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Found 42 results

  1. So guys come on how do we download town square when its released will it be on steam or do we download it from here or what? what do we do?
  2. How is this make sense???

    I sat and looked at the "Identity website", and I saw this "". How can there be a 9. You can only give 5 or 10 dollars in the shop. where does the 9 came from?
  3. unable to Pledge or upgrade

    I am trying to put in $15 more in my pledge, so when i click on buy it takes me to a pay-pal link and there's a option of other such as debit card i click on that and put in my info and it says "Things don't appear to be working at the moment . Please try again later" its been doing that since the last 2 weeks i tried , any suggestion would be appreciated Thanks!
  4. Changing main account email

    hello! i was wanting to know how to change my account email? not the forum account, the main account i used to buy the upgrade packs and such as its an old email i dont use anymore
  5. I’m not receiving email?

    I made a new account. Mistyped the email because I thought I had it. Email didn’t exist // made the email not receiving any emails.. help please
  6. Cant make an account?!

    I cant make an account? I keep getting this message " Please enter correct image verification string. This is what It says whenever I try to make an account. Help me please, Also when do you think game will be released like where people can pay it to play it before early release.
  7. Pleged $30 with no reward

    So i donated $30 with a promise of a reward of beta access when i clicked on "claim your reward" and typed in my email buy it said no claims found by this email but if i go to my account where there are the donation options it shows the $30 option as "purchased" PLZ HELP
  8. PayPal guest payment won't work!

    When I go to pay as a guest on PayPal and fill out all of the fields, including; address, card number, everything. The payment will not go through, it says to come back later because it is not working. I am trying to use a Visa gift card to pay so maybe that's the problem, I have no idea. Help would be appreciated!
  9. Ive seen on a few threads people talking about a new website has the release date been released or do people have an idea thanks
  10. Help

    Just curious I'm trying to create an account it keeps telling me 6 characters or more and must enter valid email address. Both are filled out correct any ideas
  11. Hello, I was wondering if I could pay with card? Please reply or add me on discord Sacrifice#9094
  12. hey there what is this

    I have payed 30$ and cant access or play anything you should make it clear that beta you don't get right away like am i missing something here wheres the download link its 23/08/17 still 87% pardon my arrogance i'm new here and don't have time to read forums can a admin help me ? i thought i get early access for beta like asap entrance dude seen videos about this people playing if i have to wait why didn't i just get the $15 passport can an admin or someone knowledgeable or someone who actually played it answer me please...?? how do i pledge ?? this gives me this message CLAIM EXTERNAL PLEDGE Already pledged on Kickstarter or another website? Claim the pledge now to add the rewards to your game account. Email address from which claim was made No unclaimed pledges were found using the given email address. It's possible that the system has auto-claimed the pledge for you. This happens when you create a game account using the same email address as was used for the old pledge. it seems i have already pledged now how do i download this game
  13. I was wondering how i join town square , i bought the founders pack but when i press claim your place it takes me to the shop..
  14. Refund, help?

    Hello Identity Forum.. As you can probably read in the title, i would like to refund and i do know that they aren't forced to refund, but since im not playing games anymore, i could use the money, after all its still a 100$.. Don't get me wrong, i love the game, i love the concept and everything about it, but im just not interested in gaming anymore.. Hope you can help me, as i tried to look around on Paypal and didn't know how to refund.. - Thanks in advance!
  15. I have a 2016 mac book pro with retina display and was wondering if with my laptop alone i would be able to play Identity when its released, or what would i need to play. like (a mouse, separate keyboard, controller) or i could make do with my laptop alone. and with that said, i know its not a gaming computer and its not the best laptop for gaming but its all i have and was wondering if it would work and if its worth pre ordering the game (don't want to pre order if i can't play on my Mac) thanks for anyone who took their time to help and answer my question, have a good day!
  16. You took my money and removed my account

    I really wanted to play this and support your development but this is awful treatment on a new user. clearly i paid you guys and i was damn near scammed?
  17. Pledge

    I bought the Founders package and my account says I haven't. What do I do?
  18. Pledge did not work

    Hi, I bought the $15 pledge and I received the paypal confirmation and the money was taken. But my account says that I have no pledges. Will I be given the pledge or will I receive the money back? Thank you.
  19. Images?

    Just wondering how do you insert images in posts? (i see the button but cannot attach the URL)
  20. Hello, I have a quick question about forums. How could you make signatures and Insert pictures (PNG/JPG) or is it even possible?
  21. I lost my code help

    When I bought the founder pack it gave me some sort of Id code but now I can't find it where can I find it at please help
  22. I pledged

    Hi, i just pledged $30, it says that i have pledged but when the module comes out how do i download the module? Also how do i get the founder hat? I am dumb at this stuff so if you guys could please explain what happens now that i have pledged that would be so helpful.
  23. Looking for names for a PMC

    I am looking for good names for a PMC (Private Military Company). Please list names you think would be cool. Thank you in advance !
  24. Email Change

    Hi, when I pledged on kickstarter I used an older email address than my current one. My current one is connected to this Identity account (, but I still get Identity emails sent to my older email address. I would like Identity emails sent to my current one from now on. I can message my current and old email address to a higher up if needed.
  25. Identity on Steam?

    I just recently discovered Identity and I think that it will be an amazing game. I was just wondering if Identity will be on Steam and if not where will it be?