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Found 18 results

  1. Cafe owner!

    I'd really love to run a small cafe where people can come, hang out, get on the internet and eat food! I'm not sure how eating will work, but I hope this is a viable career.
  2. Distribution

    Hey, I was wondering if you could start your own distribution company where you could get the food from your suppliers (hunters) and sell them off to the stores where people can buy it. I think it would be cool and it would add more realism into the game.
  3. having restaurants in the game would be a really cool feature to the game maybe there could be people in the game working as chefs making food for people also i think it would be a great to see people in the the world of identity making there own fast food chains hiring chefs to work for them and real people can come into the restaurant and sit down to eat.
  4. sooooo been planning my virtual life in this game for a while now but I just thought, what about Food? for example, would you be able to go down to a grocery store by bread and toast that at your apartment or hotel or wherever you are that has a toaster? I just love the thought of actually having to go shopping in the game and you would do it with purpose for the sake of your Avatar living and staying healthy. Does no one else think it's funny to be worrying about going shopping in game x D I picture arguments arising over shopping baskets aha I feel also this Food feature would add some variety to working at restaurants and such (mini games for staff) I feel this would make the game even more fun
  5. Peter Luger's Steak House

    Hello everyone, I'm opening up a Peter Luger's SteakHouse. I will need waiters and chefs. If you want to try out for the position please PM me. You will get paid $10 per in-game hour as a waiter and $20 per in-game hour as a chef. Help needed!
  6. Mr. Wells

    Hi, im Mr. Wells. I plan on being a long term business owner and respected citizen.
  7. Feeding the town

    With the economy being player based would food need to come from an external source. Say you had to get certain products such as lamb, chicken, pork and beef from farms/ranchers. I was also wondering if we'd actually be able to set up a ranch, one with fences for paddocks to have grass fed cattle or other animals in them. Slap a barn on the land with a cool room in it to keep the meat fresh. Load the meat up into a truck sell it to a food store or cafe of sorts. Not sure how you would actually go about cutting up a killed animal in a video game and then loading and unloading it from a truck. But it would be an awesome RP job and frankly I don't see another way for someone to live in out in the country and thrive. You don't need more than one beef breeding brand, the most popular being Brahman. You could also allow hunters onto your land to of course hunt.
  8. Peter Luger's Steak House

    Hello everyone, I'm opening up a Peter Luger's SteakHouse. I will need waiters and chefs. If you want to try out for the position please PM me. You will get paid $10 per in-game hour as a waiter and $20 per in-game hour as a chef. Help needed!
  9. Lets talk food

    I am interested in owning a restaurant. Definitely in the town square area (not necessarily in the main town square). What are my options to the food I can sell, and the style of my restaurant. I want to create a steak house, a classy restaurant which requires a blazer dress code. Is any of this possible? Can I sell steak? and only steak?
  10. I have a violent obsession with food and cooking in games and how the food looks. The appearance and the stats of the food. I do not know what is already being a work-in-progress. I don't know if identity is a "survival" type game but it would be nice as it would give food a use and makes it more realistic. Other uses for it would be for health boosts but that seems more skeptical since I think Identity wants their PvP to be more realistic. It would be extremely nice for food to have the possibility to becoming something industrial in this game as well. Mass producing whole wheat flour for example. >You would need a wheat field and farmers to tend the fields. >The farmers would sell their wheat to a industrial factory in which they take the wheat berries and grind them into flour. >The flour is sold to a bakery or a grocery store for consumers to buy. >The bakery makes and sells whole wheat bread, muffins, and other goods. >The goods are sold to the customer to consume so they don't die of starvation. -To transport goods you must pay a truck driver, or truck driving company, or have your own trucks. Careers: Farm Owner, Farmer, Industrial Owner, Bakery Owner, Grocery Store Owner, Truck Driver, Security. Farm Owner: you can toggle to have random players come and pick wheat and they can choose to sell the wheat to a factory and you get a % of the profit or they can buy it from you after picking it for reduced price. OR you can rent out your plot to a player so they can become a farmer themselves. Farmer: When renting a farm or owning one you are permitted to use tools normal civilians cannot to help harvest crops faster. You should not be able to rob farm fields. Industrial Owner: Having more workers in your factory makes the production come out faster but it costs more money to keep it running. You should need a minimum number of workers to run a factory. You need to pay truck drivers to transport your goods to you or do it yourself. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Bakery Owner: You can run a bakery by yourself, or hire more people on to produce more goods to sell. You need to pay truck drivers to transport your goods to you or do it yourself. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Grocery Store Owner: You can run a store by yourself, you need to pay truck drivers to transport your goods to you or do it yourself. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Truck Company: You manage truck drivers. Truck Driver: You complete tasks given from company by moving goods. Security: Paid to keep crime at bay. Security should be a separate division from police. Such as a "Security Agency" which store owners can call to have a new guard on the premises because not all players can play 24/7 this can help aid in reduced crime rate all while the store owner can manage their business while be protected at all times. The guards are paid for their duration and if they don't do their job they can be fired instantly and only get paid for that amount of duration instead. Security would be more for players who don't want to hunt down the bad guys but want to still protect. While police would be for more head on and searching for bad guys and have an obligation to do so. Goods should be packaged and there should be card board factories that also provide boxes that factories also need so they can put their products into these boxes in bulk, then they can be hauled onto trucks individually by truck driver or workers. Multiple people can help to move things onto the truck so it takes less time to load up. For example a good transportation company will bring 20 people with them to load the goods on faster than a company that only brings 1 driver with them. These are all concepts that would be amazing to have implemented into any game.
  11. Chief of Transportation and Supplying - (Max.1) Secretary - (Max.1) For more information click here Reply using this template below Application Form Your Name: Which Job Are You Interested In?: Why?: Why Should I Hire You Over Someone Else?:
  12. Papa's Pies

    Who are we? Papa's Pies is a group of stores located in central places such as malls, the plaza and high streets. We pride ourselves on our signature pies made from freshly farmed ingredients and cooked with our very own recipes, we also sell beverages and other baked goods such as cupcakes and birthday cakes. Why make this company? The owner of our company, John Mariano who was born and raised by his Italian parents right here on this island was inspired by his mother who made the best apple pie anyone has ever tasted. John used to eat those apple pies every sunday evening at the table with his parents and he started helping make his mother's secret recipe. John is passionate about baking and invested in a company that he could take part in what he loves. Do you need employees? Here at Papa's Pies we don't need that many employees and at the moment we are only really looking for: -Someone to manage the register -Chefs -Farmers to buy fresh good from (apples for pies etc.) What is our status at the moment? At the moment we only own one shop but we are hoping to expand to malls, the plaza and town high streets. To accomplish this we need all the help and employees we can help. Why should I go here? Have you ever just wanted to relax and get a nice camomile tea with a bit of pie and kick back and relax underneath an awning sitting on a comfortable chair with the sunlight in your face? this is what we are trying to achieve, a peaceful meal that's enjoyable. What do you serve so far? So far we serve: -Pie -Beverages -Tea, Coffee -Baked goods such as cupcakes etc. -ice cream.
  13. Ilyri Convenience Stores

    FAQ's Who are we? Ilyri is a company that sells food, drinks and other miscellaneous items in our designated stores around the map. What makes us different? Ilyri tries to aim selling quality products that will satisfy our customers. Our main target is to sell food, drinks and other miscellaneous items near homes, office buildings and landmarks so that it can be "convenient" for you to get that sandwich you really needed. How do you apply? Reply to this thread using the template provided. Administration CEO - @ErjonBerisha *Chief of Transportation and Supplying - (Max.1) Other Secretary - (Max.1) *I'll work closely with the Chief of Transportation and Supplying to see what we need to supply all our stores. If you need to require any information for any job listed, I will explain it. All employees are entitled to a complementary suit from Ilyri. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions then ask below.
  14. Will there be any competition in the food industry because there doesn't seem to be any at this moment of time.
  15. Brewing and Farming!

    I was thinking about the farms on the map. Will people be farming different crops to sell to stores? If this is the case, will the same thing happen for beer? Will there be a brewery where someone can craft their own batches? Making contest out of the most creative beers? Granted taste is one thing but effect and duration of buffs, cost and most importantly the name will determine winners. If farming is a job in Identity, will tractors and such also be in the game. If so, Farmer Frest has found his calling!
  16. Food trucks?

    Hello! I just wanted to know if it is a possibility that we can operate food trucks in the game? I think it would be a great idea because many people would be doing their activities and everyone would be busy. So it is not a good idea to eat and sit in a restaurant. So fast food would be a good business idea. What do you guys think?
  17. Will there be a food and thirst game mechanic in the game? I think that would help improve the roleplay and encourage players to go buy food from markets, restaurants, food trucks, or wherever to quench their needs.
  18. Culinary

    So, as a role playing game- the thing I've hated most out of everything is a need for food, but with a game like this I feel it's logical since illness is in it too. I understand realisticallity and all, but the food need has always been a ugly game trait, however I feel with proper tuning, like (eat a sandwich when you log on) (and hunger is only in effect while playing) or something like that would be good and enhance the game experience slightly and it would add the culinary career to the game, and it would make a lot of unique foods.... or just a bunch of sandwiches and soups with different names. Just a wandering thought of logic.