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  1. Stock Market

    I thought about this and I thought to myself, "FirstTimeFrest, what if each corporation had to register to the "gov't". This list would be available for everyone on their phone or computer though a broker app. People would be able to invest in different corps that they know. These corps would then gain a small amount of income through stocks and would help make a larger profit. This would increase the stock price and people could make money this way." Then I said to myself, "FirstTimeFrest, That is a good idea."
  2. Stock Market

    I think this would be awesome to do with player owned businesses. If there was a Data Base of all created Corporations that is accessable to all players on the computer in game. Then being allow to buy stocks of desired business. Whenever someone buys stocks the corporation would gain a little bit of money. This would give a little bit of incentive to showcase your profits. I would love to see this!
  3. Brewing and Farming!

    They said farming will be a job. I don't know how that will be incorporated.
  4. Brewing and Farming!

    This game will turn into farming simulator 2017!! lol
  5. Ability to live double lives

    I doubt you could have two "Jobs". i'm sure you can make money more than one way. Being you get paid as a policeman/woman but you let a criminal go for a cut. Or you work as a criminal but you have a small business of your own on the side. I think one "Job" will be available to you at a time.
  6. Brewing and Farming!

    Maybe a larger top 10 businesses would be cool. But I think for individual products it would be cool. This would produce competition for different products and allow a small business to get their name out there!
  7. Brewing and Farming!

    I was wondering if there would be farming and brewing. Farming seems like a yes, but not 100% sure. And Brewing seems like a great idea because of different ingredients could provide different buffs and duration of said buffs. There could be contests for beers. Judges of effect, duration, cost, name, and of course taste would determine a winner. I would love this! Would you?
  8. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    To be honest, I want to see some John Deere Tractors for farming food. Maybe some New Holland and International Havester. How else am i suppose to bring all my crops to the market?
  9. Brewing and Farming!

    I was thinking about the farms on the map. Will people be farming different crops to sell to stores? If this is the case, will the same thing happen for beer? Will there be a brewery where someone can craft their own batches? Making contest out of the most creative beers? Granted taste is one thing but effect and duration of buffs, cost and most importantly the name will determine winners. If farming is a job in Identity, will tractors and such also be in the game. If so, Farmer Frest has found his calling!