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Found 51 results

  1. This will be the thread for Ghost gang. Here you can ask questions, while we set up our discord that should be done by Feb.15. Welcome Ghosts. -Bitah (CFO)
  2. Which gang/Mafia seems more likely to uprise more than the others.
  3. I understand there’s other mafias. But I’m going to start my own! Im🤷🏻‍♂️ Deciding so for when the FULL release comes out. I wanna grow and expand this Mafia. Not only doing “bounty’s “ but also drug moves, and more. As well as own other business to cover our trails🤑!! Not only a mafia but a Family! Trust n bread breaking!! We cook together, we eat together ☑️☑️!! #ComingUpWithAName
  4. Follow me - I’ll be starting a mafia ☑️🎒 Name Suggestions: La’ Mafia Luca Mafia brasi Mafia uptown Mafia
  5. I remember hearing a while back from the developers that prison would be more than just a place that you go to when you break a law. It'll be a thriving society. if that's the case, what features will be added to prisons? Will there be commissary for prisoners, will prisoners be able to get visits from friends or whomever, will you be able to sell contraband within prisons....... will you be able to break out? These are only a few of the many questions I have about the prison system.
  6. Hello everyone! Anyone is more than welcome to come join our Discord for a talk about the game or even joining the gang if you wish too! We are always excited about meeting new people who could possibly form the foundation of a very powerful gang in the near future! Discord: Family Post:
  7. The Moretti Mafia Our Aims Our aim is to enable all members of our family to be able to make as much money as they desire. We feel comfortable that we can guarantee that as long as you work hard and remain loyal to the family, we can guarantee you that crime really does pay! In addition to this, we aim on being able to supply all gang members with weapons, vehicles, clothing etc out of family funds, and if you for any reason can't work or are unable to produce an income the family will be able to look after you! Anything that has any connection to money will be of interest to us, and we want all of our members to have lots of fun through roleplay! How to join? If you are interested in joining the family, and/or have any questions regarding joining, please feel free to join our Discord: Discord Server: OR Form (Optional): Please don't hesitate to come to our Discord so we can speak, or post a comment below! Our Plans At this moment in time, our family currently has prospects for the following fields of crime: Extortion Drugs Trafficking Assassinations Selling Stolen Goods Arms Dealing Corruption Labor Unions Intelligence Armed Robbery Counterfeiting Rules We do not have many rules, but what rules we do have must be respected! Similar to the 10 commandments, we have 10 rules which all members must follow in order to be apart of the family. The 10 Commandments are as follows: 1. No-one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it / Members are not allowed to talk about family business to non-members. 2. Never be seen with the police. 3. Always being available for the Moretti Mafia is a duty, even if it means your life. 4. Appointments must absolutely be respected. You must be a man of your word! 5. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth. 6. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families. Every week, members must pay tribute to the Godfather; also giving the Godfather a cut on any side deals. 7. Always follow the Omertá (Code of Silence) oath. 8. If a family member is killed by another member, no one can commit murder in revenge unless the Godfather gives permission. 9. There will be no fighting among members, from fist fights to knife fights. 10. Always follow the family's Standard Operating Procedures! Mafia Hierarchy Our ranking system is similar to other crime families, however in order to work as efficiently as possible we have adapted it slightly. All ranks that we have in the family are highly respected, and we plan on having over a hundred members! Even the Associates are valued members of the family! As a result here are the following ranks: The Godfather The Godfather is the leader and head of the family. Whatever he says, goes. The Godfather coordinates the family, whether or not that be financially or physically, and anybody questioning The Godfather’s final decisions will be severely reevaluated as to whether their position in the family is beneficial. The Godfather contributes a great deal of his wealth to the Mafia’s funds, as to make sure that the family operates smoothly. The Don The Don is second in command in the family, and he is a highly respected asset. He is the Godfather's right hand man, and he is a very trusted member. The Don, reports anything that the Lieutenants have to say to the Godfather. The Don is a crucial part to the family, and controls the family if the Godfather is absent for whatever reason and helps coordinate vital decisions. Lieutenant The Lieutenant is a highly respected rank in the family, and his main role is the coordination of the family. In addition to being the backbone of operations, the Lieutenant is in charge of the treasury, which will be distributed to all family members accordingly. Finally, the Lieutenant is responsible the two Underbosses which are very important when it comes to the dirty work! Underboss The Underboss is the fourth in command, and he is a respected member. His loyalty to the family, is rewarded with his level of power and credibility and this role is responsible for other Caporegimes underneath him. He reports any crucial information which he receives from his Caporegime or Soldiers to the Lieutenant. Caporegime The Caporegime is in charge of a large amount of soldiers and he is an absolutely vital piece to the family, as without him, there would be chaos and no order. The Caporegime takes commands from their respected leader, and helps conduct the Mafia's operations. Each Caporegime will prove extremely crucial when it comes to conducting warfare, and everyday tasks! Soldier The Soldier's main role in the family is to provide manpower, and to be the main threat on the ground. The more soldiers that we have, the bigger force that we will be. Seeing that you are at the bottom of the family, most of the dirty work will fall on you, which means that proving your worth to the family will not only reward you with riches, but also respect! Associate The Associate is at the bottom of the hierarchy pile, which means that in order to become a made-man you need to prove your worth to the family. The Associate will do the dirtiest tasks, but in return they will be rewarded with a lot of respect. In order to set yourself apart from other Associates of the family, you must show that your membership in the family will be lasting, and impact! If you join early on will you be rewarded? Becoming a made-man early on in the family will prove that you are a loyal and dedicated member who is willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure that the success of the family is without fail. In addition, this means that you will be rewarded with an immense amount of respect, and a suitable rank depending on your performance, during your Associate period. Requirements As a crime family that has high expectations, we do have some requirements that members must meet in order to be able to join! The following requirements are shown below: You need to be 15 years or more, You need to have a mic, You need to be active, You need to be mature, and willing to follow the rules, Once you have joined, you must abide by all oaths! How to join? If you are interested in joining the family, and/or have any questions regarding joining, please feel free to join our Discord: Discord Server: OR Form (Optional): Please don't hesitate to come to our Discord so we can speak, or post a comment below!
  8. The Masked Monopoly

    The Masked Monopolies "We Control all, But you don't know us" EST. 1933 Me, aka Monopoly is bringing the "Corporation" to you. We are an "Organisation" of sorts, taking control is what we do, and making money is the major key to it. This isn't your ordinary gangster crew, we are Gentlemen, but aren't afraid of getting a little blood on our hands. If you think you have what it takes to join our society, think again, only the most sophisticated and talented people are qualified for this, you think you are that person? Then reply to this, ones the launch gets closer we will send you an invite if you are qualified, impress us and you might be the next Masked Monopoly.
  9. Hired Anonymous Hitmen!!! LET'S GET ANONYMOUS MEMBERS TO TALLY HERE !!!!!! :):)
  10. Well I Recently Finished playing The First Mafia Game And i Thought Hmm Maybe Identity could Have Different Timelines Such As 1920's 2017 and even the Cold War Hence Maybe They Could Add It in Or Maybe Someone could Mod It Anyways Imagine Seeing A 1920's themed RPG Game Inside Identity With Old Time Cars Eh? As Well As More Guns From 1920'S And Even Better A Better Excuse For More Mafia Ey? And Well Maybe We Could Go Forward In Time In Futuristic Sci fi Cars Lazer Blasters Etc Or maybe Like WW2 Era I suppose Under an occupied teritorry that would be cool to have mp's as the regular cops
  11. Gangs

    Could I become a mob boss and do illegal stuff such and stealing and reselling cars, and selling other illegal contraband?
  12. RP STORY OF VITO PALLAZZOLO Born Vittorio Pallazzolo in Bari, southern Italy, a few streets away from Carmelo Barbero and Frank Luprano's relatives. He was son of a construction manager with long work days and poor payment. Vito's father, Alfonso Palazzolo, was also an amateur boxer who was a strong head of the family. Vito loved boxing as well, just like his father and was not afraid of blood. Slowly, step after step, his mother, Luciana Palazzolo (name meaning: light) strove to achieve her life goals; becoming a mathematic-teacher (she loved the handling of numbers and people) and having self-employment, she was always devoting her energy and time to new areas of income: no matter if it was real estate, precious metals, precious stones, new business investments and taking advantage of untapped business niches (bakery in a place, where people need one...). Vito Palazzolo had a great mix between the endeavor of logical thinking,independent education and hard work. His father died early at a work accident. This layed a huge amount of responsibility on Vito. He was forced to become an adult and his mother was overwhelmed with this situation. She gave Vito a huge amount of money – just in hope he wouldn't see her falling deeper and deeper :she threw her money away, drunk during the daytime and losing her discipline to keep her business running. One day she bought wine in a gas station, was drunk, happy, laughing, and walked out into the street, not watching the traffic into a car, which put her body in the oncoming traffic and she was hit by a truck. Vito got his master in chemistry at the age of 22. It was a great balancing act between the research of new areas (drugs), improving the process of known drugs and the legal work in the laboratory as a researcher (not well paid, but a safe place). Vito quickly recognized that the changing of the world begins with him: He had to see: In problems the freedom of decision. In decisions - their consequences and possible outcomes. In errors - learning and trying again with a better start - which in turn lead to success. He will always be as modest as his mother, no one will ever know how much power and money is working in the background. The security over money stands: Dead people are not able to spend their million of dollars. You should work as hard as possible without putting yourself in danger, think in larger time intervals, and let the money work for you. Discipline daily to work on future goals was vital for Vito. The way you present yourself, your appearance, gestures, facial expression - is your self-confidence. Vito acknowledged three key questions in his day to day business; What is time-consuming? What is profit? What is dangerous? Protecting the family is the most important: therefore he had no problems to sell his drugs in foreign countries. He was not a gun nut, they were only a means for the purpose; protection and solving “problems”. He always solves his problems personally, if necessary, with his hands. He was quick to realize that he could not achieve everything on his own, so he joined the Luprano family through connections in Bari, and eventually came over to the island, after proving his loyalty during various tasks. With the first orders he realized quickly that violence did not irritate him, he could shoot people without hesitation but the thrill of making money with his mind is what gave him his adrenaline rush.Vito wanted to work for the office of the consigliere, which seemed to him in an unachievable distance, but was his goal. Due to his negotiating skills, the nickname "Snake" was awarded to him. He can judge people well and therefore also manipulate well psychologically. He was a great actor, even to people to whom he desires death; he could surrender and be friendly and, if necessary, give the death penalty - which made him an unpredictable weapon. His enemies can not look into him, but their are feeling of him has to be fully illuminated. He was struggling to move to the next step as early as possible, he had a healthy balance between philosophy and action. Now his attitude and skills in life keep all doors open for him.
  13. Cosa Nostra is not a organisation of criminals, we are Mafiosi, entrepreneurs in violence, specialists who have developed what today would be called the most sophisticated business model in the market place. We are searching people to join our family. Of course there will be ranks and each brother will be paid off based of the ranks they have and the job they do. Everyone will be treated equal and traitors will be punished. We will focus on drug trafficking, smuggling, robbery, weapons trafficking. To join the Cosa Nostra you must be: - loyal - active - older than 15 We are also ready to strike up friendships with other clans. "Tutti colpevoli, nessuno colpevole, as the Italian saying has it : If everyone is guilty, no one is guilty."
  14. Luprano mafia requirement 

    [About us] The Luprano family is a pan-Italian Cosa nostra family with its members originally from other North American cities with mafia families, as well as homegrown monsters, and new blood imported from Italy. All made men in the Luprano family have southern Italian heritage with blood lines from places such as Sicily, Napoli, Bari, and Calabria. The family has a strict code of honor, and all members must take the oath of omerta. The family is involved in a vast array of criminal activities that include extortion, loansharking, bookmaking, fraud, kidnapping, drugs, illegal weapons, contract killing, robberies and much more. Almost anything that makes a hefty profit is of interest to the family, as well as legitimate and semi-legitimate business endeavors. Click here To see our family page If interested fill in this application and Pm the don Frank [Application Format] In-Game Name: Age: EU, or NA: Why do you want to join our Family: What can you bring to our mafia:
  15. I recently found this server on Garry's Mod that is a serious Mafia RP server. I joined for a bit and it is pretty fun if you guys want to check it out and add to the playerbase. Right now the server is a bit new and in a month or two there will be a new huge map and added systems. This is just something to hold people off until identity comes out and it's worth to check out. This is the IP:
  16. The "Left-Hand Mafia" shall be recruiting individuals that are willing to fulfill the interests of a specific UNDISCLOSED political party in exchange for WEALTH, LUXURIES, AND FAVOURS. The RANKING system usually determines the amount of profits that a member shall receive. The percentage of profits shall be determined in the future... the ranks consists of the following: 1. The Left-Hand: The "Left-Hand" functions as the absolute leader of the organization. In the process, the "Left-Hand" is INCAPABLE of disclosing or revealing his or her government name to the public in order to ensure that the "Left-Hand" is not a target by government authorities or private organizations. Thus, the "Left-Hand" remains unrevealed and unknown to each and every member of the mafia-organization, EXCLUDING The Five Fingers of The Left. "The Left-Hand" is capable of engaging with each and every member of the organization. However, "The Left-Hand" CANNOT reveal his or her role as the leader of the organization in order to ensure that the organization remains secure and stable against any opposing third-party state or non-state organizations. 2. The Five-Fingers [of the Left]: The "Five-Fingers [of the Left] are "The Left-Hand's" elite-minded advisers with the second-highest status within the organization. Usually, each finger represents the support for "The Left Hand". Otherwise, "The Left-Hand" would cease to function effectively. Each member is classified with their own nickname in order to ensure their confidentiality within and outside of the organization while possessing unique RANKS and ROLES that contribute to The Left-Hand Mafia: A) The Thumb: The Thumb is the dominant so-called "finger" within the organization that generally functions as the "Second in-command" of the organization. Hypothetically, if "The Left-Hand" is assassinated, disposed, resigned, or deceased due to natural causes, The Thumb shall function as the NEW "Left-Hand" of the organization. The thumb shall be DECAPITATED if it fails to abide by the guidelines of "The Red-Hand" or discloses the IDENTITY of EITHER THE FIVE FINGERS or "THE LEFT HAND" to ANY other individual within the entire world, resulting in replacing the thumb by another member that is appointed by "The Left-Hand". One must note that mentioning either individuals' identities is NOT an issue as long as their names are NOT connected to their RANK within the organization. B) The Index [Finger]: The "Index" [Finger] is third in command within the organization. The identical penalties applies to the "Index" [Finger] regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. C) The Middle-Man [Middle-Finger]: The "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" is the fourth in command within the organization. The "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" may secede "The Index [Finger]" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. D) The Ring-Man/Ring-Finger/Ringer: The fifth in command within the organization. "The Ring-Man", "Ring-Finger", or "Ringer" may secede "The Middle-Man [Middle-Finger]" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "The Ring-Man", "Ring-Finger", or "Ringer" regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. E: Pinky/Smalls [Finger]: The sixth in command within the organization. Pinky/Smalls [Finger] may secede "The Ring-Man" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "Pinky/Smalls" or regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. 3. The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]: Thirteen members that are appointed within the council in order to function as the advisers of "The Five Fingers [Of the Left-Hand]. Usually, The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] tends to function as the elitist members of the organization with the ability to interact with the "The Five Fingers [of Left-Hand]". Thus, The Left Hand and Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] usually discusses the affairs of the organization in order to present "The Five Finger's" orders to the "Officers" (via the MESSENGER) The council cannot disclose the identity of "The Five Fingers" OR The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] to any member or non-member within the map. However, disclosing their identities is not an issue as long as subjects are not revealed to be connected to the organization. The council is capable of ELECTING one member of the council if "The Five Fingers [of the Left]" requires another "Pinky/Smalls" through a democratic vote. 4. The Messenger: The messenger transports the information from "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" to the officers... Nothing more, nothing less. The Messenger is usually classified as a former dedicated "Officer" that deserves to attain a large amount of wealth after dedicating their entire life to the organization. In other terms, it is the "easy job" after functioning as a veteran member of the organization. The entire organization merely consists of ONE MESSENGER in order to ensure that the CONFIDENTIALITY of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] remains secure. The Messenger shall be executed if it discloses the name of an individual and their connection to the organization. For example, the Messenger cannot state "Christopher Wilson is a member of The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]!" to any member or non-member of the organization. However, the Messenger merely delivers the message... 5. The Treasurer: Responsible for presenting the organization's profits, losses, funds, distribution of funds etc... to The Messenger. Usually, The Treasurer attains the profits from the officers prior to presenting the profits to the messenger. The Messenger is expected to disclose the profits to "The Left-hand Council [of Thirteen]" while "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" discloses the profits to "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand]". Finally, "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand] discloses the profits, losses etc... to "The Left-Hand". The Treasurer does NOT regulate the WEALTH of the organization. However, it is the individual that REPORTS the information to higher members of the organization. Any MEMBER that conducts theft on the organization's currency shall be assassinated as soon as possible. 6. Officers: Thirty-three officers are appointed by a combination of "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand]" and "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" in order to abide by the orders of The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]. In the process, officers possess the ability to control their own "family" that exists under their last name. For example, James Taylor would form "The Taylor Family". Thus, the Officers are capable of forming their own unique orders as long as it does not interfere with the orders of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]". Otherwise, the Officer shall be executed by the organization. 7. Family Member: A regular member of the organization. Usually, the Family Member is expected to respond and abide by the orders of their Officer. Failure to abide by the orders of an officer may result in disciplinary actions that are devised by the Officer of the family. The family member is expected to classify themselves as a member of their respective family. For example, Tony Smith is a member of "The Taylor Family" (governed by Officer James Taylor) in order to be classified as "Tony 'Taylor' Smith". The identical scenario would apply to Mario Machiavelli as a member of "The Washington Family" in order to be classified as "Mario Washington Machiavelli". Each "Family Member" possesses numerous roles that could be fulfilled throughout the organization. The roles may include: robber, arsonist, extortionist, assassin, thief, kidnapper, espionage agent etc... any role that one could imagine as long as it contributes to the organization. 8. Recruit: The lowest member of the organization that is often expected to fulfill numerous tasks for family members and officers until the officer deems the recruit to be a suitable member of a specific family. Each and every member of the organization shall be capable of fulfilling any role that their character desires. However, each and every member must abide by the hierarchical structure of the organization. In other terms, the recruit must abide by the guidelines of the family and officer, the family members must abide by their officer, the officers must abide by the orders of the messenger, the messenger must abide by the orders of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]", "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] must abide by the orders of "The Left-Hand", and "The Left-Hand" must abide by it's.... you guessed it... the undisclosed political party that had FORMED the entire organization since DAY ONE. Each and every member shall attain profits according to their ranks and roles within the organization considering that the organization intends to assert it's dominance throughout the map. The political party shall not claim ownership of any of the mafia's possessions etc... However, the party shall be expected to attain 50% of the ENTIRE organization's profits. In the process, the organization shall attain an extensive amount of favours from political leaders, Lawyers, doctors etc... within the city. It shall be worth one's efforts... PROFIT AND FAVOURS. UNIFORM: During important meetings, members are expected to equip a black or grey suit on to their character with a red shirt. However, members are not expected to equip a suit on to their character during the majority of their daily activities considering that it would preserve the CONFIDENTIALITY of the organization. Codes: Each and every member, depending on their rank, shall be presented with a set of CODES in order to ENSURE that the individuals are a member of the organization. The codes of a member of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" shall possess different codes compared to an Officer etc... Any disclosure of such codes to another ranking member or non-member shall be executed considering that it would result in undercover officers or a third-party organization infiltrating the organization. "False-claiming" is NOT acceptable. (P.S. The mafia shall clearly BEGIN as a small organization until the organization consists of a lot of members)
  17. Looking for a Family? Click the picture below and apply!
  18. Looking for a Family / Gang? Click on the picture, and apply!
  19. The Nameless We are a family called "The Nameless" Our family is splitted up in a Hierarchy: The Boss I Under Boss 1 --- Under Boss 2 --- Underboss 3 I I I Caporegime Caporegime Caporegime I I I Employees Employees Employees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is 3 Underbosses: 1. Who makes drugs 2. Sells the Drugs 3. Who does different types of work depending on "The Boss" So the way it works is that "The boss" say what the "Underbosses" do and so on. The Underboss manage the money and hire new people. The Caporegime distribute tasks and keeps an eye on the employees. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The way the money is distributed. 35% To the boss 25% To Underboss 15% To the Caporegime 25% Distibuted to the Employees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Boss = Me Under Boss 1 = Under Boss 2 = Under Boss 3 = NyanRadscorpion Caporegime 1 = Caporegime 2 = Caporegime 3 = ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rivals: Black Mamba ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you would like to apply, send me a message on here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. The Nameless We are a family called "The Nameless" Our family is splitted up in a Hierarchy: The Boss I Under Boss 1 --- Under Boss 2 --- Underboss 3 I I I Caporegime Caporegime Caporegime I I I Employees Employees Employees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is 3 Underbosses: 1. Who makes drugs 2. Sells the Drugs 3. Who does different types of work depending on "The Boss" So the way it works is that "The boss" say what the "Underbosses" do and so on. The Underboss manage the money and hire new people. The Caporegime distribute tasks and keeps an eye on the employees. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The way the money is distributed. 35% To the boss 25% To Underboss 15% To the Caporegime 25% Distibuted to the Employees ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Boss = Me Under Boss 1 = Under Boss 2 = Under Boss 3 = NyanRadscorpion Caporegime 1 = Caporegime 2 = Caporegime 3 = ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rivals: Black Mamba ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you would like to apply, send me a message on here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The Black Mamba Crime family are looking for underbosses JOIN US NOW AND BECOME A MEBER OF THE MOST AWESOME MAFIA IN THE WORLD click the mamba to see our Page
  22. The Passaretti Family My name is Silvio Biancalana "Don" Passaretti. Welcome to the Passaretti family. Our family is a well-organized, wealthy, functioning unit, with well-established members and associates, and is centered around loyalty. The more loyal you are to the family, the more loyal the family repays you. Loyalty goes a long way in our line of business. The family takes care of other members very well in terms of pay, and treatment. We supply housing, permanent jobs, growth opportunities, and have even started separate families of our own. Currently, we stand strong with 31 active members to the Passaretti Family. Never seen our family, Cannot find our family? That's because the family doesn't need to be found. We are quiet. Running operations under the public noses. No traitors, No leaks, but we have a special mission. The family is looking into new locations. With that come new people, new associates, new beginnings... We've heard of Roseport, a fresh new city offering potential of wealth, drugs, guns and a new place to settle down. This is where you could come in. The family has openings. Opportunity for you to make yourself in a new town. If you are interested in being apart of the family, information about joining please visit Once there you will find what positions are available, and ways to contact the family. I look forward to meeting you in the game. Best regards S. Passaretti
  23. Occulta Family

    What is the Occulta Family? You've heard it before. The 1% controlling the remaining 99%. Well, that's us. But not in crime as much in a brotherhood, a family. We have a good overview of wealth, and politics. The shadows. Be there for the family. Why join? You're looking for someone as rich as you. Looking for a family. We're here to make sure that the rich people, stay rich. No matter what, it's about the family. We've got each others backs. I want to join, but how? Come on to our website and find the recruitment tab. We'd be glad to have extra members!
  24. MAIN INFO Hello! If you are on the local discord server, you probably know who i am... If not allow me to introduce msyelf. My name is Juncker and i know almost everything about the game that is to know (ATM) Well im not here to tell my life story... The fact is we have gathered a few people (6 atm) And we have chosen to start a gang, called Blaze. We will be recruiting people from now on until he have enough people recruited. The Gang will be mostly focused on drug selling but we will also be going on heists and more. If you have any questions leave a comment. REQUIREMENTS 1: You being able to do Semi-Serious RP 2: Have fairly good aim 3: Mic required (Good mic if available) 4: Being active more than once a week (If going on holiday contact us) 5: Having the app "Discord" (If you get accepted you will be sent a link for interview) 6: Being able to speak English, if you are American prepare for high ping. Just saying RANKS I will try to keep this post as simple as possible, so your brains doesn't die: So i made a "Family tree" There will be infinite space for Footsoldier (Until we have enough) By the way every "Could be you!" Is a free slot I will update this of course. The Generals each have a division each which is: Head of Production: Franceska, Head of Sales: Juncker (me), Head of Assault: Kevazy, Head of Security: Grindmaster. HOW TO APPLY You will be given a template look under this text. Just fill that in and post it in the comments Template (Real Life) Name: (In game) Name: Age: Why you want to join: Why we should choose you: Anything else you would like to tell us? What rank would you like to be? Thank you for your time