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Found 3 results

  1. WAX LABS [18+]

    WAX Our vision here at WAX is to be the number one cannabis company in our world. From product and process innovation to market execution and transportation, we are driven by a passion for leadership therefore we will assure local dispensaries and or private clients to have absolute *A* quality medicine and Exclusive access to our Prodigious cannabis innovators, a true commitment to drive the industry forward here at WAX, and above all else, providing medical and recreational cannabis consumers the best possible experience. WAX is committed to being a responsible member of our community and industry wherever we operate. We pride ourselves on investing in and being the leader in creating solutions to cannabis-related issues. Now that we’re on the verge of global legal access to regulated, recreational , medicinal cannabis, we’re stepping up to do our part to ensure education and responsible use are at the forefront of the cannabis conversation. WAX will be the first to introduce the now standard concept of Compassionate Pricing, To the world of Identity, In Order To make medical cannabis affordable for patients and recreational users... From our cutting edge research at WAX, To our major exports of dried cannabis, we are proud of our accomplishments. Here’s to Future Growth. Staff PRESIDENT Bill is the President of WAX. Bill has been a key driver of the WAX Vision, ensuring that patients and healthcare practitioners choose WAX as their trusted source of cannabis for medical purposes. This includes overseeing medical and patient outreach strategy, driving operations and advancing corporate market strategy in order to grow and progress the company and industry as a whole assuring all receive equal factoring information and service. EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER CFO is responsible for the accounting operations, financial systems, and the financial planning capabilities at WAX. VICE PRESIDENT, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS The GRVP is responsible for the process of trying to influence the government to make changes to the law to suit the needs of our cannabis patients and or future recreational users assuring at all time we as a company / industry stays within IDENTITY guidelines Laws And Regulations Maintaining any necessary Licensing and or Tax PARCEL enacting the ability to Manufacture / Distribute Cannabis In Its Many Ways Shapes And Forms. WAX is hiring persons to represent the company in public policy as it continues to increase its government relations within IDENTITY VICE PRESIDENT MEDICAL MVP is our link to the senior government official designated to head of medical services, The post is held by a physician who serves to advise and lead our team of medical experts at WAX on matters of public health importance and any and all adjustments to public health regulations allowing us to manufacture and distribute our cannabis infused products. SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND STRATEGIC EXPANSION SVP is our executive responsible for assisting the PRESIDENT with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives, continuing our growth and impact within IDENTITY. CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER CMO Is responsible for marketing activities for WAX. The CMO leads brand management, marketing communications (including advertising, promotions and public relations), market research, sales management, product development, distribution channel management, pricing, and customer service. PRODUCTS Dried Flower No matter what the brand or variety, our Company prides itself on growing only the highest quality cannabis that meets and exceeds the requirements of the most stringent regulatory environments in the world, We vigorously follow industry best practices for cultivation, harvest, cure, trim and packaging, using only the highest quality nutrients and state of the art growing techniques in our production processes. Oils + Concentrates Using high-quality inputs, we produce cannabis extracts using state-of-the art supercritical fluid CO2 extraction technology our innovators have introduced to us back in 2013. This process extracts the major cannabinoids (THC and CBD), as well as the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that contribute to the overall medicinal value of medical cannabis, resulting in a highly concentrated resin which can then be dissolved in a food oil carrier to comply with government regulations In some Areas and to make it easier to administer orally. We produce cannabis oil products with different ratios of THC and CBD in order to meet the unique medical needs of our customers residential or commercial. Edibles {Coming Soon After A Medical VP For More Details} Seeds {Coming Soon After GRVP Hired … Seeds will only be sold for licensed home growers} Investors: {Coming Soon} Transportation / Delivery System:{ComingSoon} Application For Hire: {Coming Soon Need more info If Im Allowed To Start This Business And What are My Requirements} Our WorkPlace Vision The Cooperate Office The Manufacturing Facility “This here is just the beginning layout of our company many things are subject to change in the near future as more intel gets to me about IDENTITY and what will or wont be done company logistics analytics personnel and service are subject to change more details and information will be presented here”
  2. Flaco Transportation

    Flaco Incorporated Presents... The most reliable transportation service on the island. More information to come soon Message me if your looking for a job to reserve your spot today! YOUR GATEWAY TO ANY DESTINATION ON THE ISLAND
  3. Aurum Mining Corporation

    Hello Everyone, Aurum Mining Corporation was created in September of 2016 on Identity's Business forum, There is no gimmicks with our company we do not pretend be in business for over 30 years, when the game of Identity has yet to be released. Here at Aurum Mining we want our track record to speak for ourselves, therefore we do not wish to lie or over exaggerate anything to our consumer or potential business affiliates. Our mission here at Aurum Mining is to efficiently secure,extract,refine,trade, and transport the raw materials which we acquire in the Identity servers. We are also looking to become the biggest resource corporation on Identity. However, we can no do that without your help. Aurum Mining is currently hiring for multiple positions and if you feel that are interested in a position in our growing company please reach out to me and let me know. Aurum Mining does not intend to limit itself so any mineable resource in game will be mined by Aurum mining including but not limited to Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Copper, Silver, Oil, Wood, Lithium, Shipwreck excavations(Pending). If you are are a Employee with Aurum mining be assured you will get paid well. Companies if you are wishing to create a business affiliation with us please let me know as I am always open to offers. Aurum Mining is also partnered with The Neighborhood Conglomerate which is a combination of business who band together to help each other out. Therefore, our company will have substantial allies to get off the ground running when the game begins. In life there is no guarantee however with the help of everyone we can help make this company a huge success. Sincerely, Baron Von Aurum & Staff Things we will mine Gold Diamonds Oil Silver Platinum Wood Copper Iron Lithium Shipwreck Excavations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AURUM MINING CORP HIERARCHY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CEO-Baron Von Aurum- Duties will be to ensure the constant production, extraction, and safe secure logistical transportation of Gold, Diamonds, Oil, Silver, and shipwreck excavations. Vice-Executive-JoseARaujo- Duties will be to ensure the hiring of workers to maintain productivity at our outpost across the identity map.Fulfilling the CEO's duties during the absence of the CEO. Disciplining individuals within the organization who fail to follow protocol. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Treasury-FILLED- Duties will be to keep track of the amount of income and expenses our business is producing as well as keeping and maintaining our liquid assets constantly away from thieves.. Duties will also be to make sure to pay employees during each pay period. Sub-Ranks: General of Treasury(Filled)- Nighmare_Night ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Geographical Surveyor-UNFILLED- Duties will be to constantly pan out and be mapping the identity map for allocation of new resources ready for extraction and to radio back to the vice-executing for action. Sub-Ranks: General Manager of Geographical Survey(1)- @Santaclus Director of Radio Communications(1)-Available Geographical Field Surveyors (5) - Available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Security Team-UNFILLED- Duties will be to secure the perimeter of the location from any criminals before our team moves in to excavate the minerals, we can not risk individuals of our company being murdered and you will be of utmost importance to the efficiency of our company. Sub-Ranks: General Manager of Security(1) - Available Director of Communication(1) - Available Defense Team(4) - Team 1 Available/Team 2 Available/ Team 3 Available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Transport Drivers-UNFILLED- Duties will be to load and ship resources and raw materials to businesses in demand of our products. Extracting raw resources and materials from the ground for packaging and delivery. Driver Licences may be required Sub-Ranks: General Manager of Transport(1) - @LaFesta1749 Director of Operations & Logistics(1) - Available Director of Maintenance & Upkeep(1) - Available Transport Drivers (5) - Available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Deep Sea Divers-UNFILLED- Duties will be to put on diving gear and ascend to ocean floor to salvage or obtained any valuables at the shipwreck floor without damage. Boat licenses may be required. Sub-Ranks: General of the Fleet (1)- Available Manager of equipment maintenance &Logistics(1) - Available Captain of Diving(1) - Available Shripwreck Sea Divers (5) - Available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Advertising Manager-UNFILLED- Duties will be to advertise our raw mineral services to local business for the placing of orders for raw materials such as low, mid, and high end jewelry shops and clothing stores. Sub-Ranks: General Manager of Advertisement (1)- Available Head of Accounts & Affiliations(1) - Available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Resource Extractors-UNFILLED- You are the backbone of the company your sole purpose is to get dirty and find resources partaking in intensive work and be sent to various locations around the large map for extraction. You are the the definition of a peon and you need to work your way up to handle much bigger duties Sub-Ranks: General Manager of Extraction(1) - Scottv10 Foreman of Equipment and Extraction(1) - Available Head Geographical Extractor - QuannTann Mineral Extractors & Refinement specialist(5) - Available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ranks are subject to change as I learn more about how the game will work. Prices of raw materials for purchase will come at a later date. Companies wishing to affiliate with me or are affiliated with the Gentleman's Club will receive a 15% discount on purchased shipments. Message me if you are interested in employment --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How our company will function: Location From day one our location team will focus on the geographical mapping of identity's geography and finding the key locations that are rich in industrial resources. The map is said to be over 200 km so there should be a vast amount of locations which house valuable minerals. Once located they will relay the found minerals over to the security team How our company will function:Security Team Once the resources are located we will use our security team to set up a perimeter for the quick safe and efficient extraction of the resources at hand. We will have small precise security team of about 4 people who are great at using firearms and defense tactics. A firearms permit may be required to apply for this job. How our company will function: Transport After Extraction of the resources, the next process will be to load them up on to trucks and have the materials driven to safe and secure Aurum Reserve warehouses where they will be placed in a vault for secure holding. How our company will function:Advertising Once placed in our warehouses and we have extracted a good enough stockpile we will begin using our advertising manager to implement the sales and trade of our commodities around Identity but always maintaining a 10 to 15% reserve of materials in our vault. How our company will function :Treasury It will then be the treasurer's job to place any income made by our company into a city bank for safe keeping. Our treasurer will always be escorted by a large amount of security to ensure our company and our affiliates financial future. How to apply: Private message to Baron Von Aurum Requirements : Name, How many post you have, your interest in the company, How you will go about achieving the specific career you choose within our company, do you have discord,teamspeak,microphone If you have any questions please reply on this thread or shoot me a private message, with your help we can succeed to make the best mining company in all of Identity. This is my first draft of our company outline it will be constantly updated. -Sincerely -Baron Von Aurum