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  1. Recap Vote: What you want to be?

    A simple cafe owner
  2. Cafe owner!

    I'd really love to run a small cafe where people can come, hang out, get on the internet and eat food! I'm not sure how eating will work, but I hope this is a viable career.
  3. Hi, I'm Dakota!

    Hi, my name is Dakota! I expect that my 2 real life career goals would be a bit too complex to create in a digital world (film directing or game design) so I'll stick to those irl and hope that I can open my own little cafe! I'd love if I could get a little community that comes every now and then where everybody knows each other. Im somebody who has issues with my gender identity so I'm really hoping that the character design will be complex enough that I can really make someone that I would be comfortable with. I hope to see all of you in this amazing world the devs are creating in the (hopefully) near future! Very excited!