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  1. Taskbar update

    Or maybe they shouldnt make deadlines and release dates they cant make

    Looks great would have thought it to be longer than 2 minutes
  3. Video

    Another day gone and still no video how long is this going to go on for. Fair enough if they need more time but then im not sure why they are getting everyone hyped saying it will be "days not weeks"
  4. Video

    Will there be a dev blog kind of post where we all get an email when its out? Thanks
  5. "It will be days not weeks"

    Its now been a week and guess what still nothing
  6. "It will be days not weeks"

    Well you get what i mean pretty much one week and they said days
  7. "It will be days not weeks"

    Ahh just hoping for it soon like im sure everyone is
  8. "It will be days not weeks"

    Sorry to bother but they stated the video will be out in "days" and its already been a week here is another deadline thats not been met Or does anyone have idea on when the video will be out. Thanks
  9. Game play release date?

    Hey ive heard that some game play footage is going to be released anyone know an estimated release date or have the devs confirmed a date thanks
  10. Aahah well thanks for the replies
  11. Ive seen on a few threads people talking about a new website has the release date been released or do people have an idea thanks
  12. When will the new website be launched? thanks
  13. PC specs?

    Ahh thanks man was just wondering
  14. PC specs?

    Hey does anyone know or have an idea of what the recommended system specifications will be? thanks a lot sorry if this is in the wrong section didn't know where else to put it.
  15. DevBlog #010

    Thanks man