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Found 182 results

  1. Hello Guys. I want to ask that which account will be linked with game. Paypal account from which we donated. Identity Home Page account identity forum account. Problem is that i am not able to donate 30$ by my paypal account so i am searching someone who donate for me and i pay him/her with steam wallet cash.I am from India and here RBI guidelines dont let me do international transactions easily. If i ask someone to donate which account it will get linked? Very difficult to get trusted people. Already got scammed alot.
  2. So @TheDynasty has just posted a video and he showed a demo of clothing stores in Identity. I think it looks pretty cool you guys can check out his video here: Not sure if it's real or not but if it's real it looks pretty good and if it's fake, well it looks pretty good. Either way I think you guys should give it a look.
  3. I've noticed many gamers are hot-headed and quick to make upsetting comments. Here I want to give gamers a chance to simply express any problems they may be having in the game or outside the game. As a counselor in life I've had the chance of working with all sorts of people. So please, go ahead and jot down an issue you're having and we can talk about it. I ask that everyone please stay professional to an extent. I really would like to help the people that could use someone to talk about their problems!
  4. I've noticed many gamers are hot-headed and quick to make upsetting comments. Here I want to give gamers a chance to simply express any problems they may be having in the game or outside the game. As a counselor in life I've had the chance of working with all sorts of people. So please, go ahead and jot down an issue you're having and we can talk about it. I ask that everyone please stay professional to an extent. I really would like to help the people that could use someone to talk about their problems!
  5. I've noticed many gamers are hot-headed and quick to make upsetting comments. Here I want to give gamers a chance to simply express any problems they may be having in the game or outside the game. As a counselor in life I've had the chance of working with all sorts of people. So please, go ahead and jot down an issue you're having and we can talk about it. I ask that everyone please stay professional to an extent. I really would like to help the people that could use someone to talk about their problems!
  6. Granite Shop?

    I work in a granite counter top fabrication shop would like to know if you guys are putting any of these in the game? also if you aren't and need info on how they run let me know:) Id love to have on on this game too.
  7. Release

    Is Identity coming out before April?
  8. Hey heres a link for a cool community app called Amino, its like a mobile version of this where there are chatrooms, blog posts, polls and threads. I think everyone should get on this its pretty cool!
  9. I was just wandering what would be the pros and cons of facescan? All I can think of are pros Pros: immersion, fun, uniqueness, heightened customization. Cons: ? Comment.
  10. Identity on Steam?

    I just recently discovered Identity and I think that it will be an amazing game. I was just wondering if Identity will be on Steam and if not where will it be?
  11. Hey Identity!

    This is my little introduction, My name is Will I am a Mech Engineer living in the United Kingdom. I have been gaming for a very long time it's my little getaway from reality. I play a variety of games at am currently into Far Cry Primal alongside Rainbow Six Siege. I also play a lot of Star Wars the Old Republic I am also one of the Administrators on Asylum's Entertainment's "Altis Life" mission file on Arma 3. I have been a member of the community for 2 years + and the Identity project is something that I am hugely anticipating for the future. I am usually quite busy over on the Asylum forums and haven't been very active over here so hopefully, this will change as I've got a bit more free time to myself. In my free time other than gaming I do a lot of cooking, fishing and various other bits and pieces. I am also completing my Private Pilots License with an end goal of moving out to Florida and getting my Commercial Pilots license hopefully sometime in the next couple of years. I am also a big Disney and Star Wars Nerd! I really look forward to being a bigger part of this community, and hopefully, I'll see a few over in the Town Square !!
  12. Officer Dynasty YouTube Series

    Hey guys some of you may know me some of you may not. I run a YouTube channel with 5800 Subscribers at the time I am writing this. I am planning on doing a YouTube series as a police officer following along my journey and perhaps some funny encounters (I will also do other types of videos on the game of course).I am really looking forward to this game as there currently aren't any games where there is a real and good dedicated police force! I hope some of you will be able to join me along in this journey and maybe I'll see some of you on the field! My YouTube channel is TheDynasty in case you were wondering .
  13. Identity YouTube Videos!

    Hey guys so I was searching for YouTube videos on Identity (Which is what I usually do when I'm bored) and I was able to find power gaming obviously but I also saw this guy i haven't seen before named The Dynasty on there as well. He seems to know a lot about the game as well has anyone else heard of him? Here's his channel if you wanna see what im talking about:
  14. Flaco Transportation

    Flaco Incorporated Presents... The most reliable transportation service on the island. More information to come soon Message me if your looking for a job to reserve your spot today! YOUR GATEWAY TO ANY DESTINATION ON THE ISLAND
  15. Next Video?

    Was just wondering when the next video would be coming out and what it would show off.
  16. Dear Developer's of identity, hi I believe this game would be so much cooler if a player could be a kid or you have kids that are NPC'S and take care of them and they grow up, since you guys say you want to keep the immersion the kids grow up to go to college or be a drop out but either route the NPC'S go they will leave the world to another country that's not in the game. would be cool if you made airports so you can fly to different states. It would be cool to if you can walk around in the plane and interact with things like real people in planes. 3. A cool career job you should make is ENTERTAINMENT you could be a actor,singer,comedian,musician or a you tuber were you can have a gaming setup in your house like a real you tubers do and get paid.4. 5. make it were a player can streak naked and if they get reported by a player or police they go to jail for 5min. last one how are the packages different form one another when you buy the VIP for 500 USD or the citizen for 15 USD cant you get a car and house no matter what package how does a bigger package provide more features. I see very good potential in this game this will be better than GTA don't hate on me for that. I have many more really great ideas that will make this company thrive these ideas will be from a gamer's prospective and I will like to be a consultant thank you for your consideration, ETHAN DRAKE DAVIS.
  17. Just ideas

    Hey guys! I made this account like yesterday and these are the ideas I came up with: - First of all, doing bad stuff must be hard. We all know that almost everyone is going to just kill people when they made their character like a minute ago. Your character must be weak without all those training and more police on your butt if they can't catch you in like 5 minutes and not just give up if they lost you. - Going to the gym to be stronger and look fit etc. You can collect gym XP and can unlock like a new form of tricep or something. Each body part should have their own XP bar. Ofcourse your XP should go down after like a month, meaning your slowly going back to your older body. This also should affect how strong you are. - Trusty gamers should get chosen by the creators to report who is cheating. People caught cheating should get banned forever or start from zero. That will piss them fucking off and let them be scared so they can't do that anymore. - Not showing username. I feel like this a stupid idea but also good because it's going to force the gamers to find out who they are and so on. - An App that you can check on your real phone to see who is online in the game. Also all kinds of other stuff in the app similar to Instagram. The app's name should be 'Identified' - Graffiti in the game should be awesome. Under your art must show your username so it can prevent stupid things. It can also be voted to stay or to be removed. - Importing your own 3D model or making models in the game could help the game big time. You can also see wonderful stuff in the art world of the game. Also making your own animations too (like for dancers in the strip club , dance events, creating your own walking style). - Fighting system: You should be weak and don't know much moves besides a basic weak punch. Just like how I find the gyms should be, the same should be with boxing clubs. I really like the UFC game system. Your stamina should go down when you perform a technique so you have to fight carefully. You have to be in a fighting state to fight like a boxer,... - Scrap things like hair growing, having a baby and so on. Little things that don't make sense to me. But I think a character should get hungry and thirsty. So they can perform better. - Realistic money like in the real world. A push to work harder for gamers. - Omg please not a gun shop on every street corner. It should be far away in a hidden place. Carrying a weapon should be visible but you can hide lttle weapons. - Parcour training! - Death: Accidental deaths should let characters wake up in a hospital (if a player shoots you too and you didn't want to fight). By crime, in prison .Back zero when you die is extreme. - Driving: Everyone should behave when they ride. Random speed limiters? on streets. Police should punish you when they see you driving fast or parked wrong. Gas should be optional. - Making your own hairstyles!. You can make different sections of your hair longer, braided, stiff, curly and play with hairpins.
  18. Character Concept

    Hey! I would like to start a topic about how your character will look, be in the game. Post pictues, videos that you're inspired by! KIDDO RAMPAGE I always had Kiddo in my mind since I can remember. I believe she was hugely inspired by my mother and other women I knew in my life. People that were fucked over so many times but still managed to be unscathed at the end of the day. I'm a huge fan of Kill Bill. The name came from the intro of the second movie. Rampage is not her real last name. Just thought it fitted Kiddo. Appearance: Here is an artwork I did how she kind of will look in the game. Hair: A messy, open, high ponytail. Showing her mental state. I also think it's stylish. Clothing: A faux fur coat that she gracefully carries around. Leather long boots which has support from the hanger that's attached to her belt, and top of it just a T-shirt. I wanted to keep it 'classy', but also ready for action. I like the match between red/bordeaux and beige (not really a meaning behind it). Expression: A mean insane look. Like she directly looks in your soul and know your weakest point. Pisces sun and Scorpio moon. Occupation: - She's one of the top fashion designers in town. Runs a boutique. - Underground strip club where meetings of deadliest people happen and dark things takes place. - In the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad Mood video's and music: A Few Words From The Bride The Devil Does Drugs I Sing The Body Electric by Walt Whitman Glory by Reapers Death List 5 Hope this post inspire you! Show me your character!
  19. Just wondering if there will be tasers in the game and if cops will need search warrants to search an RV for example or hideouts.
  20. Ok so when the modules come out will we only have a limited time to play them? For example: two weeks? Or will we be able to play them until like the beta? Also during the module will we be able to join up in servers with our friends?
  21. Custom clubs

    In my Roleplaying experiences I like to mix it up. But I really like to be the mastermind of everything, and I'd like to have connections in every high points of satus, but that doesn't mean it gives me immortality, it just gives me leverage and a chance to get away with crime. I'd like to have Chiefs, lawyers, cops, judges, the rich people, the banker, the detective, and many more because in real life there are corrupt people and it gives the good ones to remember the ememies are on both sides of the fence. I'd like to have my connections with everyone for everyone in the club to experience but I also want it to be a secret club so maybe I peice of ID, tattoo, or custom markings/designs. A data base for all club owners to access (that can be hacked to make it interesting) I can go into it more but this is a brief of how many awesome ideas I like in RPG MMOS! Peace! And thanks for making a deadly game.
  22. I would really like this amazing game to come out on console if it's not already because from what I heard it's only coming out on PC and I don't have a PC I can play it on and I would really like to play this game
  23. Wars

    Will you be able, as president/mayor, to start a war with some other city or something, which has another mayor? Because I would find it cool to be in the military in the game, and be able to fight for "Stroodum" or something. If this isn't gonna be a feature, that's pretty chilled, but it would make an epic feature. (sorry for alot of posts, I'm extremely hyped and I need to know what I am gonna do when I play the game)
  24. Alright, the title shows my question. What will happen when you die in Identity? Will your character simply respawn? Would he appear in a hospital, and have doctors fix his insides? That would be awesome. But, I believe characters can't die of old-age, so if they got shot, they would have to get it removed by ACTUAL doctors? Would the doctors be ingame characters, or just NPC's? This is an interesting topic actually... Will I have to start fresh when I die? Have a new name, a new IDENTITY? Could the doctors stuff-up the operation, and you slowly die? Can you get sick? Can you get CANCER? Is Ebola a thing? So many questions, such little time to ask, the game's getting released soon, it's 2017, January
  25. It would be cool to see some sort of park that you can drive/walk/bicycle to that's out of the city where you can go camping and hiking. There could be some career openings for park rangers. The park rangers r basically the police but for the park and the rural area around the park. Or there could be a sheriffs department instead. Not only is it fun to go camping and hiking and maybe even mountain biking if they add that the park would be a good place to go to and hike off the trail and meet up to do drug dealing or illegal grows of marijuana. The park would a few square miles probably. I hope some sort of state park type thing is added in to the game for the island. Does anyone agree?