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Found 181 results

  1. We know that everything will be like irl, but i just realized something. What if we would make the prices for items and earnings from jobs the same as in real life. Like every month you get a paycheck and can buy stuff like irl with the same prices. I personally think this would add a whole lot more realism into the game and would make it like a second reality kinda. Maybe make progress a bit faster maybe 2x the speed of real life? That sounds optimal. Like Paychecks would be optimized for 15 days instead of 1 month and everything else propotionally to that too. Idk if you get what iam trying to say. It just shouldnt be like you get in the game and the first couple of days you own a big mansion with a sports car. Maybe after 4-5 months? I dont know what the right time would be, but it needs to be find thats for sure. I mean, it wouldnt even feel like grinding since youre having fun while playing the video game where you can do anything anywhere. Just my thoughts on this, how do you guys see it?
  2. The only thing why GTA has such a hype even today is that its the only real life open world simulation game out there which is done good. If Identity will release with all its content, it will beat GTA in 1 week. Believe me. Rockstar will shit there pants if they hear of Identity. The future is ours!
  3. Maybe no one is wrong?

    Opinions are opinions. They’re not facts, and they’re definitely not right or wrong. In this community, I see a lot of support in different ways. You have those who are 100% positive and those who criticize but nevertheless back the game up. Both of these forms are pefectly fine. Support is support, just like opinions are opinions. At the end of the day, we both have the same goal. We all want this game to succeed and we all have supported and most of us pledged to help the devs. We’re all on the same team. I’d like to thank both sidees of this support, especially the critics because I feel they have recieved a little less love and a little more heat. Critics are important, they help you see your mistakes so you can fix them, even if they don’t sound the kindest, they still have the best intentions.
  4. G'day Everyone, Who are We? We are a small Australian team that have experience in running many popular servers. Our past includes running a lot of Arma 3 servers under the respected name 'Housos' ranging from Altis life, Arma 3 Life and Takistan life, all being top servers within Australia. We are an old team of extensive knowledge and experience, we believe we are the perfect fit to provide the best Roleplay experience on Identity. Our team has been following Identity's development for a long time and we are ready to provide a friendly, active server for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you around! Our Plans We plan to be the biggest Australian server within the Identity scene. Once modding and addons become available we plan to take full advantage of these features to give our players a fresh and unique experience. Details & FAQ Will 'Housos Identity' be White-listed? At this stage no, we plan to have a highly moderated server to eliminate troubled players quickly and to make it easy to get in-game without an application process Is there an age restriction? No we believe there are mature players within all age groups Our server is going to be a Semi-Serious to Serious Roleplay server that will be frequently moderated by staff We currently have both a Website and Teamspeak available but expect change as they are a work in progress, if you have any questions or are interested in our server, please sign up to our forums or join us in Teamspeak! Thank you and cya Cobber! Teamspeak: ts3server:// or use connect nickname as 'Identity' or 'Housos' Website:
  5. So basically a lot of people said this game was gonna flop right after the failed April 23rd release of the Town Square and the community was going to die. I am here to say those people were wrong. I have never seen the community more active. I love how we are all fighting for the devs and we are loving every time the tasks get updated. Thanks Community. You guy are what helps the game live on!!
  6. I was wondering if console editions are for this game? Because I myself have a pretty bad PC.
  7. Is it possible to hack in Identity?
  8. Can we make a in game website

    i was wondering if we have a business like if we own a electronics store are we able to make a in game website to sell our products online and ship em out to people?
  9. Hye ! I just want ti say hello to the Identity community. I hope the game release and i'm impatient to play ! I already have my idea about the activities I intend to do. I think to become a painter and become known in the country ... remains to be seen x) Bonjour ! Je voulais juste dire bonjour à la communeauté de Identity. J'ai hate de voir la sortie du jeux et je suis impatient d'y jouer ! J'ai déj ma petite idée des activités que je compte faire. Je pense devenir peintre et devenir célèbre.... reste à voir x)
  10. I found out that the identity map is a lot bigger than the gta 5 map here it is
  11. Identity Law Firm

    Your Identity is everything to you, so, why let the law get in the way of being who and what you are. Who you are? That's up to you and how you present yourself. What you are? Your innocent of course! And I can prove it. Evidence? What evidence?! Witness? What witness?! Let me defend you or your corporation today!
  12. Hia Guys, I Am Squishy, The Head Administrator Over At NADOJ. We Started as A Small FiveM Community, (A GTA5 Multiplayer Mod) And Grew To Over 400 Members in 4 Months. But FiveM Has Its Problems And They Were Big Enough That We Lost The Majority Of Our Members Due To Its Constant Crashes And Glitches. We Are Now Moving To Identity In Its Release Will Be Obtaining Use Of A server And We At NADOJ Would Like TO Invite You To Join Us. We Have Friendly Staff, Great Citizens, And A Slew Of People In Between. We Hope To See You There With Us! Sincerely, Squishy H.A. Our Discord
  13. Herzlich Willkommen bei IdentityRPG Life IdentityRPG Life ist eine deutsche Multigaming Community, die nun das Hauptaugenmerk auf das kommende Roleplaygame "Identity" gelegt hat. Die Projektleitung von IdentityRPG Life besteht aus sehr erfahrenen Rollenspielern, die seit Arma Zeiten mehrere tausende Stunden an Roleplay sammeln konnten. Willst auch Du dazu beitragen, eine tolle Community aufzubauen, deine Erfahrungen auch in höheren Positionen einsetzen und aktiv zum Erfolg beitragen, dann wäre ein Blick in unser Forum ein erster guter Schritt. Unsere Community soll für Identity eine weitere Anlaufstelle für die deutsche Community darstellen, weshalb wir auch gerne in diesem Forum etwas Werbung machen möchten. Täglich bemühen wir uns darum, weitere Informationen in's Deutsche zu übersetzen, Anleitungen zu erstellen und diskutieren gemeinsam mit der Community über Identity und andere Spiele. Sobald es wirklich richtig losgeht, möchten wir einen der ersten deutschen Identity-Server auf einem leistungsstarken Root-Server bereitstellen. Als wir uns vor vielen, vielen Monaten (gar schon Jahre) Identity zum ersten Mal angeschaut haben, waren wir direkt begeistert. Diese Möglichkeiten, dieses Potential! Es war grossartig. Wie bereits erwähnt, haben wir Erfahrungen mit Arma, GTA MP u.ä. und freuen uns immer mehr darauf, wenn Identity endlich veröffentlicht wird. Wir als Projektleitung streben nach Qualität und möchten euch nur das Beste bieten, weshalb wir sämtliche Server selber hosten (RP-Server, TS-Server, ...). Die aktuelle Polizeileitung von IdentityRPG-Life hat diese Erfahrungen ebenfalls vorweisen können, weshalb wir uns für die beiden Herrschaften entschieden haben. Dennoch gibt es noch den ein oder anderen Posten als Ausbildungsleiter oder Ausbilder des TSPDs. Es erwarten euch also spannende Diensteinsätze als Officer in der Town Square. Wer hier also mitwirken möchte, darf sich gerne melden, es sind noch weitere Stellen offen. Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach engagierte und erfahrene Spieler. Ebenfalls suchen wir in den Bereichen Support / Guides / Wiki / etc. weitere, engagierte Leute für unsere Community. Du bist in der Roleplay-Szene noch relativ neu und hast keine Ahnung davon? Das ist überhaupt kein Problem! Durch unser gut durchdachtes Regelwerk hast Du jeder Zeit die Möglichkeit, nachzulesen, was erlaubt ist und was eben nicht. Ebenfalls kannst Du dich an einen erfahrenen Spieler aus unserer Community wenden, der dir auch sehr gerne weiterhelfen wird. Inwieweit es die Möglichkeit geben wird, dass man als TSFD (Fire Department / Mediziner) arbeiten kann, wissen wir zu diesem Zeitpunkt leider noch nicht, deshalb wird es für diese Art von Fraktionen erstmal keinen eigenen Bereich im Forum oder einen Briefkasten (Bewerbungen) geben. Wichtige Links: TeamSpeak: IdentityRPGLife Twitter: Über einen Besuch und eventuelle Registrierung würde wir uns sehr freuen! Die Projektleitung Cyb3r & Ilu If the usage of the picture is not allowed, please let us know. We just wanted to express that we fully support the game Identity at any time. We can't wait for the release yet.
  14. hello, I wanted to know if when you are a policeman you can stop who you see suspect, to register and know if everything is correct Could it? If I am a police officer, can I place the handcuffs on someone who has committed a crime? Being a police officer, he could stop the person who is driving and force him to go down to show him the badge or bad aiming the pistol, without firing just warning him If I am a police officer and I see some reckless driving or some kind of illegal career, could I follow it with a police pursuit? or call some police colleague to come and help me Being a police officer, could I do a blood alcohol test? If I am a police officer, can I stop the traffic when the situation allows it? Being police that is what will warn me to know if there is a robbery, the thief that stolen will know that I am going for it? The police car will warn you on the radio of the crimes or robberies that you have or you will have a walkie talkie or an iphone? In the commissary there will be posters where you see the most wanted delicuentes de identity? If I am a police officer, can I get the thieves in the car and take them to the police station for questioning? Being a police officer, you can go to stores, or houses, or shopping centers, or gyms to question people? How many ranks are there in the police? Do you have to pass physical tests to rise in rank? The cops where they trained? Will there be some kind of gym? Or shooting range? Within the police ranks are there any that you can get to military? What is the maximum range you can get? Open some speed limit or if the traffic lights go off in red, can a police officer act to interrogate them? When we advance and become swats, the missions are already very different than we had before being police or not? When you are in the office of the police station and they call you to warn you of a crime or robbery or crime, what can you do to notify a patrol? or go your? Could you tell me about the maximum realism that identity will have? Subject ambulance, you can go to look for wounded or people who are ill and cure them and take them to the hospital? Open dumpster work? Will there be people sweeping through the streets of indentity? Can firefighters act at any time or only when they warn that there is an emergency? There will be work as a taxi driver? A passer-by can defend himself against an attack or robbery? Or will he have to wait for the police to act? If you die in the game that happens? reappear in your house or what happens? If the thief is not armed with only a knife, can the police shoot? or it will be real and until the thief does not take out a firearm the police will not be able to shoot Where do you keep your money that you earn with your work in the indentity game? If I cover myself with the police car of a terrorist attack and happen to shoot the gas tank, will the car explode? If I am a police officer, will I wear a bulletproof vest? If you are swat and you go with all the uniform you will receive less damage than when you go with the other police uniform, I mean helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc ... Being a policeman and if you tell another patrol to come help you and do not pay attention to you, will you have some kind of penalty or does each one go on your own? Can you upload 5 people in the car or those allowed by the vehicle? To drive any vehicle, will there be the same license for everyone? or will each one have his card? We already know how you said that there would be no official brands but the cars will look like the real marks or will they seem of the future? If I am a police officer, will I have different work shifts at night, day or evening? Being a police officer, you could patrol peacefully with the car, visiting identity? Will there be any kind of hairdresser to cut your hair or braids, etc or change your hairstyle and it will be real? I mean if I go with long hair I cut it then I go back inside and I say a long hairstyle will be real and tell me that I have it short and wait for me to grow up? Will there be some kind of gym or sports room to get strong? When you go shopping in a store furniture or teles, who will attend the online player or a bot? Can you buy gas in a metal decanter and throw it in a car or anywhere and throw a lighter or set it on fire? There will be some type of explosive and if so what will it be? It will be the typical game that goes the typical guy with a rpg and becomes the king of the game or that you will not give much importance, I mean that it will be more vulnerable and with a rpg will not have many advantages If you are a police officer and you are patrolling and you see that a sniper can warn the special services or can you act and shoot?
  15. I mention this because I want to know if I buy the beta version, I can see many things in the game and enjoy a lot of identity? or the beta will be very limited and with very few things? and finally I want to know if it will be for mac? since I have the mac not pc, in steam I saw that it would be for mac too is it true? if and by the way the beta once purchased on the website, when it comes out on April 23 I can go to steam and download it? or where do I get it from?
  16. Cuando saldra este gran videojuego?

    Good I'm new to the Forum, and tell you that yesterdaywatching videos on youtube I saw this great game that I love,leave me in love truly, and well let me introduce myself I amDavid my real name and here you have my doubts I have When we will know the final date that will come out this greatgame? Respect Allah asks, I want to comment that sure that you knowand that you don't I read in a forum that this game would be in2018 and the day was April 23 it is true that that day will comeout or is false? Does the game apart from exit PC thinking out for consoles? When exit the game will be possible to have it in Spanish? the game will be played by steam or purchased by officialwebsite, or will be repossessed in official stores? can I work mechanic in the game? the money was gained working as in real life not? but knowyou can earn money apart from working, because robbing,killing etc or entering the homes of others and remove all? and finally last question if I with my character take a careerfirefighter, I have a few hours to work? then after completingmy schedule can I do what I want? for example put fires in myschedule, but also turn them off to earn an extra money I knowcan you? thanks and regards
  17. What type of passport did you buy? MAN I CANT WAIT for the gam!
  18. Hello, i saw this game and dev team talking about this years ago. I got a few questions that need ot be answered. 1. How many players in a slot. 2. When will the game be released? 3.How do i buy/rent server i need a link to a website please.
  19. *Everything is subject to change *This is new, everything is a concept Welcome to IFM ( Identity Furniture Manufacturers ), at IFM we manufacture top of the range furniture to suit your living needs. We specialize in manufacturing all types of furniture from the mat on your floor to the keyhole on your door. At IFM we do our best to ensure that our customers are fully looked after and are able to purchase the furniture they desire. We give our customers a free 12 month, money back guarantee of any puchase they make above $65. Our main goal is to offer a wide variety of furniture to attract the most amount of customers that we possibly can and give opposing corporations a difficult chance of offering you more. Our Products We will be manufacturing many types of furniture, including but not limited to, beds, carpets, desks, tables, chairs and sofas. Our furniture will have unique designs from the rest of the market and each item will be available in different colors and patterns. Corporation Structure ( And Open Positions ) ( More Positions To Be Added ) C.E.O - 6Shay | Head Of Manufacturing - OPEN Head Of Marketing - OPEN Head Of Security - OPEN | | | Manufacturer (0/3) - OPEN Marketer - OPEN Security Guard (0/2) -OPEN
  20. Questions about the beta.

    Hey guys, i'm new citizen here, i just want to know some things about the beta in 2 days. The beta is only for the $30 or more ? What we can do in this beta on identity?
  21. Pilot

    How about a career in Aviation where players from all over the map can travel from one place to another. The airplane must be owned and maintained by the pilot and people pay them to be taken to places. You could also choose to work under a business man who hires you. You could also become a third eye for the Police by flying Helicopters and serving the Law.
  22. Offices for companies?

    In my RP i want to create a Company that rents out houses to other Players and i would want to know how if there is a Limit of how many Houses you can own but also if my Company can have their own Office! Is this possible? Thx for reading this I appreciate all answers!
  23. So, i was watching this video about a job simulator game - Fishing Barents Sea. The game is kind of in depth, but not that complicated. At the same time, it looks quite rewarding. My idea is, that Identity could have jobs like this made from "modules" to kind of mass produce. For every job there is vehicle upgrades, quality of life improvements, options to advance and stuff. Fishing Barents Sea could be a great example of the depth a job in Identity could have, i guess. If like 20-30 jobs had that kind of depth, you will have several things to do along with the RPG aspect. I don't know much about this game, but backed long time ago. Don't take this the wrong way, but i really expect this kind of depth for the next big lifestyle RPG. Thanks for all your updates guys, see you in the Times Square when ready :-) Link to gameplay video from Draegast: KR Martin
  24. Identity music video

    So, Yeah, I don't have a life, So I just made this video for everyone to watch before the trailer comes out
  25. J'aimerais savoir pour quand est la sortie de la beta et aussi pour le logement si on se deconnecte du serveur on gardera toujours notre maison les changement de la maison notre voitures...