! I'm beyond excited to start playing it and just signed up, as well as put my pledge in for $100.00!!!! Also stopping by to introduce myself. The names Colby, Colbz for short. I live in CT, 23 years old. I love to longboard, hangout with friends, and game on the PC! I'm looking forward to playing Identity and meeting all of you!! Thanks
  19. I run the YouTube channel Dragonfly Todd, and I make quite a few Identity videos, I was wondering if anyone from here would join my livestream on FRIDAY THE 17th  AT 11 a.m. CENTRAL TIME if you subscribe now and turn on post notifications you will get the livestream notification, and who knows you might even think I am sexy. So the purpose of the livestream will be for Identity addicts, old and new, to talk about their: gangs, organizations, and whatever else they are going to be doing roleplaying as. It will also serve as a Q&A type video for you guys who dont know much about the game. I know this sounds like advertisement, but I figure I should post it here to let the community know! (thats my youtube)
  20. So @TheDynasty has just posted a video and he showed a demo of clothing stores in Identity. I think it looks pretty cool you guys can check out his video here: Not sure if it's real or not but if it's real it looks pretty good and if it's fake, well it looks pretty good. Either way I think you guys should give it a look. 
  21. Competition For Identity

    Identity getting competition in this market . Dont care about Everywhere. But GTA VI will be competing in 2018 with Identity. Rockstar have a big team working on this game. Wish you good luck to Identity Team. BLOW UP in the Competition.  What you all think about GTA VI ? News Credit. 
  22. Consoles?

    Just a quick question, will this game only be on pc or will it also be on consoles?
  23. Query about Game linked account.

    Hello Guys. I want to ask that which account will be linked with game.  Paypal account from which we donated. Identity Home Page account  identity forum account. Problem is that i am not able to donate 30$ by my paypal account so i am searching someone who donate for me and i pay him/her with steam wallet cash.I am from India and here RBI guidelines dont let me do international transactions easily. If i ask someone to donate which account it will get linked? Very difficult to get trusted people. Already got scammed alot. 
  24. The Identity Party

    This is the Platform for the Identity party This is the income tax rate board.     $0- $30,00 = 1%tax rate     $30,000- 40,000 =2% tax rate     $40,000- $50,000 =3%tax rate     $50,000- $70,000=4% tax rate     $70,000- $100,000=5% tax rate     $100,000- $200,000=6% tax rate     $200,000- $300,000=7% tax rate     $300,000- $500,000=8% tax rate     $500,000- $100,000,000=9% tax rate     $1,000,000 < =10% tax rate     Businesses rate= 2%      Weapon policies: I think that there should be no machine guns or military or S.W.A.T grade weapons out on the street. I think that to make this state safer that there shouldn't be assault rifles out on the streets. I think that there should be three categories of weapons out on the street. The first category will be under hunting. This category will have hunting rifles, pistols, and shotguns, scopes will be allowed but no silencers. The second category will be self defense which will include pistols and shotguns, you will be allowed to shoot before you call the police if someone is trying to kill you. Last category will be pleasure guns. These guns you will only be able to shoot at shooting ranges, and you must be trained to shoot them. Extensive background checks will be preformed to buy any of these weapons. You will also have a licence to shoot any of these weapons. That means no criminal record. Butterfly knives and switch blades will be illegal. The only ammo that will be allowed will be general ammo.  Crimes: In a Thomas Hetch island(if there ever is one) there will be lower crime rates because I will encourage the officers, politicians, and other high ranked people to interact not only with their friends but the community so they know that we care about them.  Drug Policies:    Weed, tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs will be the only legal drugs.  Jobs and min wage:  I think that the minimum wage should be $15 an hour. Don't fire people if they make one little mistake business owners. Minimum layoffs would be great. Oil drilling:      I support oil drilling as long as it is done in the correct matter. We can't have marine life dying.  Voting:    I don't have any stance on people with criminal records voting. That means I don't care. I care about what the people say and that is what will be done. I think that though that everyone should be able to vote. Death Penalty:    I think for really bad crimes people should get the death penalty. bad crime include murder and terrorism only  Healthcare: I think together we can make a affordable healthcare system that will benefit everyone upper, middle, and lower class all together. I will help doctors make a decent pay check. There will be three classes of care. Basic, Premium, and Business. All include doctor checkups for when you are sick and annually on birthdays.   Basic: Up to $1.5 million in medical coverage. Medicine bills coverage up to $250,000. Lower class rate: $100/mo Mid class rate: $200/mo Upper class rate: $300/mo Premium: Up to $2.5 million in medical coverage. Medicine bills coverage up to $500,000. Lower class rate: $200/mo Mid class rate: $400/mo Upper class rate: $500/mo Business: Up to $2 million in medical coverage. Medicine bills coverage up to $300,000. Business rate: $250/mo employee for lower class $350/mo employee for mid class and $450/mo for upper class employee Corruption: This issue will be dealt  with by making any law enforcement or office get punished when they do something wrong which can range from suspension all the way to jail time. There should be more government transparency to stop corruption and to prove that the government is not corrupt. Then we will set a budget guideline so the budget handlers wont just spent the money the government gives them on what ever the hell they want. Then we just need to keep a close eye on people who are suspected for corruption.   Welfare:     I will only give welfare for people who really need it. This will be a work for welfare system. If you need more money then the government will pay the person who needs welfare with income so they will get to a state where they wont need to use welfare anymore   AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR THOMAS HETCH FOR GOVORNOR!!!