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  1. Ingame Asset Creator?

    Would be cool if there was a system like in APB Reloaded, where you can "paint" whatever you wanted on your car. And on your clothes. Like, you could paint a badge on your shirt, for example. As well as other stuff you could design, you could even make your own MIDIs in there, which would be get played for the enemy you killed. It was pretty funny. Shame the game was such a flop though.
  2. I think it would be neat if we could have a "Character vault" or something similar sub-forum in the "Pub" category. Where people can make a thread about their characters. Instead of either using these "Post your character" threads where it'll easily get lost in the pages for no one find them again, unless they search for it. Or flood the main forum. Just a idea... Do post your own thoughts bellow.
  3. The Discord Repository

    WHAT IS DISCORD? Discord is a free communication platform designed to replace TeamSpeak 3 and Skype. You can use Discord either directly in your browser, on your phone, or as a stand alone application on your PC. You can find more information at ___________________________________________________ OFFICIAL IDENTITY DISCORD On the official Identity Discord server, you can find all sorts of information about Identity, and talk directly with the other community members, and the developers. News and announcements, including the streams are also posted on this server. __________________________________________________ COMMUNITY DISCORDS Identity Political Organization (IPO) This is the one stop server for all things political within the Identity community. Identity Life A community server hosted by @ohEric. They plan on hosting a private server for their community to play on. Once the servers are live. Big focus on RP and being social. I noticed there wasn't an easy place where the Discord links are collected. So this thread will, hopefully, serve as the main location where you can find the invite link to the official Identity Discord channel. As well as others. These added for now, are the servers I'm in right now, and have access to. If you want your own Discord channel added here. Send me a PM, or post in this thread. And I'll add it asap. Be sure to include a permanent invite link, a name, and a short description.
  4. How about that for starters? Their reasons are totally valid. And sure, while it may be your opinion. When you're putting it online for everyone to read. You're also putting it out there for criticism. With the example above, you could say those reasons are your personal opinion. But you know, in the end, there are people bound to not realize that, and that's when you start spreading misinformation and, in the end, only hurting the game more than helping it. I'm sorry if somehow you had a hard time reading my message, but NO WHERE DID I SAY THAT. lol. I literally said they had a lot of time and money. That's seriously a plain fact that you can't argue. Let's look at what you actually said: Here, you state, "They must pf REALLY overestimated their capability of getting things done.". In other words, you're presenting something you don't know about, as if you do. "For a small team with such a big budget there's no reason they couldn't expand themselves even more (hiring more people that is).", and here, you assume you know their budget. Sure, we know how much they've raises so far. That's nowhere near to knowing their budget, as in all the income, and expenses. "By the last month/month and a half they got $100,000 more donations that could hire two or one very experienced dev.", and here you're stating they could just hire one or two 'experienced' developer. You may not have said "I'm suggesting I know better.", but you certainly implied it. So wow. Where to start? Let start with: Any developer can predict how long a task can take. He or she should know from prior experience how long it takes to get a task done. For example, an animator knows how long it takes himself/herself to get one animation done. Due to unexpected errors which has happened a lot lately, it would make sense to add a few days or a week to that time frame to prepare for it. For the rest of the stuff, short term job? What are you even talking about? lol. Little pay? Still what are you talking about? Also the last part still . . . what are you talking about? "A task done.", yes. Totally agree. Makes sense. If they know from experience. But now we're talking about thousands of tasks, over a long period of time since even before they announced the first release date. For such a small team, with as @Xzothi pointed out, with varying degree of experiences. And I'm assuming a short term job, with little pay. You have to think, and plan long-term. You can't spend all your money on bringing on more expensive developers right away. I'm by no means an accountant, or good with money on my personal use. But even I see the long-term implications. Yeah they got even more money. lol. I honestly don't know where you're going with that. Relativity speaking, it's not that much. Again, you have to think long term. A couple of thousands each month, won't get you that long. Let's say, for sake of argument. That money stopped coming in, right now. And, their monthly expense was 8,000$ USD, for example. Their current amount would only last for about 24 months, 2 years. Dude seriously. Websites do cost a good amount of money, but they don't hundreds of thousands of dollars. Software can cost up to $10,000, and even more, but some of which doesn't need to be bought or has cheaper alternatives. Yep office space does cost money. I would hope they get paid. I'm sure there is. See my previous point. The website was just an example. And one that I had looked into personally, because I was interested in the forum software. In conclusion, the only thing I have no idea about is some of the things you said. So some more explaining can help. I hope this clears some things up for you? A survey I did expresses that a good majority of the community (at least from those who voted which was a lot) believe the game devs are not telling the truth with what they're doing and the majority expects them to at least give a lot more detailed explanations for the delays. So I'm not the only one that thinks this and you saying so makes your whole argument invalid. Ever played FarCry 4? It's like that. It's a cult that's starting to form on the forum, because people don't know any better. And because of threads like these. Sure, there's a lot the devs could do to get more information out there. But there's also a lot the people could do to just research a little on their own, and find more information. And not just the misinformation and slander that's spreading in the General topic. Which is what people are seeing. Which literally and clearly shows just how many tasks that had to be done that the game devs would of never been able to complete on original release date and the first delay. You pretty much countered this point yourself earlier: They had a list of items that needed to be done. They thought they could get it in within the time frame. They didn't on both account, and are now using a different system. Keeping us in the loop of what is going on from a day to day basis. Then by all means, come up with a better idea. I for one, think the Dev Tracker is a better idea than an arbitrary release date.
  5. @Xzothi That's a good note. Thank you! However, my point was about brining in more developers. Not about the current developers experience.
  6. Sigh... Let me try and address some things here for you, @HAWK. I agree. The delays are bad. But so is spreading misinformation and bullshit. You're not helping anyone, and only hurting the game in the long run. Delays happens, that's just the unfortunately side effect of game development. Normally, most games aren't as public and open as this one, so you just don't hear about them. Are you seriously suggesting you know how to develop Identity better than the developers? That you can accurately predict how long each task is gonna take, and magically hire experienced developers for a short-term job, with little pay, who also don't need any time to be thought the inner workings of the game? At the time of writing this post, they've raised 1,160,841$ USD, according to this source on their official website. Bringing in more people isn't as easy as 1, 2, 3... And they have a lot of expenses too. Who do you think pays for this forum you're on right on? Not only the hosting of the forum, but also the forum software costs money. And that's a monthly expense. And then there's the software they have to pay for, to make this game. The office space they have to rent, their own salaries, and a whole lot of other speculative expenses. In conclusion, you really have no idea what you're talking about. Their reasoning for delays are totally valid. It's not just some "excuse" as you seem it to be. @Paratus even said so himself in this very same thread. They've done thousands of tasks before the Dev Tracker. You're the one making excuses. Their reasoning for delaying, as disappointing as it is, is the truth. And that's it. No but's or if's.
  7. To Be Honest.....

    Let me address a few things here... The dev tracker is a GOOD thing, and it's being handled well. Since they tried to go the release date route, which backfired on them twice, they decided to go another route. And I, for one, am glad they're doing it this way. It shows FULL transparency. They're not hiding anything. They're WORKING on it. And you should be grateful they're showing this kind of transparency with us. There's clearly been a lot more to do before the Dev Tracker went live. Which they didn't have the time to do before the release dates. The Dev Tracker shows what's left to do. And if you even want more information, they have regular Twitch streams, monthly Dev Blogs, and a Discord server, where you can actually talk to the developers. So get off your fucking high horse, and open your eyes. And, you didn't BUY the game. You PLEDGED to help make the game. And get a copy WHEN it's done. The Town Square can still be close to ready, and not be ready for the general public. Close to ready is a general relativity term. And of course they knew it wasn't ready. They were hoping they could have gotten it ready by the release date they had set. This is how development of any kind works, you set a goal, and you try to achieve it. Sometimes, it's enough time. Other times, it isn't. That happens everywhere, not just game development. And STOP spread bullshit, they're not playing the victims or claiming they're innocent. YOU ARE! Get off your high horse, educate yourself, and learn to pay attention. There's a billion other things you could do be doing, than spreading misinformation and bullshit. They haven't been lying. They set an estimated date for when the remaining tasks would have been completed. They still had more tasks left to do when that date came. That happens, such is development. There's always delays in development. And game development is no exception. Sometimes, a task takes longer to complete than expected, or something unexpected happens. We don't know, and there's no point in speculating. But now, we at least know how many tasks are left, and their day to day progress. Instead of another arbitrary date. This is MUCH better. They didn't know that. So stop your bullshit. And again, you didn't BUY the game. You PLEDGED to help make the game. Which they are STILL making for you.
  8. Ha! Nice one. Also, really nice signature! Lookin' good there!
  9. @PlumisThe hell did you call me? No, I'm not a "miniclip bois" whatever the fuck that is. Get out of here with that shit. Having read your earlier posts, especially this one: I have to call major bullshit. In fact, I don't even think you've hit puberty yet. Edit: Making shitty shooter games or whatever in Unity or RPG Maker doesn't count. You're the one who clearly has no idea what's going on in game development. Delays happen all the frikkin' time. A general plan is laid out, and estimates about how long each objective will take. But those are just "estimates". You'll learn what estimate means in school, I'm sure. I've had my share of disappointing Alpha Games that didn't deliver. And I still backed Identity, and I still stand by it. Because I understand I didn't buy the game when I backed it. I bought into the promise of a game. If you really thought this game wouldn't deliver, then why did you decide, on your own, to HELP SUPPORT the game? Note, not buy it, but pledge for it. Assuming of course, you had all this "experience" with Alpha games that didn't deliver. And don't you dare get me wrong here, because I'm just as much disappointed about the failed release dates as the next person. But that still doesn't mean I'm entitled to more. Which is exactly what this thread is about.
  10. This is exactly about being entitled. Promises are broken every day. But you can't compare the two. It wasn't a promise. It was a date they set forth and believed they could achieve what was necessary in the time frame they gave themselves. Because people kept asking for a date. Sure, I totally understand people wanting a date. And the devs shouldn't have a given one is they wasn't 110% sure they couldn't achieve it. And I also understand their reasoning for giving one. Put yourself in their shoes, and the community kept asking for a date. And you really felt you were close. Can you honestly tell me you wouldn't have set a date too? This happens all the time in game development, we're just not seeing it. Because it's being done internally. Which brings me to my second point, about complete lack of transparency. You only got yourself to blame on that one. There's the regulars Twitch Streams, monthly dev blogs, the Discord, and now even the daily Dev Tracker on the website. And if you for some reason, missed all of that. Snippets to the Twitch streams are being posted to a dedicated thread, in the topic, and people like @LuckyDuck are posting links to them all the time. You really got no excuse, AT ALL. There's info, and transparency all over the place. Just open your eyes. Sheesh... You people... It's not that hard to stay up to date and educate yourself. Or ask. Instead of just complaining, and being entitled, and acting like you deserve more than you really do. You're only hurting the game itself in the long run. The devs are people too. And they're still working on this game.
  11. Haven't given up the race yet, I see?
  12. @Frank_Reagan Nice signature you got there buddy! Lookin' good!
  13. You entitled pricks. You didn't BUY a game. You PLEDGED to help MAKE the game. And once the game is done, you'll get access to the game. You're not entitled to shit. So delays happens. There's no need to bring out your pitch forks and demand more than what you deserve. The ONLY thing you're doing now, by complaining, and wasting the devs time are making a worse game. Everyone who voted yes should feel ashamed of themselves.
  14. Sounds like you're advertising for gambling.
  15. Town Square release countdown!

    Thanks for the heads up, @AuspiciousBubble, @BlazinBender and @LuckyDuck. I've updated the countdown now. Only 6 more weeks to go. Same amount of weeks left as last time I updated this. LOL!