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Found 3 results

  1. PT/BR Desde o seu anúncio, pouco foi dito sobre a possibilidade de ter oceano no jogo, acredito que este é um tema que pode dar infinitas possibilidades para o jogador, de missões de água e profissões de mergulhador, ou caça ao tesouro no fundo do mar. O que você acha? Google Translate EN/US Since his announcement, little has been said about the possibility of having ocean in the game, I believe this is a theme that can give endless possibilities to the player, from water missions and professions of diver, or treasure hunt on the seabed. what do you think?
  2. Deep sea diving?

    We all know right now that the closest to aviation in identity we're going to get is gliders possibly in the future. But we know for a fact that boats are going to be included (in the gameplay trailer) what I want to know is.. will there be diving and diving kits along with fauna and flora to discover, maybe even some lost treasures to find and make a living off of?
  3. Roseport Pirates

    Hello there mateys. We arrrr the Roseport Pirates. We come from Somalia, previously a pirate there. Let me introduce myself. ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- I'm am the Commander of The Roseport Pirates. I control the Roseport Pirates operations. I started out in Somalia as a poor fisher, I soon began to see the increase of ships poisoning our waters and killing our fish. So I decided to take action on them by attacking their ships and claiming them for our own. I formed my own Somali Pirate group and soon later saw this was a great way to get rich. I later found that the Americans and Europeans found a new route and moved to it. So I decided to do local piracy, therefore, I moved to the land of Identity and formed this new groups. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me tell you more about Roseport Pirates. Joining us is a great way to get rich. We attack other ships, not our own. We attack PMC, Police, and even Civilian ships. We are a family as pirates in the Roseport Pirates. Maybe become a officer and help me out in planning and setting other pirates straight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you join, you may be subject to getting these items: AK-47 for combat A Paycheck A boat roof over yer head A chance to work as a team with others And possibly owning yer own ship. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And you may also rank up and have more control and leadership. Ranks are crucial in this. Therefore, I set up some ranks and a list of them. So here it is (from lowest to highest): ---------------------------------------------------- PIRATE ENLISTED RANKS: Pirate Recruit: (0/∞) Pirate: (0/∞) Pirate Petty Officer: (0/25) Pirate Petty Officer 1st Class: (0/15) Chief Pirate Petty Officer: (0/13) ---------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL: Captain Petty Officer of the Pirates: ---------------------------------------------------- PIRATE OFFICER RANKS: Pirate Officer: (0/13) Chief Pirate Officer: (0/10) Rear Admiral: (0/5) Admiral: (0/3) ---------------------------------------------------- Commander of The Pirates: ---------------------------------------------------- Captain (Unobtainable): TrueCrazyMan ---------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course we have warnings for other groups. These are the symbols if a group is either under investigation, partnered/neutral, or enemies. If your gang/business receives this image, that means you and your group is currently under investigation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your gang/business receives this image, that means you and your group is allied/neutral with us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your gang/business receives this image, that means your group is enemies/at war with us. You will not last long if you do mess with us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, I hope you join us and become a Roseport Pirate today! Sail the seas and rob the rich with us! If you decide not to join and plan to sail, don't. If you do, beware of Somalia. If you join, welcome aboard. We also do operations on land, such as drug and weapon trafficking. We will kill if you provoke us to. And as always, have a nice day. ---------------------------------------------------- Steam group: