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Found 82 results

  1. FAQ (Publish Questions You Want Below!) Everyone has had questions about the police department, so I'm here to make an FAQ from information from the developers, and also plain simple answers. (Not all information is guaranteed to be correct and any developer/staff member can leave a comment stating anything different to what I have said.) 1. Can I be [This Rank]? Answer: I have already discussed this with Motown and it is clear that on your own private servers that yes, you are able to choose who is which rank, however on the official servers. Motown has said that it is unlikely in the first place that there will be a police chief (On steam). And he has also told me that even if there is It will be a staff member or a developer. Other Points: Points above confirmed, however it is not clear to me yet whether there will be a ranking system at all, or whether it will depend on time played on the server etc. 2. Is there going to be an age limit for the police department? Answer: It is very unlikely that there will be an age limit as they do not want to restrict players to what they can do in-game, also players do not want to be hyped up for police department and then not be able to become a police officer. Other Points: Confirmed 3. What are the amounts for the citations going to be? Answer: It is likely that the ticket/citation prices will be preset as this will stop the few 1 or 2 trolls who want to try and ticket someone $99999 for not stopping at a stop sign. But there will probably be different prices for each type of ticket, for example a different price from Reckless Driving to Speeding. Other Points: Confirmed 4. Will there be trials/courtrooms? Answer: From what I've heard, yes. There will be courtrooms and trials, so there is a possibility that there will indeed be bail. However that is not confirmed, although I think this would be a good idea since not that many people with have money at the start so it won't be like every single person gets bailed. Other Points: Read below Warning: Motown has now confirmed with me that there will be NO bail. The below is a quote from Motown about the jailing system: "When you are sent to prison, you can request a trial if your prison sentence is over 15 minutes. If your trail is accepted, you can plead your case or have your selected lawyer plead your case for you, in front of a row or player jurors. After your time is up to plead your case, they vote guilty or not guilty. There is no player judge. If voted Not guilty, you get set free, and if voted guilty, you get sent back to the prison yard" 5. Will there be sub-divisions (SWAT, Aviation, K9 etc)? Answer: Well we already know that SWAT will be a thing due to the module being shown here. However we have not been told about K9, Aviation etc yet. I believe that they will not be a thing until the servers are up and running with a strong police system first. As we do not want 10 K9 officers and 2 officers on duty, with 9 dogs running around. And helicopters will probably not be needed at the start. As well as this the developers need to focus on the original police system and the SWAT module before they do anything else. Other Points: There might be different skins for different parts of the map, but this is also unlikely as the whole map will probably just be one police force. Read Below Warning: Motown has now confirmed that they will be looking into K9 someday, but aircraft will not be a thing, even for the police. This is a quote from Motown below: "We'd like to do a K9 unit someday, but for now when or if we ever add animals that can follow the player outside in the open world rather than just apartments/houses. There also will not be any aircraft in Identity, even for police." Motown has also said below the following: "There will be SWAT and detective divisions for the police force, with a limited number of consecutive spots. If Too many SWAT or detectives, or not enough regular cops are online, then the slots are limited" 6. What will the maximum sentence time be? Answer: The maximum sentence time has "For now" been confirmed to be 45 minutes. Although due to them stating it's only for now this may change in the future. Other points: Confirmed by a developer, also obviously not every single sentence will be 45 minutes long. It depends on the time. By Scotty THIS WILL BE UPDATED BELOW!!!!
  2. Hi everybody! I just created an application form for the Asylum Police department. It´s just an idea I came up with. Maybe you want to check it out: Have a nice day!
  3. Protesting/rioting

    I think it would be really cool if they added in a few features to allow citizens to protest or riot, I don’t think this is a stupid idea as there’s a political career and if the mayor/ govern imposes high taxes the citizens aren’t just gonna stand by and be cool with that. i would also like to ask anyone interested in this idea please give suggestions and comments police abilities: the police would have to try to defuse the situation or just straight up suppress it (depending on the people making the decisions) weaponry: riot shields and batons for crowd control Tear gas for crowd control firearms (with rubber bullies as ammunition) for crowd control Vehicles: water cannon van for crowd control police vans for detaining suspect and agitators (If not already included). the media’s abilities: the media are there to tell a story it could be completely up to the journalist how they report this event will they produce a story condemning the police for being brutal and authoritarian or will they condemn the protesters, ladling them as radicals or they could produce a neutral story stating all the facts. (the reason why I have included the media is because they play an important role in protests, they tell the story and because I heard that they would be adding a newspaper to the game and I believe it would add more content to that career path) The protesters/rioters ability’s: they could do anything depending on the beliefs and action plan of the event organiser, they could hold a simple peaceful march, storm and occupy a government building or go all out angry mob attacking the police Improvised Weaponry: petrol bombs/ Molotov cocktail used to attack the police and cause chaos Other items: protest signs posters Politicians: politicians could use these events to there advantages, condemning the event or supporting and attending the event based on their opinions and targeted voter base (I will admit that I probably haven’t listened a lot of things but to be honest that’s all I can think of but it would be great if you guys could pick up from here and add your own great ideas or any ideas on how the things iv already listed can be improved) peace out
  4. Helicopters

    Hello, to start off, I want to become a helicopter pilot when enter the military. After the Army, I want to fly for my local hospital as "Care Flight". I watch videos all the time over helicopters (mostly the UH-60) and the army all the time, as well as fly helicopters on advanced mode on Arma 3 so I can better prepare myself for the future. I've been watching the development of Identity and am very excited for its release, however I saw that there wouldn't be any air vehicles. The reasons seemed to make sense but that really hurt. Therefore, I would like to bring up some reasons that might change your minds. 1. Many people like to fly. Including me, but more realistically, this could make people that fly or want to IRL more interested in the game. That, of course, results in improved revenue. *insert "smiley face" and "dollar sign"* 2. More jobs. I'm not sure how many jobs will be available to the players in the game but incorporating helicopters would provide at least three more. Discussed more below. 3. Fire/EMS and Police. Not recreational. If we make helicopters limited to jobs, you won't have to worry about hundreds of helicopters flying around the server, maybe three at most. Not to mention Heli Tours. 4. Realism. From what I've observed of this game, one the main goals is realism. However, whats a city without tin cans flying around? I can already imagine it, driving my car to the hospital when in the distance I hear that sweet and familiar chopping sound fast approaching. I look up to see my co-worker, a responsible/aviation loving lad like myself, making a final circle around the helipad as he comes in for a landing. As I get inside the building, I see a severely injured player on a stretcher that needs medical attention immediately. I sign in for my shift of the day and walk outside to see her sitting there, the beautiful flying machine I am thrilled to call mine for the next six hours. I take a brief moment to observe her glory, the early morning sun reflecting off the windshield and the hospital logo and can almost smell the jet fuel through my computer screen. I give my copilot a fist bump and open the cockpit door. I sit down and begin the start-up procedure and listen to that turbine whistle rise in pitch and then the blades slowly begin turning. Suddenly, we get the call to help out another unfortunate Identity player, and we roll. "Fortunate Son" begins playing in the background as the camera begins to pan out to get a view of the city then the helicopter flies by and then the picture fades out revealing the Identity symbol. (good trailer idea!!) With the above information/reasons, I urge you to implement helicopters into the game for my sake and pilots everywhere. Our love for flying runs deep and we want to be able to express our talents in an amazing, reasonable, role-play game like yours. I can't wait for the game to be released and to be flying my helicopter to the next scene, reminding me of what my future holds. Thank you, DustRain365.
  5. Police Vehicle Suggestions

    Types of police cars/bikes you might want: 2015 Dodge Charger,Undercover CVPI,Undercover Tahoe,Harley Davis Police Bike,Police Taurus,2015 Cheverolet,Undercover Dodge Charger.
  6. To the people who are keeping this great game safe, I thank and address you. My name is Francepourlavie, I am the founder and current president of the Front National Party in Identity RPG I have a strong belief that police should be the only citizens that should have the rights to firearms. I will hold a public vote on this topic. I want to introduce the role of Police Commissioner, The Commissioner will be the leader of the police force and will deal with all police related issues. A few well respected members of the police force and I will choose The Commissioner if I am elected. I will also fight to make sure that ALL terrorism is removed from the game. I will introduce a special anti-terror force within the police department. Armed police officers will patrol the streets to make sure that citizens are safe at all times. I will increase funding for the police department. I will allow police to remove all players masks. This is simply for identification of players. I thank the police, who fight EVERY SINGLE DAY, to keep our great citizens safe! Vote for FrancePourLaVie to make Identity safe!
  7. I think all of the police officers should start communicating. Maybe weekly meetings to discuss issues that may arise while on duty. This thread should be a place where we all get to know each other and actually build a police force. The more we know each other, the more we'll be able to stomp out corruption and most importantly, keep the citizens safe. If you believe in taking this role seriously and you really want to see an actual police unit then just drop a line here and let's get to know each other.
  8. I Can't wait to serve the police force constituted and persons empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder. Use powers legitimized .... police department
  9. Custom police for servers.

    I would like to suggest mod support for custom vehicle designs and police uniforms, so that you could have a custom server or something with your local or favorite PD. (If I had this option I would make Las Vegas Metro police and a Kenosha county sheriff designs for my car, and kenosha county sheriff uniforms.) Same with FIre & EMS. Anyone else agree?
  10. Hi, I was thinking this would be an interesting topic in the community. I haven't seen any of this kind of poll yet, so I decided to do one myself. I hope you all answer to this poll edited on May 12.
  11. Legal Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters

    Will these be possible in this game? If so, how do we get materials, I.E. guns.
  12. Hello guys! I was wondering if there will be Police Radar Guns in the game, it would be nice to have road cops controling the road making sure people keep the right speed.
  13. Will there be State Troopers, State Police, City Police and Sheriff or just one massive department for the whole map? Wouldnt it be cool to have like Park Rangers and Search And Rescue units?
  14. I am a police officer on a UK roleplay Altis Life Arma 3 server with the rank of Police Constable. I would like to know if police roles here need to be whitelisted (I think they should) and that when a police officer you must have rules against illegal actions off duty. There must be an Academy to conduct tests on training officers. There must be specialized units such as: Armed Response (SWAT), Drug/Crime/Undercover (FBI), Aircraft unit, MPO (Marine Policing Operations) boats. Contabularies (or in US - Departments). - So a whatever the city is named ( york) the department would be New York Police Department (NYPD). Have about 4 general departments for different areas, 1 road traffic unit and state police. Once an officer is out of training he can choose a general department (area) and if he would like to join either Road Traffic Unit, State Police or the Academy he must do further tests and be observed by said departments. In order to join a specialized unit you must do tests, attend routine patrols with said units and attend trainings. In order to join the police force you must send in an application and Academy accept/deny these applications.
  15. I came here to get some kind of closure since a friend and I were having an argument about "If a police officer is killed can't you loot their special items and use them?" while he said "Yes" it pained me to think of it being a possibility of criminals being able to run around and handcuff people, use police batons, or wear police armor for extra protection. It didn't add up to me and the thought of that happening would be extremely over powering and you could easily take over the town with just a few thugs and spawn kill people. So, can you use specialized police items?
  16. I just wanted something to be cleared up really quick. Will hallucinogens be in the game like LSD, magic mushrooms, and DMT? If they will be it would be quite fun to experence in game (I am not promoting drug use in real life). It would be an extremly unique game feature if atleast one of these drugs could be made, used, and sold in game as pretty much any other video games do not include drugs that make you halluncinate. If drugs like those listed will be in the game it would be cool, I just hope the effects would be very complex and authentic instead of just a filter thrown over your screen. Sometimes when you use these substances your enitre field of vision is obscured by shapes and colors, or your in a completley different place it seems like where it seems as though you are the universe itself according to users of these chemicals. Overall if any of those drugs or one like it will be in the game it would add a very unique aspect to the crime lifestyle. Thanks for reading, (***I do not want to try these substances in real life***).
  17. RPG character history,and stats

    I think that you can develop stats that can convince the other player if they want to hire you. I also think that you should have a criminal history. This criminal history should be accessed by employers and police officers. There should also be what jobs you had and have. This would allow employers to see what you are qualified to do. Drug tests should be a feature that employers can optionally use. How I imagine drug test should work is, when you "do" an substance/drug it will be showed on the test for 30-45 minutes. If you pass or fail this test is up to your employer so he could be okay with weed, but not crack. The court system should look into your criminal history to give sentences. Community service, and probation should be allowed. I also think that drugs should effect your stats like in the Fallout games. There should be education system such as Mandatory education (k-12) , and education for jobs, I think that schools for Jobs should be played with tutorials, so you can go to get qualifications for jobs.
  18. Hi, Not sure weather this should go under "The Precinct" or "Tourism Q & A" so i put it here since it's a question. Will there be a secret investigation agency in identity (Like James Bond or Mission Impossible)? Also, Is there any confirmed police structure, @Motown/@JamesLuck01? I was also wondering if you could say steal from the SWAT an MP5 or M4A1? Would this be possible, but very hard or not possible at all.
  19. A i will be a truck driver in game what can i expect from the police as being part of a traffic stop? Just curious
  20. Hello all fellow officers! I know K-9s have a high chance of not happening till after game if funding occurs so please shut your fucking mouth (Not trying to be harsh but I know a decent amount of you are going to say things..)
  21. How will detectives work? Is my question, will they be assigned to a case if there's been a player murder and if so how will the investigation work, will there be evidence that could be used in court that only a detective can find or will they just question people and extract information?
  22. Wondering if a person can be a gangster and police officer, So like be in on the police but run a gang so you can use it to your advantage...?
  23. Not really sure if this will come. or something along these lines. but gee it would be fun. for people committing the crimes and the police attempting to catch them the idea is the ability to place a note with a message on the body of the guy/girl you've just killed/mugged or even the ability to place a note at a location A note containing a quote, a message or even a well written riddle to either keep the cops on the trail or throw them off. now i'm sure anyone could just load into a game. go and rob some people or even go on a murder spree. But seriously. if your going on a murder spree you are probably going to get caught. Even killing one person per week. stalk your prey. leave notes as clues in town square. or even inside of a police station to let them know you have you eyes set on someone else. either it be a politician who's morals you don't fully agree with, someone who said something in town square that rubbed you the wrong way.. or even a taxi driver who took you to the wrong place.
  24. Assuming it isn't a violent crime such as armed robbery, assault, or murder; would you be offered bail. For those unsure as to exactly what bail is: Bail is money that you pay to the court that allows you to be released until your court date, if you break no other crimes and follow the conditions of the bail, you will receive the money back. In real life the bail price is determined by an individuals wealth, would that be in the game as well?