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  1. Music CLUB with Music Live Streaming

    Thanks SUBWAY244 If it is finally implemented let me know: D Cheers!
  2. Music CLUB with Music Live Streaming

    Nice!, send me something if u want MD. Cheers!
  3. Hello guys! In my real life i'm professional dj & producer and this is my idea for Identity. It would be great if there were Music Clubs "Discoteque! with music stream "shoutcast", so we can work as dj and make live mixes for the club! This remind me past years in Second Life. What u think guys? Please Please
  4. Hola a todos! Hace ya meses que hemos pensado en crear una comunidad Española de este fantástico juego de Role Play! Estáis todos invitados al Discord de IDENTITY ESPAÑA. Para entrar al Discord haz click en: IDENTITY ESPAÑA Un Saludo a todos!!