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  1. I understand servers are down. I was not around for the initial release, are there any screenshots? I did hear there were crashed and bugs etc, but for those who got through what was there and any screenies? Thanks ♪
  2. Did I miss the devblog?

    On the main page it shows last one was in July and I haven't seen any recent posts, can somebody post the most recent one please? (if you need to lock this thread after you can im probably just blind)
  3. Update

    Well duh, why would you redeem a game/steam key if you wanted to refund the game? smh
  4. Youre so helpful! Thank you ♥

  5. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    So one whats one more month then? They just updated the website all will be well. ♪ ☺ dont worry it'll come sooner than you think! sooner than you blink. With a wink and a drink.
  6. Seriously!

    Because development takes time and they are obviously finalizing everything for release. I'd bet on next month, calm down, the site just updated dear
  7. Release the game

    But I want 3500 different couches, lamps, and dresses plus shoes.
  8. Sexy new website

    Is sexy. HYPE
  9. "founder hat" instead of a kickstarter hat

    I’m sure you’ll look great in it you slutty monstrosity. Hooray for supporters.
  10. Last task

    Shouldn't take more than this month, I'd say early September maybe?

    YEA LADIES cant wait
  12. Scope of this game is too large

    Exactly, a lot of people will be civilians, I plan to be a civ, my husband does. And a few friends as well aren't interested in being gov/cops. I'd be fine working at a hospital or coffee shop or whatevs
  13. Map look

    Any links to an updated map at all?