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  1. Pizza Delivery?

    I know It sounds really basic, but I want to strive to be the best Pizza Boy in Identity!
  2. Create Your Identity

    So I remember this sort of post on the old forums but I haven't seen it on the new version (but correct me if i'm wrong). Also I wasn't sure if this should be in the Pub or in the town square (feel free to move it if necessary) but it's in town square for now. Feel free to insert images and photos depicting details Here are the details you can fill out for your RP character <b>Name:</b> <b>Age:</b> <b>From (City, Country):</b> <b>Appearance (Body, Face):</b> <b>Attire:</b> <b>Job:</b> <b>Detail of House:</b> <b>Detail of Car/ Vehicle:</b> <b>Personality:</b> <b>Background:</b>  
  3. Ok so when the modules come out will we only have a limited time to play them? For example: two weeks? Or will we be able to play them until like the beta? Also during the module will we be able to join up in servers with our friends?
  4. Just ideas

    Hey guys! I made this account like yesterday and these are the ideas I came up with: - First of all, doing bad stuff must be hard. We all know that almost everyone is going to just kill people when they made their character like a minute ago. Your character must be weak without all those training and more police on your butt if they can't catch you in like 5 minutes and not just give up if they lost you. - Going to the gym to be stronger and look fit etc. You can collect gym XP and can unlock like a new form of tricep or something. Each body part should have their own XP bar. Ofcourse your XP should go down after like a month, meaning your slowly going back to your older body. This also should affect how strong you are. - Trusty gamers should get chosen by the creators to report who is cheating. People caught cheating should get banned forever or start from zero. That will piss them fucking off and let them be scared so they can't do that anymore. - Not showing username. I feel like this a stupid idea but also good because it's going to force the gamers to find out who they are and so on. - An App that you can check on your real phone to see who is online in the game. Also all kinds of other stuff in the app similar to Instagram. The app's name should be 'Identified'   - Graffiti in the game should be awesome. Under your art must show your username so it can prevent stupid things. It can also be voted to stay or to be removed. - Importing your own 3D model or making models in the game could help the game big time. You can also see wonderful stuff in the art world of the game. Also making your own animations too (like for dancers in the strip club , dance events, creating your own walking style). - Fighting system: You should be weak and don't know much moves besides a basic weak punch. Just like how I find the gyms should be, the same should be with boxing clubs. I really like the UFC game system. Your stamina should go down when you perform a technique so you have to fight carefully. You have to be in a fighting state to fight like a boxer,... - Scrap things like hair growing, having a baby and so on. Little things that don't make sense to me. But I think a character should get hungry and thirsty. So they can perform better. - Realistic money like in the real world. A push to work harder for gamers. - Omg please not a gun shop on every street corner. It should be far away in a hidden place. Carrying a weapon should be visible but you can hide lttle weapons. - Parcour training! - Death: Accidental deaths should let characters wake up in a hospital (if a player shoots you too and you didn't want to fight). By crime, in prison .Back zero when you die is extreme. - Driving: Everyone should behave when they ride. Random speed limiters? on streets. Police should punish you when they see you driving fast or parked wrong. Gas should be optional. - Making your own hairstyles!. You can make different sections of your hair longer, braided, stiff, curly and play with hairpins.  
  5. Just wondering if there will be tasers in the game and if cops will need search warrants to search an RV for example or hideouts.
  6. Character Concept

    Hey! I would like to start a topic about how your character will look, be in the game. Post pictues, videos that you're inspired by!   KIDDO RAMPAGE I always had Kiddo in my mind since I can remember. I believe she was hugely inspired by my mother and other women I knew in my life. People that were fucked over so many times but still managed to be unscathed at the end of the day. I'm a huge fan of Kill Bill. The name came from the intro of the second movie. Rampage is not her real last name. Just thought it fitted Kiddo.   Appearance: Here is an artwork I did how she kind of will look in the game. Hair: A messy, open,  high ponytail. Showing her mental state. I also think it's stylish. Clothing: A faux fur coat that she gracefully carries around. Leather long boots which has support from the hanger that's attached to her belt, and top of it just a T-shirt. I wanted to keep it 'classy', but also ready for action. I like the match between red/bordeaux and beige (not really a meaning behind it). Expression: A mean insane look. Like she directly looks in your soul and know your weakest point. Pisces sun and Scorpio moon. Occupation: - She's one of the top fashion designers in town. Runs a boutique. - Underground strip club where meetings of deadliest people happen and dark things takes place. - In the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad Mood video's and music: A Few Words From The Bride The Devil Does Drugs I Sing The Body Electric by Walt Whitman Glory by Reapers Death List 5   Hope this post inspire you! Show me your character!  
  7. Alright, the title shows my question. What will happen when you die in Identity? Will your character simply respawn? Would he appear in a hospital, and have doctors fix his insides? That would be awesome. But, I believe characters can't die of old-age, so if they got shot, they would have to get it removed by ACTUAL doctors? Would the doctors be ingame characters, or just NPC's? This is an interesting topic actually... Will I have to start fresh when I die? Have a new name, a new IDENTITY? Could the doctors stuff-up the operation, and you slowly die? Can you get sick? Can you get CANCER? Is Ebola a thing? So many questions, such little time to ask, the game's getting released soon, it's 2017, January
  8. Custom clubs

    In my Roleplaying experiences I like to mix it up. But I really like to be the mastermind of everything, and I'd like to have connections in every high points of satus, but that doesn't mean it gives me immortality, it just gives me leverage and a chance to get away with crime.  I'd like to have Chiefs, lawyers, cops, judges, the rich people, the banker, the detective, and many more because in real life there are corrupt people and it gives the good ones to remember the ememies are on both sides of the fence. I'd like to have my connections with everyone for everyone in the club to experience but I also want it to be a secret club so maybe I peice of ID, tattoo, or custom markings/designs. A data base for all club owners to access (that can be hacked to make it interesting) I can go into it more but this is a brief of how many awesome ideas I like in RPG MMOS! Peace! And thanks for making a deadly game. 
  9. I would really like this amazing game to come out on console if it's not already because from what I heard it's only coming out on PC and I don't have a PC I can play it on and I would really like to play this game
  10. How will gangs work?

    More or less how will gangs work? Will they be considered careers, or will you just commit crimes and associate yourselves with others who are unofficially part of a gang? In the event that gangs are a more official system, will there be official ranks? Also what will be decidable by the boss, etc. Thanks!
  11. Wars

    Will you be able, as president/mayor, to start a war with some other city or something, which has another mayor? Because I would find it cool to be in the military in the game, and be able to fight for "Stroodum" or something. If this isn't gonna be a feature, that's pretty chilled, but it would make an epic feature.   (sorry for alot of posts, I'm extremely hyped and I need to know what I am gonna do when I play the game)
  12. It would be cool to see some sort of park that you can drive/walk/bicycle to that's out of the city where you can go camping and hiking. There could be some career openings for park rangers. The park rangers r basically the police but for the park and the rural area around the park. Or there could be a sheriffs department instead. Not only is it fun to go camping and hiking and maybe even mountain biking if they add that the park would be a good place to go to and hike off the trail and meet up to do drug dealing or illegal grows of marijuana. The park would a few square miles probably. I hope some sort of state park type thing is added in to the game for the island. Does anyone agree?
  13. Hey guys! My name is TheDynasty and I found out about this game from a friend! I have not played any Role Playing Games for quite some time as there were no good ones until I discovered this game! I am also a YouTuber and I hope to post videos on this game that (hopefully) people will enjoy as well as provide tips for the other players! I am really looking forward to the first module when it releases in 2017 and i can't wait to try all of the game's features!  - TheDynasty
  14. Opinions!

    What are your guys' opinion on this game so far?  I am super excited for this game, i have been waiting for a game like this forever!
  15. let's talk

    what happens when you get shot, crash a car, can you hit someone,being a drag lord    comment your thoughts  
  16. Dear haters of this game,     I understand that a lot of people have many doubts on this game thinking that it will be a 2nd "No Man's Sky" and it's too ambitious of a project, or simply just impossible, then please reconsider and give this game a chance. Yes there are a lot of expectations in this game and yes it has limitations but this game is striving to become a new genre all in itself. After this game comes out, or even before, you might see big corporations trying to copy this as this has become very popular and very unique.    This brings me to my main point. If your trying to say that this game is like those made by major corporations, it's not. It's made by a small team of developers who fantasized about this type of game. Instead of sitting around like the rest of us do and expect a game like this to be handed to us, they took the initiative and MADE this game. Also, we aren't buying "early access" per say. We are giving the developers money to continue working on this game and bring this community something that we all enjoy. Most of us are here because we wanted this type of game to come out and when it did, we all jumped on the great idea and are trying to make it a reality. The people who pledge $30 or more will get beta access, yes. This doesn't mean that they are trying to suck all the money out of us as they can. They simply NEED funding unlike games made by BE or BLIZZARD or Valve, etc. I hope you put this here as a joke. If you meant this in a detrimental way then I think that you need to find a better use of your time. Again, the people of the Identity community love this game and wish for it to be a reality. If we didn't buy "early access" and all the other perks, then there would be no game. Valve can pump out new games for as long as they want without selling early access. They can make games that are F2P and have no micro transactions whatsoever simply because of the fact that they have the funding too and will be bringing in more money than they know what to do with. This being said, Asylum Entertainment has no major funding expect for the people that like the community and the game. I can't speak for everyone, but I think that most people part of the community appreciate what Asylum Entertainment is doing and giving us a game that is 1. Cheap, 2. NOT pay to win, and 3. Something that a lot of people have fantasized about for a long time. You can buy the game and become the most powerful person on the official servers just by playing and being dedicated. I am not 100% on this but I heard that it will cost around $15 USD to buy the full game. There are micro transactions but they are purely cosmetic.    This is purely a community based driven game. Almost the whole world is controlled by the people. This is a game created by the people for the people. If you still have doubts in your mind then that's fine, different people have different opinions and you are entitled to yours. I hope that you can at least not spread hate about this game. Thanks for reading and if you agree then leave a like to show the power of the community and to show that you really care about this game! ~Rem P.S: If this can for some reason get pinned, It might help show the haters the power of the people and community!
  17. Well hello there :3   I'm a 16 y/o Danish dude. In my sparetime I work with some dudes on a community where I'm Project Lead. I also drive Go-karts in my spare time. I love animating and doing other graphic stuff in my sparetime. ough, also I do a lot of video editing I'm a 9. grader here in Denmark, which is like the "last" grade in elementary school. I'm myself and my community very excited for Identity, (hopefully there will be dedicated server so we can open out own for Danish Outlaws <3) I like to play games (You dont fking say) That's pretty much it, nothing much, but yeeea I'm just a normal Dane     Best Regards, Asoinyth :D! 
  18. My idea for a perfect crime system is one where there is a permanent death , basically there would be life insurance that counts as extra lives . If your a criminal you'll either have to pay a lot for insurance or you simply can't , depending of the severity of the crime.      Lets say you sold drugs - you could buy insurance but it would cost a lot.      If your a serial killer - you'r too dangerous and are a maniac , therefore you'r not going to be sold insurance. Insurance would be quite expensive and it would be determined on how much money you currently have. Insurance would also be stack-able to a certain limit. This would ensure that even the richest people can't have hundreds apon hundreds of life insurances. I see this system as fair , and players who have eared there money legitimately wont have to fear from unfair RDMs (random death match), or at least as much. This way seems the best system I've seen so far as criminals have to be prepared for perma-death. And innocence don't die unfairly . I would love to see this idea take off, so let me know what you think,is this full-proof are there ways it can be improved. Is there any flaws with this system?       
  19. Custom Radio Stations

    Could it be possible to have a custom radio station that we could upload songs to and listen to privately? Something like the Self Radio in GTA V
  20. Musician,

    Creating a musicians career would be something most people would want. Actually making it so you can upgrade certain levels of skill on an instrument by doing specific stuff, like...going to music lessons (who would've thought). So you hit a certain point where you can master an instrument.  As in real life, people are more skilled than others in music, so making it balanced enough so anyone who puts time into an instrument can master it would be awesome so anyone could make a living out of it.  Don't really know if this has been discussed already, but im curious to what others think about this.
  21. Is there a way to counter RDMING?

    Simple question, i know theres greenzones, but I want to know if theres a way to counter rdming for pure roleplay situations.   Since it seems this game isn't whitelisted, and any lil' kid can purchase this game. And if not, It'd be great to have a system to prevent people from doing this or something.
  22. Consoles?

    Just a quick question, will this game only be on pc or will it also be on consoles?
  23. will there be npc players around the game world just walking around us, or is it only just people who created accounts?
  24. Before I start I want to say that I have a huge amount of faith in this project of Identity.  The reason why I am making this post is so Motown and Paratus can see what some people are worried about and maybe they can answer some concerns so people get relief. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want the community of Identity to place a bit of their concerns about Identity. I will start:  My number one concern about identity would be: The trolls running around RDM-ing and messing around (The Devs have already said there would be a in-game mechanic to stop this but I am still very concerned as this would be a game breaking occurrence.)
  25. ESRB/ Pegi

    What rating do you think the game will be? I personally think it might be T for teen or M for mature. I  don't know the Pegi system but I think it might be Pegi 16 or Pegi 18, possibly Pegi 12 but idk.