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Found 2 results

  1. Ranching

    I'm interested in owning my own ranch with cows, sheep and horses. I read that farming will be in the game, but what about ranch animals? Will I be able to milk cows, shear sheep, ride and/or breed horses? Will horse racing be a thing? Can I put a cart on my horse to deliver the goods I want to sell? I would like a ranch house with pastures full of animals around it. Will that be possible? And what about pets? Will we be able to own dogs or cats? Will we be able to open a pet shop or breed and sell dogs and cats to other players? I can't really find many answers to my questions, does anyone know?
  2. Feeding the town

    With the economy being player based would food need to come from an external source. Say you had to get certain products such as lamb, chicken, pork and beef from farms/ranchers. I was also wondering if we'd actually be able to set up a ranch, one with fences for paddocks to have grass fed cattle or other animals in them. Slap a barn on the land with a cool room in it to keep the meat fresh. Load the meat up into a truck sell it to a food store or cafe of sorts. Not sure how you would actually go about cutting up a killed animal in a video game and then loading and unloading it from a truck. But it would be an awesome RP job and frankly I don't see another way for someone to live in out in the country and thrive. You don't need more than one beef breeding brand, the most popular being Brahman. You could also allow hunters onto your land to of course hunt.