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  1. YOU DECIDE! Part 3

  2. Police pursuit squad.

    Being a criminal isn't just a lifestyle choice that is supposed to "pay off". It's risky, and it doesn't care about you. There is no definite end-game. Let's say you do get in a high speed pursuit in your high-end super car, the state could very well confiscate it to say you don't total it during the pursuit. Ultimately, there will be different server's for different play styles.. so none of this applies to every situation.
  3. "It will be days not weeks"

    I had a dream I was walking down an endless sidewalk with this guy that fucked my life over, but now he's like fat and he's super self conscious about it, so I'm like really uncomfortable and kind of pity him.. idk who I hate more, him .. or myself for feeling even a fleeting moment of empathy for the guy who deserves nothing more than my complete contempt.
  4. You definitely make a good point, thanks for listening.
  5. All I'm saying is you can still play the game and enjoy the game for what it is, but to also integrate a sense of "value" the in-game currency has on the real world? Well that's something else, it encourages player's to do business with one-another and in turn be rewarded for it. After all, "creators" on Roblox who rack up the Robux and squeeze out the dollars aren't necessarily NOT enjoying the game, they put in the time and effort to acquire it and there's still a flourishing community playing to otherwise enjoy the game. Naturally though, I feel like it would turn businesses into ravenous predators cutting out any competition where possible so they can continue to thrive.. kind of like some instances in the real world though, to be fair. After all, sure there'll be those playing purely to profit in any way that they can.. but that isn't necessarily a BAD thing. Character and role-play cooperation will still always be the very foundation of any business or enterprise. It would potentially benefit the value in life and give the economy a much greater depth in value. It would also potentially spark an influx of crime, therefore soaring firearm prices as demand rockets and supply dwindles; not to mention the quality of Law Enforcement. It could ultimately balance itself out. Also con-man being prohibited indefinitely? I'm not too big on that. Illegal? For sure. Enforced by ban? Definitely not, it just feels restricting. This is probably why a sort of license for business would be required by Law and therefore result in hefty fines given failure to oblige to said regulations. In other words, don't deal with the sketchy folk in the ally-way hanging merchandise out of their trench coat. Just thought this was a fun concept to postulate.
  6. Hypothetically speaking, what if (on the OFFICIAL servers) you could convert IN-GAME currency into REAL WORLD currency effectively establishing the in-game currency as a sort of "crypto currency". Its value dynamic and determined by a number of factors that play in the economy talking inflation, supply/demand and so forth. This'll provide the official communities an incentive to sustain a contributing economic flow stimulating a sustainable economy and virtual society. Would love to hear your thoughts, I'm sure a TON of balancing would have to be had before anything like this could successfully enter fruition. I just thought it would be.. interesting. Similar to Roblox and their conversion of Robux to actual cash maybe.

    All I can say is, I respect the time and energy put into this post. Thank you for your concern on myself and other people.
  8. this one time..

    I was in the forest and found a whole box of shiitake mushroom.. and I ate them
  9. I may inspire my character's appearance after one of the boys from Trailer Park Boys or Dale Gribble from King of the Hill. A basic jist of my character would likely align with these inherent propensities; #). A non-conformist, bohemian, with eccentric rebellious tendencies. Fails to see how any one group or organization holds supremacy or deserves influence over himself or those he cares about unable to recognize common laws against his personal will and desire.
  10. RV Usage

    doesn't make you a hillbilly to live out of an RV, hopefully RV's are customizable similar but not exactly on par with housing I.E.
  11. RV Usage

    temporarily? well you're a better man than me I guess
  12. RV Usage

    I hope I can turn it into a food truck, driving around selling produce at a sparkly 63.4 sanitation level.
  13. What will you RP in identity?

    I know I'm late, but I hope you stalk your victims just enough to make them uneasy. I'd be ecstatically petrified if some sketchy ass came stalking me, but in a hilariously good way. aha
  14. There are going to be a multitude of servers, some with serious repercussions going as far as to kill your character off completely forcing you to start fresh, some simply banning your deceased character for an X amount of time while they "recover", and some that just let you get right back into the cycle. Overall, your "suggestion" is pointless, because I can guarantee you'll find a server that meets your needs. It doesn't matter if you like HARDCORE role-play, or light dicking around, because everyone will have the option in the overwhelming number of servers that are undoubtedly to open opun release. Personally, I'll be searching for a server that kills your character off on death. Of course I think deceased characters should be retrievable via local Administration in the event a death is undeserved I.E. broken game mechanic; RDM. Overall, it'll give everyone the incentive not to waste their lives and 90% of bank robberies won't end with the Law Enforcement screwing you over; I don't know how many times Law Enforcement's gone as far as to waste their own lives or even shoot through the hostages just to stop you.. all only because nobody actually values their life because in short it DOESN'T MATTER. People just want to "win" the scenario, because if you don't your peers will undoubtedly get salty and chock your self-esteem out; though given your character can actually be rendered GONE, DECEASED, NAUGHTA.. people would understand if you wanted to "play it safe". So although most close-minded folk assume this'll likely be any case of robbery, given hardcore repercussions are established, I'd beg to differ. People don't realistically dive balls deep into a robbery with someone they barely know, let alone without extensive preparation first, because nobody really wants to die. So given your character can be rendered "deceased" and unplayable on the server you reside on I think it'll only make the responding Law Enforcement treat the situation with all the more care and consideration than ever before because LIVES are actually at stake here. Also, given the extra time it may take to establish a viable plan, this'll give detectives time to work out a case and even foil the impending robbers plans; this is something that can't realistically occur otherwise, because everyone takes 5 maybe 15 minutes max to bring up and establish a quick often pathetic plan to rob the bank. Imagine being able to steal millions, imagine taking days with your peers to formulate a plan, imagine keeping a low profile in the meantime and realistically considering your characters actions before pursuing the outcome. It'll mean so much more.. if it meant risking it all.. and the prize would be so much more rewarding, too. So IN SHORT .. given your deceased character and traits can be rendered useless, then undoubtedly will that mean everything should balance itself out. If you're worried some "KID" will kamikaze the playground, which given the time and dedication it may take to establish the assets to perform such an account, then join a WHITELISTED community. Overall, if you value something with a little more meaning, depth, and incentive to pursue the safest viable outcome .. then I recommend something definitively hardcore.
  15. Identity seems to be oriented on smooth, animated transitions. I've definitely heard once or twice them mention work regarding animations and fluency in terms of movement, so I wouldn't be surprised.