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  1. Can you be a Arms Dealer/Gunrunner

    Hi, To my knowledge, we haven't had a specific answer from the devs however it is safe to assume that players will be able to be arms dealers. Most items in the game will be "player made" and "player sold" and since you can own corporations and gangs I'm sure being an arms dealer is possible.
  2. First beta date

    Hi, There isn't a new management team just a Community Manager. The TS module is scheduled to release soon as we are getting the release date for it hopefully by the end of October (this month).
  3. Hi ! I'm Alex !

    Ciao Alex, will be nice to see you around amico.
  4. Luprano Family

    I Joseph Corozzo, pledge my loyalty to the Luprano family.
  5. game download

    The game isn't out yet. Neither is the beta. Neither is any of the modules. When the town square module is released it will be from some sort of first party launcher and it will be on PC. At final release it will be on Steam. They have thought about console but nothing is final and certain.
  6. Yeah, vehicle space will be important due to how jobs and such will be done. Obviously I don't know all the jobs so I'll take an example from Altis Life. Something to do when you first start is to pick some apples and the more vehicle space you have the more apples you can pick and sell and therefore you can make more money. SO from this I imagine there will be similar starting jobs that require vehicle space to make a lot of money.
  7. Hey, I may get something wrong but I'll try to answer your question. You can own an apartment and you can live in it. You can invite others round and they can live with you. Any house out in the world can be bought by a player and can also act as gang houses and such. Apartments and houses cannot be raided by players or the police (I read somewhere that if you are wanted by the police you can't enter your own apartment, might be wrong). I might have missed something but I think that answers most of your question
  8. hello folks i'm new

    Hey heyy, welcome! There are multiple threads on the forums with useful information like FAQs and such. Not much more to say then enjoy your stay!
  9. What kind of specs do you need to run this game?

    At the moment, they have not released any requirements but I believe on of the devs said a mid to high end system will have no problems handling the game and if you can run modern games you should be fine. We can't really help any more than that
  10. deleted

    I don't know what to say, that was a roller coaster of emotions. They cannot give anything certain and don't want to as they will most likely end up disappointing way more people if they miss the deadline than just not giving a deadline. Patience is key, they cannot speed up development more than they already are trying. The Town Square module should be SOON but like I've said, nothing is certain.
  11. Regretful

    That's very unfortunate but don't be too regretful, after all, this is just a game and real life comes first. I hope you are able to resolve the issue whatever if may be. Good luck!
  12. Hello from me

    Hey heyy, welcome. Enjoy your stay. Someone called LuckyDuck often drops a lot of useful links so watch out for that
  13. Hello

    Welcome, welcome. Enjoy your stay!
  14. Can't seem to put an image as my signature

    Thank you very much, I will be sure to try this out
  15. So I have a 600x150 image that I have uploaded to imgur (as I have seen other people use this for there signature) but when I press insert the box just turns red and doesn't do anything. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!