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  1. Billie jean and beat it aren't working
  2. The lighting is messed up.

    Everyones skin is yellow (For white skin people) and red (For black skin people) plus everything is so colourful after the update... Is this supposed to be happening?
  3. Town Square isn't even as bad as I was expecting. In fact it was exactly what I was expecting for the past year or so. Because I was on holiday the day it released I only got the opportunity to play the game yesterday, I heard from a lot of Youtubers that the game was garbage due to it crashing and the amount of bugs it had and the lack of content, but I have been playing the game for a few hours now, and haven't experienced a single bug besides from a few objects not placing properly in my apartment. This is probably because they have fixed most of the major bugs by now, but still it is a lot better than some are making it out to be. I was incredibly impressed with the amount of clothes you can choose from as well as how much you can customize your apartment. As long as the devs frequently update Town Square, and add new content in the game until the upcoming release of the next module, I will be impressed and satisfied with my purchase. Good work Devs! It's hard to rate a game which is no where near being finished so I'll give it an even 5/10.
  4. Anyone here from New Zealand?

    That isn't the official map anymore I don't think
  5. I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure there was only 20,000 citizens a few weeks ago... maybe I misread it and it actually said 120,000 but I'm 90% sure it said 20,000...
  6. Change My Mind

    I should be able to make my own change my mind panel in identity
  7. Rusted Car Pack Problem In Shop

    What's the bet when the full game comes out everyone who bought the rusted car pack from the shop will all get the same car... I think to make the game Little more realistic (Just in case if the devs haven't thought of this already) maybe people who have bought the rusted car pack all get different rusted cars, with a randomized car color for each rusted car so there won't just be 100 white Toyota corolla look a likes all driving down the same road at the same time.
  8. Karaoke Bar Song Requests

    Karaoke Bar song requests: September - Earth, Wind, Fire Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough - Michael Jackson Beat It - Michael Jackson Stayin Alive - BeeGee's Africa - Toto Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind, Fire Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen We Will Rock You - Queen Rock With You - Michael Jackson Bon Jovi - Living On A Prayer AKA the songs played so much at karaoke bars it drives people crazy
  9. The animations in the Identity gameplay videos especially with the running and moving around/ looking around animations look very unnatural like there is no transition between when your character walks to runs making it look really unrealistic will this be changed or is that the final running animations for the game... Also I'm not the only one who has complained about this either, I just think it ruins the effect of the game being like real life if the character animations aren't realistic what so ever, they just seem a bit too basic for my liking something you would find in a game make in the early 2000s.
  10. Map Changes

    Since the game has changed a lot since 2015 I am just wondering if the map for Identity will still be what you showed us back in 2015, and how much of the map have you guys completed so far for Identity? Last question, will paintball still also be in the full game?
  11. Road Object Physics

    Will Objects typically by roads like traffic lights, cones etc. have realistic weights to them unlike racing games where it isn't very hard to knock over a pole. Like maybe sometimes if you hit a pole in Identity with a car will it do heavy damage to the car like in real life or will it be more arcade like?
  12. I know the game play trailer was due around Christmas and then they postponed it to somewhere in January. It's almost February and theirs still no sign of the game play trailer...

    Weed legalisation
  14. Just Upgraded! (& Poll)

    im generally suprised by how many people have bought VIP