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Found 2 results

  1. Brewing and Farming!

    I was wondering if there would be farming and brewing. Farming seems like a yes, but not 100% sure. And Brewing seems like a great idea because of different ingredients could provide different buffs and duration of said buffs. There could be contests for beers. Judges of effect, duration, cost, name, and of course taste would determine a winner. I would love this! Would you?
  2. Brewing and Farming!

    I was thinking about the farms on the map. Will people be farming different crops to sell to stores? If this is the case, will the same thing happen for beer? Will there be a brewery where someone can craft their own batches? Making contest out of the most creative beers? Granted taste is one thing but effect and duration of buffs, cost and most importantly the name will determine winners. If farming is a job in Identity, will tractors and such also be in the game. If so, Farmer Frest has found his calling!