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  1. Identity Life Servers Hello, ladies and gentlemen My name is James, as you all know and I am excited for Identity to release. I know its a long while yet, but its better now to start than later. About Us We are a serious-hardcore white-listed community for IdentityRPG. We aim to give players the ability to role-play seriously while having fun with community rules being enforced as well with white-listed roles. Our main priority is to give the ability for players to give each other quality role-play and establish connections. We invite you to our website and you are welcome to apply at any time. We hope to hear from you soon! Thank you, James, Owner. IdentityLifeServers Community. Why Us? We will make you our priority, we want to make sure you are having a positive experience with the Identity Life Community and servers. Our staff have been trained to allow that positive experience and to treat everyone equally. If you do have a issue with anyone or a staff member, we will handle the situation appropriately and enforce the community rules and positive experience. Where are we? Confirmed -Europe Planned (Depending on demand for player slots and funding.) -USA (East/ West/ Midwest) -Australia -Canada White-list Application If you are interested in being white-listed please follow the link below, sign up and make a white-list application in the appropriate section. Read ALL Terms & Conditions/ rules & requirements before applying. ----------CLICK HERE---------- What can I do? We allow you to roleplay what you wish as-long as you respect the community rules. Government Careers -Police Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Firefighter Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Paramedic Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Government - Campaigns: CLICK HERE Civilian -Business Management - Advertisements: CLICK HERE -Trucker -Tow Truck Operator -And more! Criminal -Drug Dealer/Trafficker -Gang/Cartel Member -Bank heists -And more! Staff Opportunities Moderator Requirements & Rules: CLICK HERE Application: CLICK HERE Developer Application: CLICK HERE Information Website: CLICK HERE Teamspeak: IdentityLife.on.vg Discord: https://discord.gg/wd4kujf Staff Team: CLICK HERE Staff Organisation Structure: TBD Community Rules: CLICK HERE Steam Group: CLICK HERE Server List: CLICK HERE
  2. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Are the modules Alpha or Beta? The Modules are not any kind of beta but serve more as a Alpha! The Beta will be the closest thing to the full game. When is the Beta going to release? There is no current release point for the Beta except after all 3 modules are released. (Late 2018 is my estimate) When is this Game going to release? There is no point for when it is known to release. (My Estimate will be Early 2019 Release) Town Square Release Schedule? The first Module is due to release 21st March 2018 30th November 2018 as so the developers can be sure to hit the release date. 21st March 2018 Countdown When is there going to be game play footage? The next video is said to be on Gun Mechanics, and I would hope to think it will be shown before the S.W.A.T. Module. Crime & Punishment Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT2b4YvylI4 Character Creation + Quick Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kctp79UE5sI Day/Night + Interiors + Interactions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNcJj4C_8ZE Homes/ Apartments: Hotels are free, apartments are infinite, all will get to try an apartment in town square, and there will be limited houses around the map, and that Homes can Store items and are useful as HQ's for gangs. Pledges/ and Prices: Some pledges will stay and prices of them will increase while the rest of the pledges will be removed from the store completely. This will be done when the new Website launches which will likely be Early 2018 and so make use of the time left! New website has already been launched. Higher packages are likely going to be removed during Town Square release or later on. Pledge Car Insurance: There will be life time insurance for the pledge cars/ vehicles. Server Player Capacity: The server player capacity is going to be between 300 - 500 players per server! Server size: Will be 300-500 players. What will the size of the "Town Square" be? The "Town Square" module will be as stated a Town Square and there is no "Figure" on the size of it as of yet! Will this game be released on Consoles? No this game is exclusively for PC however after the full game release the Developers will look into console porting. MoTown's Answer to a post on the forum: Our official answer on the topic of consoles is that we have no current plans to release Identity to console platforms, but have promised to do our research into what it might require after our PC launch. This is not a promise that Identity will be available on console, simply a promise to look into it. At the moment, it would be fair to say that it is outside of our scope and budget. Will this game be for MAC and Linux? Yes it will but I don't know if it will be shortly after launch of the game. Will there be AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ NPC's be roaming the map? No, this game is a player run game, but will have a few NPC's filling up the boring jobs which you and I would not do for hours on end e.g. standing at the tills of a shop, also they will be in the un-ownable shops too and they will be around in back-alleys to represent a (Black Market Dealer and Drug Dealers). Will there be any aircraft in this game? No there will not be aircraft in this game but the developers did mention a glider and possibly in the very far future they could still add them but that's not certain. Will there be Undercover cops? No, The reason why there won't be undercover cops is because the developers want a distinctive difference between cops and civilians/ criminals. How many buttons will be in the game? Probably more, but there will be radial menus for some things that will cut down on buttons. What steering wheels are supported? So far the Thrust-master ones are confirmed. ( if its a popular steering wheel, it'll work) Will this game be VR supported? Yes, the developers are working on it and want to be able to have VR supported because they want to use it too when playing the game. Unfortunately they don't think it will be supported at full game release. Is this game Subscription based? No! You buy the game (passport) and then you can play anytime with no more paying. Is there in-game Purchases? (read next question and the answer) Yes. Is this game Pay to Win? No, You can only buy cosmetic items. (Items which don't give players advantages). What are the system requirements? There is no official knowledge yet as its too early to say, but if you can run games like GTA V, Arma 3 and Ark you should be fine. System requirements are on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/792990/Identity/ How is in-game money going to work? Money will be as close and realistic to the USD. What are the names of the 3 cities? Ash Hill, Roseport and Turtle Beach. Can you break in/ raid someones home? No, police cannot raid your house and also no one can rob your house. In correspondance to police not being able to raid your home, it is that you cannot enter your property if wanted either. What age rating will the game be? This game will be Rated 18+. Can you live with someone? Yes you can but you have to have a bedroom for every person who lives in your house. This even includes if you marry someone! Gangs: There will be a gang system, such as making a guild in MMO's. Gangs will have ranks and even HQ's which can be someone's house where all gang members have access or a shop a gang member owns. In Town square, there will not be a gang system YET, but there will be a friends contact on your phones and you can easily roleplay your gang, to begin with. You can have biker gangs, as there are Bikes (such as the ones in the pledges) and leather jackets. You can put insignias on your clothes to show off your gang. There won't be designated gang categories, such as Biker gang or Mafia, but you can Roleplay your gang to be any type you want. There will, however, be areas of the map designed for specific sub-cultures, such as bars that are Biker themed, such as Biker Club Bars. A player can always buy a bar, make it a Biker Club / Bar and make it the HQ of their Biker Gang, or the same with a Mafia gang, etc... Stress System: The Stress System is the games anti-RDM (random deathmatch = randomly killing people for no reason) system. What happens is everyone has a stress level, and if you stress is low, you take less damage, and high, you take normal damage. When you pull out a gun, you instantly get high stress, and when one is aimed at you or you are near a fight, your stress will slowly rise. This helps you to fight back and try and get the advantage on a gunman by using the stress system to your advantage. In weapon customisation: People always ask if there will be silencers or 8X scopes, and there will not be any long range optics or silencers in Identity. Murder: WILL be auto reported and you will be instantly wanted, other crimes require witnesses and a 911 call. Can you Marry? Yes, you can marry both sex. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reddit and Exclusive interview questions and answers Below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weapon Customisation? Weapon customization is quite detailed. Some weapons have more room for changes than others of course, but things like stocks, grips, sights and even paint/finish can be customized. Weapon actions are one of those things that don't work well in video games, mostly because no matter what you have in the game you're still firing with a mouse, and it will feel counter-intuitive making it over-complicated. For example, if you have a double action pistol and pull the trigger, your mouse click is all the same no matter if the hammer is back or forward so we need to design around the peripherals people are using to play. Weapon jams are something you can encounter. Our weapon physics are incredibly advanced and was one of the first systems completed long ago. We can create magazines of any size which hold physically accurate ammo. Calibre and even type (holopoint, FMJ, etc) have an effect on trajectory. Our programmer on the weapon physics read a lot of papers to get proper formulas, and they function off the same math used by real-world forensics. A bullet fired in Identity will travel almost identically to the same being fired in the real world, even when it comes down to things like stopping power versus penetration. Will there be physics to shoot through walls or boxes? Things that a bullet would usually go though in real world situations. Absolutely. Bullets are influenced by the material they hit. If it's wood, it will pass right through it with very little change to velocity, but a thin sheet of metal may still allow the bullet to pass through, yet reduce velocity enough that it may not kill, or do much damage to its target on the other side when it impacts. 1. What is in game prison like? 2. Is it like real prison with guards, rec time, shiving, and keeping a tight grip on the soap? 3. How does the drug manufacturing and trafficking work? 4. Can I get methylamine? 1. Identity's prison is very much a game within a game. As a prisoner, you can join one of three prison factions and battle for territory, or just hang out in the recreational room and chat and interact with other prisoners while you wait out your time. You'll be able to craft a crude shank and attack others, or attempt a prison escape as a group that the police will be forced to respond too from across the map. There are no player prison guards though. The decision for that was mostly just because we couldn't find a way to keep it engaging and fun. We don't want people to be forced to sit and watch other players. 2. For those in prison however, when they've served their time, they may simply exit the prison through a series of corridors that only they have access too, or if they just have a lengthy prison sentence, they can request a trial which will notify random players across the map to report for jury duty, in which case they will plead their case, and have their fate decided on by a vote whether to be released early, or spend the rest of their time behind bars. 3. & 4. In the outside world, there are a number of drug manufacturing processes, including the production of meth, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Each has its own unique crafting process. For instance, in order to cook meth, which is the highest paying and most valuable drug in Identity, it will require the player to purchase a mobile RV, convert it into a meth lab, and then steal all of the ingredients from across the map in certain factory locations. They'll then have to spend time cooking the meth through a series of time-based processes that determine the quality of the product before finally selling it to an NPC drug dealer for a big payout (or you can consume it if you feel like cutting into your hard-earned profits). 1)Price when the game releases 2)Will there be realistic payments for the jobs(on official servers)? I really hate it when you deliver a huge track full of diamonds and get 10k for it just breaks the immersion 3)Will the items take physical space inside the car not only for furniture but with job items as well (Weed, diamonds,etc) and will you be able to put more staff in the car if Let's say you have a 4 man vehicle but its only you and a friend inside so you have 2 sheets left will that mean extra space? 4)Will the things you buy have realistic prices? For example if you buy a Ferrari it will cost you something like 150k? 5)Will there be real life cars in the game or unlicensed cars like in gta v 6)Will there be any A.I cops or enemies? 7)Will i be able to raid other players houses? 8)Will there be a report system so you can instant report someone if he rdm's/vdm's you 9)Will there be an in game recorder so you can have proof for rdm ? (something like plays.tv lets say) 10)will there be a casino? 11)Any micro transactions? (not for cosmetic items) 12)Can you compare the driving to another game so we kinda know how driving will be like ?(i hope not like arma) 13)Will you be able to shoot while inside a vehicle 14)will there be rebel items like armored(extra armor and guns)vehicles, helicopters, jets. 1. Currently, you can pre-order, or pledge early for Identity for as low as $15 (without beta access) or $30 (with beta access) from our website @ identityrpg.com - however, we expect the price of the game to jump up to about $45 when it hits steam, as steam takes a pretty large chunk of income from each sale. 2. Expect Identity's currency to be realistic in value, so your pay will also be realistic. A pair of shoes may cost about $40, and a decent car around $30,000. A lot of games reward players with such high numbers in currency and damage though because there seems to be a psychological attracting to larger numbers, so we can understand why games do it but it won't be that way in Identity. 3. Items will take up physical space inside the trunk of a car. When a player accesses the trunk, there is a 2D grid placement system in which each item takes up a number of squares on the grid depending on its shape and size. The largest items will not fit inside the trunk of a small car, so a big semi-truck with a trailer may be necessary. 4. Oops, I answered this with #2 as well. 5. There won't be real-world cars or brands in Identity. We can't afford the license fees to include real brands in our game, and we're almost certain these companies would not want their brands associated with vehicle damage, or some of the criminal and illegal elements also featured in the game. 6. There won't be AI cops out in the game environment, driving police vehicles, or paroling streets. If there are any, they will simply stand behind a desk at the station recruiting new player officers or providing information. 7. You will not be able to raid another players house, or enter their house without their permission. We want player homes to be your personal space, safe from any outside influence. Players are going to put a lot of effort customizing their homes, and we don't want to jeopardize or disturb the work they put into it. 8. RDM/VDM isn't an enforced rule on official servers, but there will be a tool for reporting these actions on private servers who create rules for these actions. Instead, on Official servers, we have a stress system in place to discourage random attacks or griefing. 9. There won't be an in-game video recording tool, but you can use 3rd party video recording software like OBS, Fraps, or Shadowplay. 10. There will be casinos in Identity, but they are not player owned. 11. Micro-transactions exist for cosmetics, some vehicles, and some apartments, and will be claimable across all servers (hopefully including private servers). We will not sell weapons. 12. Expect driving in Identity to be realistic, much like Grand Theft Auto IV, not V. Players won't be able to survive crazy stunt jumps in Identity, and enough damage could disable your vehicle. Unfortunately however, we cannot easily do a damage model like you might expect to see in BeamNG. Damage has to be networked across the server, and we feel transmitting that much damage data could hurt performance. 13. You won't be able to shoot from inside your vehicle. We want to discourage random acts of violence for the sake of roleplay. 14. There won't be any armoured vehicles in Identity, apart from maybe SWAT trucks. We don't want to give anyone a PVP advantage based on vehicle armor. Aircraft are also not present in Identity, as it is important to us that players do not skip over potential encounters they may have gotten into while driving, and of course because we don't want the world to feel smaller by flying quickly from point A to point B. If anyone thinks of more FAQ questions please comment and I can add them in.
  3. Posting As Someone Who Is Unbiased

    The "Mansion Concept" is done with a common concept artist technique. I cannot remember the technique name however. Those comments are not the right things to be said, however it is the truth too. No one is forced to be here, Mods can only show what they are given to show. (They are also under NDA and so unless they are told they can share, then they can't.) The game is still being worked on, as slow as it may be. (I cant give any evidence, but only my faith in the project) Most game budget's are higher than merely little $1.5 mil. Games cost a lot nowadays. Most mmo's cost more than $5 million if not more. So the low $1.5 is less than 1/3 of that. I am very patient myself, however it can be frustrating over longer periods and that is why you need to watch from a distance; not closely.
  4. No update for 2 month??

    I am not talking nonsense. I am telling the truth. The module was fine on the servers before going on the steam servers. I am a customer myself. I tested the module before it hit steam and no game breaking problems were there. You can believe me or not but I won't lie about what I tested as it is not what I will do. Also a fact about day 1 launch for a lot of games on steam, they are broken and I mean game breaking bugs. There is something always wrong on day 1.
  5. No update for 2 month??

    This tag is for my post count..... I can't say I agree with everything said or done for the game but, I don't have as much say as everyone else here. The truth is, the Module wasn't as broken before the release day on steam. Everything was working until it was on steam side for everyone. Basically steam release/ servers broke the module, as nothing game breaking or such which happened was actually broken before steam.
  6. No update for 2 month??

    Sorry i never replied before, but currently I am also waiting for an update to give you. When I get one, I will be sure to give it. Other than, they are still working on the game, I have nothing. A Very Opinionated statement that is and the devs may have not given an update lately but it doesn't mean they have abandoned the project. That $15 was clearly stated for the "Full Game Version" and not any Earlier versions.... Therefor you can wait until the game is done because that is why it was half the price of getting it in Early Access.
  7. People need to understand

    I think you might also be in denial about the project, because it is still going ahead.... It goes both ways, you don't know it is not still being developed and are just guessing. I know it is still being worked on. Am I also in denial? (Rhetorical Question)
  8. Thank you for pointing that out for me. I still have not updated the links as I have to redo a lot of the work on the site again.
  9. No update for 2 month??

    Definitely. I will go and ask for sure and to be fair I would love to see the community get an update. Yes I agree! The steam reviews are disgraceful.
  10. No update for 2 month??

    I didn't say all people who are complaining put no research or had any thought about the game before pledging. Just a lot of them. I have waited 4.7 years for this. I do ask questions myself. I also ask when they are going to update the community, because It would be nice not for me but everyone to get some news. Just remember that there might not be something worth our while with a update. Yes something is nice and all but having it small and not worth it can be worse than holding out for a bigger update. Definitely. Just, it is actually better to have constructive questions and not the ones which just cause arguments.
  11. No update for 2 month??

    Everyone has the right to voice their concern but the question is "How many of the people doing that, did not research more about the project before throwing money away to it?" There are a lot that just saw it and went oh I want that, but it was with no second thought nor reading up about where the project is at in development. Those people need to realise that it is their fault for not putting thought into what they were doing with their money. However, Others who read up on the game and did some research first, they should also have put in thought about whether they would want to help development and even wait a long period of time before getting something worth their money. These people have the right to be frustrated at themselves for throwing money in a project which is far from finished as much as with the time they have to wait for updates. But it is entirely their fault for using their money. Go ahead, voice your concerns but remember it is mostly your fault with the waiting, to see where your money was going towards. You had a choice pledge and wait or sit in the background watching as it goes forward with development. Enjoy the wait and play other games for awhile. Peace out! James
  12. Important Notice: Unfortunately, our site was hacked with almost everything lost. Fortunately; we managed to save all the users, but the forum was unrecoverable. You should be able to log in, however in the unlikely event of not being able to. Please reset your password. Please bear with us as we work towards restoring the forum to the way it was. We apologize for the inconvenience. - The Identity Life Staff Please click here to go to the forum.
  13. I have updated my main post with new and the latest information, while reformatting it to a new look!
  14. Any Serious/Hardcore Communities Out There?

    I am still here and my community is still growing. I do need to update my post a bit more too but the updates are added within the post comments! Find the link in my signature
  15. Rate the communities!

    Good Communities: 1. Identity, always welcomed people, helped new members out and great people to talk with. 2. Garry's Mod, The community was terrible as a whole but smaller communities were great to join before all the modding started really. I started playing Gmod in 2009 and it was great. The community has got worse as a whole as time has gone on. 3. Rainbow Six Siege, R6s was great at the very beginning but has ever so slowly got more toxic as the years have past. 4. ARK: Survival Evolved 5. Age Of Empires 3 Bad Communities: 1. CS:GO 2. Rust 3. GTA V
  16. Watch out redeeming those Steam keys

    Hey, you know it is common sense for you to read/ keep yourself updated on policies. They don't need to make announcements as it is up to the users to keep themselves updated with those things as every company usually reserves the right to make changes to the policies without notice.... If you intend on getting a refund, why would you redeem your steam key? That makes zero sense and so you put yourself in that situation.
  17. Identity competition? Nine to Five

    The original comment about the arcade section was because there is a section for other games and that section is called "Arcade". But otherwise this game you think is a lot better is going to be a steam early access and that is not how Identity is doing things. Early access kills games and sometimes it helps but it can kill a game quicker than a game can grow. Just remember, they also are working to have a map the size of GTA's one. That is so much more significantly smaller than what Identity will have and well they are going to have "Game-modes" they will have Ai roaming in one like GTA Online will have. Why do we want a new GTA Online? we don't and especially not one with worse graphics. They obviously took the idea, and it still seems to look more arcade like which is a definite no to me liking it. However it could do well or it could just die. I won't hold my hopes but I will keep an eye on it as it seems interestingly a copy of Identity in general.
  18. This is pointless. . .

    There are 3 Modules and then the Beta before the full game. Module 1 will be the longest module to be developed, Module 2 (S.W.A.T. Module) will release the quickest but Module 3 (The Racing Module), there will be a lot of hurdles to clear, with some brick walls the devs will hit and will take more time than Module 2 but will be shorter than Module 1 in development. Then we will need all 3 modules to be joined as 1 before getting the Beta while also adding in the rest of the features which are planned for Full Game Release including the full map. The Beta is for general testing, stress testing and bug fixing. Your opinion is optimistic about the full game coming 2019 and I totally hope so but my opinion it will be at least 2020 and I think that is optimistic for me to say. I have faith in the developers but I want to not get my hopes up. I am 100% with them, but we need to wait longer if we want the game we want.
  19. This is pointless. . .

    You are assuming you know the guy and stating he don't have knowledge about something when you don't actually know him in person. You clearly have not been here too long because you are "practically" saying that the developers have never stated they have made mistakes. Well I can say they have stated they have made mistakes, but I don't see any other company doing so. They are still new as a game company and so things are to be expected to be out of place. Everyone knows that amount of money is not enough to develop a game. There were only 3 developers for an entire year. They are now a 25 man team roughly. This has not been in development for 4 years yet. Good games take a couple years, Great games take several years. The team is smaller than a Triple A company but it still has hope to deliver a game of such high standard. The new and small team needs 1. Time 2. Support 3. Trust. Trust is always last to have with someone. Oh and the information which DagTag gave you came not only from the Moderators, it came from the Community Manager. The Moderators get their information from the CM. Don't assume you know somebody unless you actually know them.
  20. Town Square Player Housing

    After the 1 week grace period of the new payment methods being available with the new website. The current packages will be gone but singular packages will become available e.g. you can / will be able to still purchase an apartment but it won't include the game with such a package, meaning it is an extra onto having one of the packages now. For Example: I get the Founder package now. The new packages are now added and I want an apartment. I can buy the apartment as a addon to my original pledge without it changing my pledge package. If I were to not have a pledge package and I were to purchase the apartment then I will need to pledge to the appropriate package to get the base game too. (As I need the base game to use the apartment I just got.)
  21. Hey guys, the forum is back up and running. I will be sorting out some of the links as they are currently not working and I will be working on getting all the site sorted.
  22. [NA/EU] Syndicate Gaming

    Hey, just wanted to point out. There is no Judge career/ job at all in the game. The Jury players are randomly selected and also becoming a lawyer is a player business. You should maybe just have player requirements as a lawyer etc.
  23. Hey there,, so on Official servers the language will stay as English but at the full game release the game will get localisation for other languages. However I am sure that someone will start a private server with the Russian language only at a point to cater for your language.
  24. What TeamSpeak address did you try? 1. kyservers.on.vg (This one is old and is not in use no more) 2. identitylife.on.vg (This should work, however please tell me if it didn't work.)
  25. We have now reached the 200 Members mark on the forum. We however have not got the full list of members white-listed. Our new site is still in construction and being setup in which we can resume the white-list applications once is up.