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  1. ^ Up up up upidity up! Fell off the page. Still relevant till March 21st.
  2. Here's the video if you've somehow missed it: The official Discord totally blew up after this video was released. With people not understanding the concept of placeholders and demanding a refund. Here's a direct quote from a part of the video description: What this means, that most of what is terrible in this video is NOT THE FINAL VERSION, and will most likely change. Edit: Oh, and this is a "GAMEPLAY TRAILER", not a "TRAILER". The difference here is that it's not showing a final product, but what you can expect the game play to be like. With that out of the way, let's get down to some constructive criticism. Because, why else would I bother making this thread, right? Let's start with the good, then the bad, then my notes. I'm not gonna touch on any of the placeholder subjects. The good - Decently ok graphics. But does it have to be, if the gameplay is good enough? - Seems to be decently optimized, never dips bellow 60 FPS. Though, we'll have to wait till the Town Square to see if that is really the case. - The interaction system in our vehicle / surroundings seems neat. I really like how you can sit in side of your car, and look around freely. And interact with objects, such as the computer. - The drug making process seems to actually require some effort. With interactions. The bad - The camera appears "stuck" behind the character. In a fixed position. I don't know if this counts as animations, probably not. But I would prefer to be able to freely look around in third person camera, by default. Like in normal MMO's. And then, lock the camera behind you, or something, when you aim your gun in third person. - The police computer UI could probably use some more work. It feels like something that would be relevant back in 1999. Al though, to be fair. I have never actually seen such a computer IRL. So maybe that is what they look like? - The interaction wheel. I mean, it's nice and all. But I've never come across one that works well with mouse & keyboard, and which gives me proper control of what I want to select, or even lets me know what each option is. My notes I went into the video expecting nothing. i knew people have been asking for a video a lot lately. And a lot of other drama recently with toxicity when the video didn't reach the first estimation. And it feel like it may have been rushed. I would have been fine with waiting another week, or more. But I don't blame them for getting it out this early. Overall, I feel the the video is quite terrible. But when I go into a deeper analysis. Ignoring what is obviously placeholders, as previous mentioned. My list of good out weights the list of bad. Those items on the list are only what I can think of right now. Maybe you'd have your own items you'd like to add? Let's discuss what you liked, or didn't like in the video. And try and provide some valid criticism in the process? Instead of saying "It's bad hurr durr.", try saying "It's bad, and here's why...". And obviously try and avoid topics that's clearly a placeholder.
  3. @dimin69 Well, it does say all of that those aspects are placeholders in the video description. And you're probably disappointed because it's not an actual trailer. It's an early gameplay trailer. Perhaps a bit too early. But this is what you get when the community demands things.
  4. So this is the video that people have been drooling about? Maybe it's just me. But I don't really see what the big fuzz was about. Much more hyped for Town Square.
  5. @LuckyDuck Thank you! Estimates aren't a promise. They're an estimate. And sometimes, shit happens. That's not just exclusive to game design. I think people are way too quick to jump the band wagon and join the circle jerk.
  6. @Blue_Foot ... Or just go to this link,
  7. Hawk Security - REVAMP! HIRING TODAY!

    Are you the same character as the CEO here, and the one in your club? Or are they supposed to be two different characters?
  8. Dark City

    12-ish hours ago - The D-day, first day of invasion... Late evening. A splash of water would be thrown in the face of McKenzie. "Officer McKenzie...wake up!" Another splash of water is thrown into her face. General Crimson would nod. As another splash of water is thrown into her face finally waking her up. She was strapped into a chair and hear head was also strapped down so she could not turn away. The Soldier would step aside. The room was dark and in front of her was a projector screen, but nothing playing. General J. Williams steps into the light, wearing his Military dress blues, medals, a nice red cord around his arm the whole nine. "Welcome McKenzie. I apologizes for thy straps but for this exercise today we are hear to show you thy truth of thy world and how thy Order will save us all. This will show you everything that you will become and everything that you will want to be. For Thy ORDER!" He slams his fist into his chest and step back into the darkness. "Play Thy Video!" -------------------------------- McKenzie wakes up after the water splashes into her face, three times. And starts coughing from the water, unable to turn her head away. She'd quickly discover the leather straps over her forehead, and neck. Forcing her to face the projector screen on the wall in front of her. And with several more straps over her arms and wrists, and her legs. She wasn't getting out of this chair anytime soon. As General J. Williams stepped into the light in front of her, she'd start to chuckle. "Hahaha... That's real cute. Think you're a real tough guy, eh? Pretending to be a real military!?" McKenzie tries to struggle against the straps, and squirm her way out of the chair. But it's quite obvious she's not getting anywhere. "Why don't you unbuckle me, and we'll see if you've really earned your medals!" General J. Williams slams his fist into his chest, and steps back into the darkness. "Play Thy Video!" And the propaganda videos would start playing on repeat on the projector in front of McKenzie. Present time - second day of invasion... (Same time as @BarrettSimms and @GhostMerc in the morning.) McKenzie, still awake. Forced to watch the propaganda videos. Still fighting it. Unable to turn her head away, she's resorted to trying to keep her eyes closed, and singing nonchalantly. (( I hope this formating wasn't too confusing to follow along. Basically, I went back to @UnknownX, and copied his post. And then I added my reaction to it under the orange line. Or rather, my point of view to those same events. Then I jumped back to present day, to give an update on how Zoey is holding out. I hope it made sense. ))
  9. @TwitchTriox Perfect. Do let me know if you've got any feedback. Can't promise I'll implement it before the 6 weeks is over. But I'm aways curious as to what people think.
  10. @TwitchTriox Hmm... Looks like you're on the old CSS file. It's a caching issue. Trying holding Shift (or Ctrl) and F5 while on the page. Should force a full reload of the page.
  11. @TwitchTriox What do you mean high? Does it not look like this to you?
  12. I haven't found a background picture I like yet. Or that is large enough to fit most sizes. But I did add the logo. I might play some more with it before release, we'll see. With permission too.
  13. Dark City

    With the guards holding Zoey back, she'd calm down. Especially with the barrel of the gun pointed at her forehead. She'd stare at the unknown person, right at his mask. Where is eyes are. Though, she can't actually see the eyes. Just waiting for him to pull the trigger. Instead, she'd jump a bit. Startled, as he suddenly turns and puts three rounds into the commander she refused to kill. "AAUGGH...!!!", she'd groan out in pain as she felt the hot gun barrel trailing her skin from above her eyebrows down her cheek and to her neck. Leaving a trail of 1st degree burn marks. Luckily, nothing too serious. Shortly after, everything would go dark. As Zoey was knocked unconscious by one of the guards behind her.
  14. Dark City

    After her shouting, two red caps arrive. And opens the door, and grabs Zoey by her shoulders. And the walk her out of the cell area, and into the dimly lit hallway. She'd immediately notice the not-so-red red cap, an imposing figure dressing in a white cowl with a cape. What a fashion statement. Zoey feels a light kick to the back of her knee, as she's suddenly forced to kneel in-front of this figure, who appears to be an authority figure. He looks down at her name tag. "Officer McKenzie." The unknown man pulls his white hood back as his black helmet mask covers his head. "On behalf of the Order I am sorry that you are put in a cell. No Officer of the Law should be treated like this. As a result of this I am granting you the Order full support on anything you wish. Thus you may join the Order as you see fit. but first to test your loyalty to the Order..." He pulls his cloak back and reaches behind his back pulling a 1911 out. He would hand Zoey the pistol. "You must Kill the commander that put you in to this hell hole." He holds the pistol waiting for her to take it. The Soldiers stand behind her as Crimson stands in front of her. "please don't I am a loyal member of the Order...Please! PLEASE!" the commander yells hold his hands up to them. Zoey looks over to the commander, then down to her cuffed hands, and the 1911 she's holding. Then back over to the commander, And then she'd look over to the unknown person who appears to be in charge. She'd either seem to be conflicted about the situation, or trying to think of a plan to get out of here. Zoey slowly turns to the gun towards the Commander, quite reluctantly. Then, she'd quickly turn the gun. And aims at the unknown authority figure in front of her. *CLICK!* The gun was apparently loaded with blank rounds. With the realization that the gun was empty, she'd attempt to toss it at him. Being severely at a disadvantage with her hands being cuffed. And she'd starting shouting, attempting to kick & punch him. But the two guards that were standing behind her, was easily able to grab her, and keep her under check. "DAMN YOU, YOU BASTARD! I WILL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!"