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Found 42 results

  1. How can I join beta and start playing now? Did I need to buy passport and beta? or just beta? Thank you =)
  2. Get your Identity Steam key!

    We're getting close! You can now connect your Steam account to your Identity game account and obtain your Identity game Steam key. This key will add Identity to your library so that when Identity is released, you can download it and start playing immediately without having to do anything else. To get your key, login on the main site (NOT THESE FORUMS) at You can then go to the Account tab of your profile where you'll see an option to link your Steam account. You must have BETA ACCESS on your account to claim a key! ATTENTION! You can only attach one steam account to one game account, and it's permanent. Be sure you're logged into your game account which has the items you've purchased before attaching a Steam account! While you won't get Identity in your game library just yet, you will very soon. Handing out the keys like this allows us to reduce load on our servers. We currently have 20,000 keys in the system and we'll be adding more.
  3. Please don't fuck this up.

    I just wanna start by saying i've got high hopes for this game. I think it was announced around 2015 or 2016, and i have been waiting with high expectations for a while now. This is the exact type of game i can see myself playing for days on end. That being said, the game isn't even released yet. It's still in development.. And i just took a look at the shop. There are cosmetics being sold before the game has even released? Really? You're gonna make us pay real money.. upwards of 100 dollars.. for a house? There should be in-game jobs and in-game currency. We should be able to work for these things. That is the whole point of games like these. Rewards! So what in the hell is with this shit? In the first module release it doesn't even look like vehicles will be driveable. But there are cars being sold on the shop for real money. Come the fuck on! Please don't fuck this up. I'm rooting for this game. Access to the game should be sold now. The more funding there is the better the game should be. I don't have a problem with more expensive PACKAGES including cars and houses to go along with access to the game. But selling these things on their own? Thats a whole other ball game. We should all be on a level paying field, whether or not we had the cash to splurge.
  4. It's being released between now and somewhen ?
  5. Town Square Module

    Hello everyone, I am wondering; do you have to have the beta passport in order to play the TSM? Thank you!
  6. In the town square

    So as we all know town Square is maybe 2 weeks away but what is everyone looking forward to doing. I'm looking forward to playing town Square with my friend heading to the karaoke bar to hear what people have got plus hear then sing and make fools of themselfs.
  7. Will beta users be able to play module 1 once it comes out on module 1 release, just a simple question.
  8. Town Square Release

    Hey guys, with the upcoming release of the town square I’d like to know what you like most about Identity so far, or what you want to do in the game. Personally, I’m really excited for the graphics, and just a fresh new modern day realistic game. I’m gonna have tons of fun just doing random crazy stuff with all of you, whether were running a drug cartel or simply owning a clothing shop. Anyways, comment what you’re looking forward to most! It’d be great if we could get the devs in on this so tag them. @Paratus @Beach_Ball
  9. Only a few more day

    Only a few more days left... what are y'all thinking
  10. I wondered if there is any specific date for the beta release?? Because a friend and I wanna sign up the 30$ version to be able to test the game in BETA
  11. I feel betrayed

    I got kinda pissed off when I found out that you were going to have micro-transactions for cosmetics in-game. Why would you make this game more simular to Club Penguin. I just do not get it, please explain. Did you not raise enough money?
  12. I was wondering how long the public beta testing is gonna last for the town square module? Will the public beta expand out of the Town Square eventually? Also, what's the ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) til the full game will be released? My girlfriend wants to buy the citizens pack but she's not too sure yet, so we're not sure if she should get the founder or citizen pack. Thanks! - Mastahakill
  13. Questions about the beta.

    Hey guys, i'm new citizen here, i just want to know some things about the beta in 2 days. The beta is only for the $30 or more ? What we can do in this beta on identity?
  14. J'aimerais savoir pour quand est la sortie de la beta et aussi pour le logement si on se deconnecte du serveur on gardera toujours notre maison les changement de la maison notre voitures...
  15. I have been following this game for a few months now, and I am very exited for its beta release. My one question is if the game trailer and identity insider content that is said to come out this month will be released. Thanks in advance.
  16. Beta Party

    I think we all know that there is going to be beta testing before the launch and I would like to know if during that we'll see some kind of gift because the Founder Hat is also available for players who won't be testing. Apart from that a shirt or a yellow and pink hat (totally not a club penguin rip-off) would be nice (even more because if you pay 30 you only play the game before it's launched and you won't recieve any special item.
  17. Beta release question

    Will streamers be able to stream the beta/youtubers be able to make video's about i?
  18. beta

    Hey how can I play the beta version I only see Progress 89 And when the game comes out? I've already looked around but didn't see anything here about passing by
  19. So i just bought the $30 game that comes with the beta but i am not seeing the beta or where i can download it at is the beta even out yet is my question.
  20. Beta Access Features?

    Hi, I'm kinda confused. It's not a whole lot of information we've got about the Beta Access. I've heard from a video (on YouTube I think) that there won't be drivable cars in the Beta yet. Then I've heard something about that you will be given a free bike when joining the Beta Access, is that true? I'm also wondering about the apartments/housing. I've bought the Founder-package, which includes Passport, Founder Hat and Beta Access, where are you going to live when joining the game for the first time? Do you have an old apartment or do you live on the street? And how do you earn money to rent an apartment, or buy a house, if you doesn't have one when joining for the first time?
  21. When does the beta starts just bought the founder rank yesterday and i really hope someone could tell me when it begins would love to play the game already haha

    I have just purchased the $15 package and im aware this DOES NOT give me beta access, however I noticed that the shop will close as soon as Town Square Module is released. I get paid Monday 15th May, is it safe to say I have enough time to get the Beta upgrade?
  23. dear team , i am wondering if i could be aloud to letsplay the game Identity in the Beta Phase when i buy the passport for 30 bucks. i would letsplay the Game in German . i would appreciate if you would Respond
  24. I'm wondering what the town square module beta is going to be like Like am I going to be able to buy estate or clothes and cars or can I make art or what?
  25. TryHardCREW- Identity Gang

    Identity gang, we own the streets, the police work for us, we don't own cars or motorcycles, just our pesky bmx bikes roaming the streets, - the governor is going to have to do more to take us out.