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    There's never been a more exicting time for the Identity development team than right now. We're growing from a small team of passionate and skilled developers into a true studio with real development horsepower. Asylum Entertainment's New Home Identity is being produced by a very small team, although with our new office (see above) we're on a hiring craze and expanding in a big way. In fact, our programming team is going to be three times larger by the end of September. That's only the tip, too, as we're also bringing in a full-time dedicated community manager so that you get the regular updates from the team which you deserve. Our art team is also expanding with some of the most incredible talent in the industry. It pains us that Identity has seen delays; we truly want the game in your hands as soon as possible. With our modest team it's been a difficult road but, with the great help of yourself and other backers, it's full-steam ahead. Once we're situated in our new office (we get the keys in one week) and your new community manager is ready to go, it's our intention keep this great community in constant contact with the team! New in the Town Square If you've been watching closely on the IdentityRPG Twitch Channel, which is live for a Q&A with the developers every Tueday through Thursday, you've seen a lot of art these last few weeks. From concept art to screenshots and clothing, below are just a few of the pieces we've shown, plus something new for good measure. We're really pushing the development streams now, too. You'll be able to watch environment artist Antoine at work Wednesday, August 30 at 1PM EST. Moving forward, we're going to try to give you at least one development stream every single week. Watch Twitter for announcements. Town Square Clothing Store Remember the clothing store concept art we showed last month? This in-game screenshot shows how concept translates to reality (minus the actual clothing). Another new addition, ambiant radio, brings this scene to life. When you walk into this clothing store you'll notice music playing from the speakers. It's not just music in our game, either, it's real streaming radio playing songs you know. Different stores can now play ambiant music that matches their style and enhances immersive atmosphere. Ash Hill Police HQ Concept The Ash Hill police station will open it's doors in the Town Square module shortly after its release. Seen above is the concept for the lobby, locker room (where players "sign in" as an officer) and the shooting range. The shooting range will be available in the Town Square to give you a feel for weapons in Identity before you get your hands on the SWAT module. Ash Hill Barber Concept While a large variety of player customizations will be available during your initial character creation, some options are reserved for locations in the world. Barber shops, like the Ash Hill Barber you'll find in the Town Square shown above, will have additional hair options; other shops around the land will present different styles. Some rarer character customization options may be unlocked through gameplay achievements. A peak at pledge rewards Below are concept pieces of the pledge rewards you may already own. Our new website, almost ready to go, will bring new options while some of the existing will no longer be available. Pledge Reward Concepts -- John VanderZwet
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    This month in development Another month and another dev blog to keep you updated! I want to start this one by giving a thank you to everyone who's receiving this blog post by email, our backers who are making Identity a reality. It's an exciting time as our team is growing and our pace quickening as a result. Identity's beginning to get more exposure and every pledge we receive helps us produce content faster. It's been slower than we'd like in the past because our team has been tiny, but this growth we're seeing as of late has been opening doors and propelling us forward. As of this month we've now raised over $700,000 USD; a large amount of money and what we've needed to bring on more talent. Talent we've lost to other studios and existing contracts in the past, some of our absolute best, is now returning to Asylum Entertainment to work on Identity full-time. We're really looking forward to the work from those being added to our roster, which will result in more clothing options as well as much prettier environments. We're also looking to pick up another programmer and a new community manager very shortly, to improve our PR situation and give you guys a more transparent view into development. Case variations for one of three phones in Identity With our art team growing with top industry talent, we're also making some good progress in content programming. Our elevator system has been finalized after being re-hashed. This elevator system is used in the Town Square, and throughout Identity where apartments exist, to bring players up to their lofted homes. The interesting part is these function like real elevators, and you'll see other players in them going to and from their floors. They act as loading zones, so instead breaking your immersion with a loading screen we load the apartment and it's customizations in the background while you ride the elevator. By the time the door opens everything's in place and you don't even notice that you've moved into a special instance of the world. Art of the Town Square When creating new environments, we first have our concept artist draw up a layout and artistic design. From there, environment artists create the 3D assets from that piece and a level designer places them in the world you inhabit. We're pleased to have our incredibly talented concept artist, Alexander, back in full-swing as we prepare the final pieces of environment necessary for the Town Square. Clothing store concept; hotel and art gallery in rear The clothing store is interesting in Town Square because it's operating on a system we've created for many computer-controlled shops in Identity. It has a fully functioning shoplifting mechanic. In most games you walk up to an NPC (non-player character) and interact to purchase items. You then simply walk away with your items. Stores in Identity are a different story, and are unique in the gaming world. You'll add items from racks and shelves to your cart. You can then walk into the dressing room to preview those items (assuming it's clothing) or walk up to the register to pay. What if you don't pay and simply walk out the door with your cart? Shoplifting is a reality in Identity, although it's often not recommended. If you're not skilled, and most people won't be, you'll set off alarms and have a hard time getting away. You'll likely spend time in jail for the attempt. Expensive items can also not be shoplifted for game balance purposes. Even something so simple as using a shop gives freedom and oppportunity not found in any game before. Last month we showed you a bicycle which will be ridable in Identity. Below you'll see the bicycle shop concepts for the Town Square. While you won't be able to ride them in Town Square, you'll be able to browse many options which will be available to you. Bicycle shop concept for the Ash Hill town square These final two interiors are being created by our artists as we speak, and are the last environments required for Town Square's release, along with some minor systems programming and polish. Art gallery/library concept art, previously shown Art gallery and library in-game, without player art The near future One of our top priorities right now is to give all of you who have been waiting a glimpse of real gameplay in a video. Identity's funding and progress has exploded since we showed you the workings of the housing and apartment systems on YouTube, and now we want you to see vehicles, drug production and weapon systems. I can't promise any dates on this video, but it'll be soon. In fact, I expect you to watch this video before you receive the next dev blog. This coming video is sort of a catalyst, and I can't wait to show you what's in store after it. The Town Square is also getting near the point where we're going to be able to start showing off videos of the gameplay elements you'll find within it, leading up to the public release of the module. These videos will be coming after the previously mentioned video. We do regret how little we've been able to show you thus far. We're a tiny team stretching a small budget to its limits, so things take some time. Now that much of the core exists and other supporting pieces are falling into place, I'm excited that we're now really making progress that can be witnessed. -- John VanderZwet
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    I think you should get acne if you eat to much soda and junk food. And what about if you can get scratches scrapes scars bruises ect by getting hurt and they actually stay for awhile. Like if you fall off your bike or something and you cant catch yourslef your hands and knees will get scraped and stuff. Also possibly concussions. Maybe you can even do laundry slip off and slip on your shoes. There should be sicknesses like a cold, fever or possibly the flu. You would have to blow your nose a lot when you have a cold. And vomit in the toilet when you have the flu, also possibly food poisoning. When you have a fever you couldn’t walk for a period of time or else you will pass out. There should be medicine, pills, ect to get better. To help avoid getting sick you could have vitamins, wash your hands normally each day. In the wild there could be poison ivy witch would itch a lot. And you will need to go to the doctor. There should be all the holiday stuff like fireworks on the forth of July. Also again seasons and weather. I would say real life time but idk about that. You should be able to see your hands and downer body when you look around. Realistic sound effects. Sports, Also I might of mentioned this before, but there should be needs to go to the bathroom, eat, thirst. If your aiming for realistic. When you go to the bathroom I guess it could be graphic and show your urine and ... number 2. Depends on what you have eating and condition is what it will look like. It won’t be that gross if the character is based of off you. Just make sure you flush You should be able to tan too. You should have outfits like everyday, formal, sleep wear, athletic wear, and swimwear. Also will we be able to shower and bathe? Wash are hands and brush our teeth? Basic Hygiene. That’s all my ideas and suggestions for now!
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    Hi, @gwion524, to answer your question; trains will be implemented into the game and will be entirely rideable. These trains will be AI-operated and won't be available for player driving, however, once boarding at one of the many stops the trains will pick up and departure from across the island, you will be able to interact, socialise with others on the train and potentially move around but that's for the future, one thing at a time, y'know? Delivery vehicles will also be implemented. There will be cars, vans and lorries (or "trucks", "trailers", y'get the idea) so robbing these will definitely be a possibility if you're wishing to play the criminal path (however, for legal reasons as I'm running for Governor I have to advise completely against doing that). Trains and deliveries have all been spoken about before in the Q&A videos and other places around the community so please be sure to search for content before making a post since it's most likely been answered before like this time Vote Hamilton.
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    It's these minor detriments that make our lives interesting, although they may be considered petty bothersome tasks to adhere to, they are a part of our everyday lives. It's these minor seemingly trivial obligations in our everyday lives that slowly affect the person we grow into, if this is true for our character then it'll happily encourage people to put more thought and care into their persons livelihood if they wish to sustain their agility and efficiency, whether it be lifting heavy loads, running, swimming, holding your breath or what have you. It'll basically promote typical everyday characteristics as expected in your day to day life from people biking/walking/etc for exercise, buying healthy produce from the Farmer's Market supporting local farmers, or what have you. A trip to the hospital could lead to minor inconveniences I.E. debuffs to stamina, speed, agility, endurance, or etc for a short time while you heal to say you don't take certain medication(s) which perhaps proper insurance could cover (effectively giving insurance a purpose). Essentially this obligation will entice us to work towards personal sustainability making our day to day lives in Identity all the more in depth and believable, beats life in GTA where we seemingly stand around all day without any necessities or thought other than the next car, apartment, or "job" we're looking to invest in. Basically without these fundamental characteristics we'd forget to think about ourselves and effectively fail to value our lives as effectively without.
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    I have to say i first did lose interest in the town square module but... They have been putting out dev blogs monthly. That has gotten me excited for it again. My thoughts is that if they keep on putting out dev blogs every 3-4 weeks nobody will have a reason to complain. Thanks for the recent Dev Blogs Devs.
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    What kind of character do you plan to make? what style of clothes!~ Post pics of what stuff you'd like for your character to wear and look like to help the devs with ideas on what make!~ Id really like to create someone like minzy from 2ne1 Id like to be able to make an asian that looks cute, and has a kick as funky style to her
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    I think it is best fixed as it is, I know it would be awesome to be able to choose but We don't want to see 1 million rusty cars chosen and then no one takes the pledge "Bikes" as they won't be available in the game to buy and so are unique. I am sure the devs want their to be a variety/mixture of pledge vehicles too. Most people prefer a car for many reasons and I am sure you have one of those many reasons why you want that instead. If you upgrade the pledge, you are making the choice to sacrifice the things which get changed on the higher pledge from the lower pledge. It is best to just choose what you want more, the studio or the used motor cycle not both and same for the rest.
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    The best answer possibly given and ever could be given!
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    There is no $ETA on the module, it will be announced when it is ready. Also please search as the forum has this question asked and answered many times, which every time someone posts instead of searching, it adds to the clutter of the forums while also making it harder for people to search for answers!
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    Yeah, I just applied for the security job, good luck!!!
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    And we're alllll impatient. I used to check almost every other day for an update, and I've been watching this game since Kickstarter and their first wonky website lol. There's a lot of negativity surrounding the release, and some poster's aren't even pledgers, some are, but one thing is for sure: the devs are working hard on Identity and an even bolder statement town module will be released!! But we all want to know when. Development takes a lot of time, having a life takes a lot of time ,and their current office move takes a lot of time. Play another game for these remaining months, and forget about Identitiy. play overwatch, CSGO, Witcher, Fallout, whatever then mark your calenders, then come back in November and check the forums. That's what gets me through all the waiting.
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    Roughly 200 KM². As to what the actual dimensions are I have no clue. It's an island, round-ish.
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    Name: Xander James Royal Appearance: Tall and thin, with Jet black hair, and blue eyes. Always has on a lab coat, with a gray shirt, and jeans. Race/ethnicity/nationality: Mutt Personality: Shy at first, and tends to act crazy around new people. But once you get to know me I can be a lot of fun. I would die for my friends. Education:Fresh out of high school. Looking into college if he can get the money. Also calls himself a Mad Scientist. Sexuality: Pan Misc Facts: Just wants people to try and under stand me. Background: Was born on the main land. Before moving to the island with family. At the age of 4 both parents where killed in a car wreck. I was adopted by a family that didn't really care for me and began to to suffer from social disorders as well as depression. By the time I turned 15 I had fallen in love with the only thing I had to keep me company. Science. My goals where to one day show everyone how the world could be change by creating new forms of power and text actives home appliances. Then everything fell apart my senor year. As soon as I turned 18 my family kicked me out, and destroyed all of my creations. After many months of living off the streets and coach surfing with the few friends I have. I began to look in to buying a new apartment... and this is where the story really begans....
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    Last time I checked, you don't own the colours red and yellow or any colours. Also, my favourite colours happen to be red and yellow but that's hardly provable. I've got a wide selection of red shirts in my wardrobe if you're interested in seeing them? And I never took your theme at all. Whilst we did look at a variety of other parties policies prior to making our own, we adapted them to be more to what we felt were better suited for the public and we have introduced our own Acts such as the Care4U act which can be found here. You introduce a new topic; "crime" and then you instantly switch topics when I answer; why? EDIT: Just as an additional backup, I've loved the colour Gold (and yellow) for a while now. That's why it's my YouTube channel which I've had for MONTHS and MONTHS now (twice for emphasis) (even if I don't actually post too much haha) and my brand new Twitch Channel with the same name.
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    Let me guess @Sethis4Pizza you've played a lot of The Sims?
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    i did take out an awp ct with an ak from spawn. it's not about the gun's size, but about your aim instead. you can always snipe with a ironsight glock.
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    Yeah seeing the Dev Blogs really helps remind me that they are getting stuff done. It's also nice to see how much they are growing. Excited for that community manager!
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    I'm impatient too guys! Been following since the beginning and their old website too. But these things take time, earlier this year my ETA was in August, but due to this new move of theirs I would expect November 2017, so if youre really impatient just play some other stuff and put Nov 2017 in your calender and come back then!
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    You should try to check out all the devblogs and see all the progress! There is soo much more awesomeness to the game than you think! Get involved in the forums, read up a lot and you will join the hype!
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    There we go. here take this Marco hands Kevin a balaclava and a gun We'll go in there and hold it up JACK GET OUT OF HERE Jack speeds off Wait for me outside Marco puts on his mask and runs into the 7Eleven to hold it up
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    4300 hours on cs:go 3000 Arma 3 1200 PUBG list goes on T_T
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    Hey seth! We already met before on the forums! I hope I helped you out in the way you wanted me before! Enjoy your stay, we are all very pleased to have you.
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    Me too! I'm probably gonna look into becoming a nurse if possible in game and I'll try to live in the suburbs or out in the mountains I saw a few photos of what it looked like to be a ski lodge, and work on relationships with other players!
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    Welcome to the community! We are all extremely exited for the game it's gonna be great! If you have any questions check out some of the FAQ's in the forums.
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    As shown on the stream of 23rd of August 2017. New car-shader (metallic) - Low resolution screenshot (in-game editor).
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    Welcome to the community! Feel free to ask any Questions you have! Here are some FAQ´s FAQ Extended Developer Q&A ( Video ) Reddit Q&A Frequently Asked Questions Q&A Video from TheDynasty And btw please use the search bar because maybe your question was already asked by someone else and got already a answer!
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    Hey heyy, welcome! There are multiple threads on the forums with useful information like FAQs and such. Not much more to say then enjoy your stay!
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    I haven't pledged yet because I don't have the spare money but here in a couple days I will be able to pledge some money, and yes I was told $30 is the best way to go right now for the modules
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    I sold my account about 2 weeks ago through a middleman website, but the payment takes forever. It's supposed to be within 6 days, it's been 13 already. Hopefully it's just a delay and I didn't get scammed.
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    AHH!~ alll that is so cool. love the male clothes, and yes some corsets would be amazing!!~ Here is more pics i want for my character!!~
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    I want corsets! ♥ And stud bracelets! Basically give me anything gothic-like or punk-like or black and I'll love it. Adding this:
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    Good idea! We'll keep an eye on this thread to try to get an idea of what you guys are looking for. It's important to us that our players be able to fully express their personalities through character customization. Please try to keep ideas grounded in reality though! A lot of our design decisions are based on whether we feel a certain style will break immersion for others.
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    Hello citizens! I'm Motown, and I'm Identity's Community Manager, the person in charge of delivering all of your important ideas and messages to Identity's development team! What's special about my role here is that I'm not just your eyes and ears, I'm also one-half of the founding team for Identity! John Vanderzwet and I set out together to make Identity a reality, and have been involved in every aspect of Identity's development since the very start. That means, through me (and our volunteer moderator staff), you have direct access to the very top of our family tree, and we can influence the design and development of Identity together! You won't get that sort of treatment from many industry CM's! So, If you have ideas that you feel will expand and define Identity for years to come, let me know, and I will make sure it hits the right ears. What a relief it has been to know that so many people have been waiting for a game like Identity for so long. I couldn't be happier to have the opportunity to be the liaison that will connect you with the world of Identity and the wonderful people who make it what it is! We strongly feel that we have a winning formula, and the deepest conviction that we may revolutionize the MMORPG genre with your support! We're going to do a lot of great things together, so it's only fair that you know a little bit about me first! My name is Sean, I'm 27 years old. My best friend is my boss and co-worker, John Vanderzet. I grew up all over the United States where I've developed the hyperactive, happy, and unbiased personality you will come to know me for! I call Ontario, Canada my temporary home while I work on Identity as your Community Manager, interim Art Director and 3D prop artist. I went to college for Video Game Design & Production, but my true passion is interacting with people! I've been a forum moderator for many large and well-known online gaming communities, including a default subreddit of 8 million subscribers on Reddit.com, a volunteer guide of the Followers of Asura in "Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures", an event organizer in "Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa" (Big RG fan btw!), the only English forum moderator of a German FPS called "Parabellum" (Google Translate ftw!), and forum moderator for "Planetside 1", "GamersFirst", "Mortal Online", and a few others I can't even remember, for varying lengths of time! Yep, I get around! But now it's time I get to know a little bit about you too. Create a new topic in this forum, and introduce yourself! We want to know exactly what personalities come out of the the deep, dark, depths of the internet to share our passion for Identity! But be nice!